The Ultimate Directory of Landing Page Examples

We know it can be hard to find good examples of landing pages to help inspire you when you're working on your marketing websites.  We've prepared this landing page examples directory to help!

Landing page examples updated 12th January 2021

landing page examples

If you've been doing any kind of digital marketing for any length of time, you'll no doubt be familiar with landing pages, and the benefits they can bring to any online business.

We've raided our swipe file to bring you the absolute ultimate guide to landing page examples.  Our aim is to regularly update this page and continue to bring you ideas and examples you can pick and choose from when creating your landing pages.

Remember, OptimizePress is the perfect landing page builder for WordPress, and gives you the power to create your first (or 100th) landing page for your business, with conversion optimization built in.

Key components to any successful landing page

OptimizePress includes features engineered to make it easier for you to build professional landing pages and marketing sites that get results.

Call to action (or hero section) above the fold

You need to ensure your call to action (e.g. the button or action you want your visitor to take) is above the fold.  This means it appears on the screen before your visitor has to scroll.  It should grab their attention

optimizepress landing page example

The OptimizePress hero section on our home page/landing page has a clear call to action section.  We include two simple options - get started now (this takes you to pricing options) or watch a demo, designed for visitors who want to find out more

Remove all but essential navigation

Your landing page should minimize any distraction - so your visitor has one simple path to follow. This means you should remove the navigation/links to any external pages or any other internal website pages that are not absolutely critical.

On our landing pages we typically just keep the footer navigation (legal links) and ensure the rest of the links on the page are call to action links - either to a product demo, find out more, trial or purchase

Build scarcity on your landing page

Scarcity is a poweful motivator in todays world of distractions, particularly online.

If you can find way to bring in scarcity into your landing pages, you will normally see an increase in conversions

A few ideas for scarcity

- Create a webinar landing page with a countdown to your next webinar event.  This can be a live event, or an evergreen (repeating) webinar, OptimizePress includes functionality to add countdowns for both of these scenarios

- Show proof/trust signals on your landing page: showing alerts when a visitor opts-into your landing page can be a powerful motivator.  You can use a tool like Proof, Proovesrc or OptmizeUrgency to do this

SaaS Landing Page Examples

OptimizePress includes features engineered to make it easier for you to build professional landing pages and marketing sites that get results.


Basecamp are leaders in the Software as a Service space, and always create beautiful, high impact landing pages that clearly demonstrate the benefits of their products and services. 


Wistia is a popular video hosting platform.  Their pages are bright, bold and include lots of video (obviously) to clearly demonstrate the benefits of their tools, and capture a visitors attention.

Key elements of a SaaS landing page