The e-commerce war is well underway as shopping cart providers battle against each other to win user space. They are all trying to take a slice out of the market and only a few of them have managed to break through the noise and get noticed. That said, you can still be quite successful taking a little slice out of the market.

SamCart is one of those carts that’s done exactly that. Built by Brian Moran, founder of Get 10K Fans, he saw a gap in the market to provide a more functional shopping cart with pre-tested conversion checkout forms. His shopping cart was easier to use, worked with all the big marketing platforms and is simply better than many of the existing solutions available.

Another great thing… SamCart is just a shopping cart. They’re not trying to be the next best CRM with built-in email functions, sales funnels and automation software. They focus on being a shopping cart and working to make a better shopping cart for their customers.

After a few years of developing SamCart, it was finally ready to be released to the public and over the last year, Brian has been heavily promoting it to his existing followers. Since the day it was first released, he and his team have already rolled out some awesome new features like multiple payment options with the latest one being PayPal recurring payments built right into the checkout page meaning – customers don’t leave the page to go to Paypal!

Read that again… or watch this video.

Luckily for us, Brian has been an avid fan of OptimizePress using it on Get 10K Fans for landing pages and the blog. OptimizeMember was one of the first integrations inside SamCart. The integration allows site owners to process orders via SamCart and push customer data over to OptimizeMember without the user visiting your OptimizePress membership site to create an account.

So now you’re probably wondering how that’s done…? So let’s show you.

We’ve created two videos:

Video 1: How to connect SamCart to OptimizeMember and how after an order a member is added to a membership level.

Video 2: How to use the upsell features inside SamCart to upgrade users to different membership levels and/or packages.

How to connect SamCart to OptimizeMember

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”630″ height=”354″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj10X29hVXlSVDNNNA==[/video_player]

Can’t watch the video? Don’t worry, we have a rough guide further down this page.

Benefits of SamCart

SamCart has some beautiful order forms that have been pre-tested on high traffic sites processing thousands of dollars of orders.

Brian and the team have poured hours of development time into fine tuning the layout of their order forms, the position of buttons, credit card logos, sizing of input fields, colours and much more.

You can literally start taking orders for products in minutes (3 to be exact) using existing high converting checkout pages like these.

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Checkout Templates

Additional features include:

  • As many 1-click upsells as you need
  • A/B page split testing
  • Responsive checkout pages – screenshot
  • Digital product delivery
  • Sell any type of product (physical or digital)
  • Recurring payment options and fixed time payment plans
  • …and much more

They also integrate with other email marketing solutions, payment providers and CRM platforms, see the full list of features here.

Rough Guide: Connect SamCart to OptimizeMember

You will need:


Right, let’s get started.

Install OptimizeMember (OPM) you will see it on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | OptimizeMember Settings

Create your sales and thank you pages:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Sales and Thank You Page

Here are our basic pages we built for this training:


How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | OptimizePress Samcart Training course sales page

Thank You

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Thank You Page

Create your membership level using any of the levels from #1 upwards. Give it a name you’ll recognise later or something related to your product.

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | OptimizeMember and Samcart Setup

Next grab your Remote API key from inside OPM under API / Scripting:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | OptimizeMember API Key Field

Go to SamCart dashboard, click your account name top right and choose Integrations:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Integrations

Go to the Integrations tabs and choose OptimizeMember:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart OptimizePress Integration

Next enter your OptimizeMember API and URL:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Integration Settings

Check that your URL is entered like ours here:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | OptimizePress Website Connect

Click submit and you’ll see OptimizeMember is active.

Now start creating your product entering the name and price etc…

Click the Integrations tabs in the product and under Member Portal select your Membership Level and Package if you’ve created one and click update:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Integration Setup

Next preview your product page and copy the URL:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Copy Samcart Checkout Page URL

Now open up your sale pages using the LiveEditor and edit the order button:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Order Button

Paste in the URL of the product page you just copied from SamCart:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Insert Samcart Thank You Page URL

Save and close the page and test by clicking the order button which takes you to your SamCart order form.

Next copy the URL of your Thank You page:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Thank You Page Copy Link URL

Go to the product in SamCart and click the Advanced tab and paste your Thank You Page URL as shown below:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Thank You Page URL

Now you’re ready to test the purchase. Set SamCart to sandbox mode if you’re testing.

Go to the sales page, click the order button to go through to your SamCart checkout page and fill out your details.

Remember: Use a different email address if you’re already using that in your WordPress site.

Click “Place Order Now” to make the purchase:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart Order Processing

If you’re using Stripe you can get the test cards data from here. If you’re using another merchant, you can search their support site for “test card” and they will have instructions on card numbers and CSV codes you can use.

