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The Simple ConvertKit Landing Page Alternative

Forget services with limited landing page functionality. We provide a feature rich and easy to use toolkit that you need for your online business.

This comparison optimizepress vs convertkit was updated 7th Feburary 2021

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I'm familiar with landing pages and sales funnels...It's easier than ever with OptimizePress 3.0. I produced a landing page in less than 30 minutes from scratch and without reading any instructions.

Hey, if a 72 year old can do this - you can.

Paul Clegg, Somerset marketing hub

Email Marketing platform

Quick ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit is an Autoresponder platform that offers a range of features that include:

ConvertKit is designed as an email autoresponder service with basic landing page building functionality. In our testing, we've found the platform very limited when building pages and is not dedicated platform for landing page creation.

Key differences

OptimizePress vs ConvertKit

Both OptimizePress and ConvertKit offer page building solutions. However, the key difference between both is:

ConvertKit Is an Email Autoresponder. OptimizePress is a Landing Page Builder.

This means every page you build with OptimizePress belongs to you and have complete flexibility and control over your business assets.

We are also a dedicated platform focused solely on page creation. This means we specialise in being the best landing page software solution in the market and pride ourselves with being one of the very first companies to do so.

With ConvertKit, it is an Email Marketing platform. This means it is solely used as an email management solution and isn't designed mainly for building landing pages.

So in short, if you want the best in page creation, as well as complete control over your business, then OptimizePress may be the software solution for you. However, we understand that to get a better idea of what's