Once the order has processed, you will be presented with your Thank You page. You will also notice the URL changes as you’re redirected there:

To double check that everything has worked, return back to your WordPress dashboard, go to Users > All Users and see if your new account is there.

Edit the new account and make sure that the Role has been set to the membership level you’ve created:

How to use Samcart with OptimizeMember | Samcart User Roles

How to use the upsell features inside SamCart

Another great feature in SamCart is the ability to sell packages or different membership levels inside OptimizeMember using upsells during the checkout.

Let’s give you an example – When someone joins a bronze (lower) membership level on your site, you can offer an upgrade to an individual package (like a coaching session) or an upgrade to a higher membership level.

You also have the option to offer a downsell during the same checkout process. This is when a customer chooses NOT to take the “upgrade”. You present another offer (a downsell), usually a lower price product or a lower perceived value.

NOTE: Use upsells and downsells ethically. They can be annoying when you see marketers using multiple offers making it impossible to complete the checkout.

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”630″ height=”354″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj01dnhKRjN3Rm94TQ==[/video_player]

So there you have it!

You can start selling physical product, digital products and access to your membership sites using SamCart.

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Tell Us What You Think – Please Comment Below!

As always we would love to hear your comments. Are you using SamCart to sell membership or digital products?


    14 replies to "How To Use SamCart with OptimizeMember For Your Membership Site"

    • BASEtraining

      Hey David,

      I am getting ready to migrate my membership site from woocommerce to this nice integration between optimize member and samcart. Can you give some advice on setting up my EXISTING members in this system?

      Is there a way to import the usernames and passwords into optimize member and then send them a link to restart their paid subscription or something like that?


    • julian

      If I have member mouse and optimize press why doesn’t Sam cart go seemlessly with my member mouse I saw on my member mouse support blog page that it’s not fully integrated.

      Note: SamCart has developed an integration with MemberMouse, MemberMouse has not developed the integration with SamCart.

      What this means for you as a customer, in practice, is that when a member signs up with you, SamCart creates a member account for them in MemberMouse. However, the SamCart plugin takes over the subscription management. There’s no payment or billing automation handled on the MemberMouse side, it’s all handled by SamCart, so it’s important to be aware of how this effects your process. For example, if someone purchases something in SamCart and then cancels their account through MemberMouse, the subscription won’t be canceled automatically in SamCart.

      In essence, you would only be using MemberMouse for access rights and scheduling of protected content. It also removes MemberMouse’s affiliate integration features.

      How can I get it to be all seemless

    • Nazir

      I see how it easily adds a member at a level you authorize however what seems to be missing is how the member will get a PASSWORD? How can SamCart and OptimizePress make the password for new members? I didn’t see that in any of SCs or OPs tutorials… Help

      • David Frosdick

        Once a user is added to OptimizeMember by SamCart, WP automatically sends out a password reset link to the user. This is because WP have stopped sending out plain text emails for security. The user would then create a new password and access the site.

    • Walied Ibrahim

      Hi David,

      Stripe doesn’t operate in my country, Egypt. Is there any other recommendations that works good enough with OptimzeMember and SamCard?

    • Joe Mache

      Am I missing something? Why would I pay each month to use Samcart or any other cart when I can just install stripe, for example, and start collecting sales revenue on my website. I know they have pre-made checkout pages and one click upsell as they call it, but can’t I do the same by using optimizepress to design a checkout page and just send the buyer to an upsell page after payment. Excuse my ignorance. I will/may buy Samcart if I fully understand the need for it.

      • Jaun DeMonta Mims

        Hey Joe. If I’m not mistaken, The beauty of Samcart upsells is that it will allow you to send customer to upsell page immediately after they submit payment and if they choose to purchase upsell, they just click it and they will be taken to thank you page and wont have to enter in payment info again, Its seamless.

        If you choose to do it the way you mentioned, after the customer purchases first item they will be sent to upsell page but if they choose to take the upsell, (using stripe only) they will then be sent back to a checkout page and have to resubmit all of their payment info again. This gives the customer a chance to rethink their purchase and change their mind.
        I hope this helps.

        • Joe Mache

          Thanks – appreciated the clarification

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Joe,

        There’s also added benefits of using different payment plans, multiple upsells and multiple stripe accounts. Another benefit is that some people who sell online sometimes only need to take a payment and don’t need the membership site integration part. SamCart allows you to quickly create payment options for anything.

    • Alex He

      It would be so great if you would also create a digistore24 Integration.

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks Alex. The way SamCart integrates is by using our API system inside OptimizeMember. Same way you would with Zapier but SamCart have made it easy to integrate.

    • KM Lee

      great tutorial David! would love to see you do more tutorials about using the OptimizeMember plugin. I think users will love it.

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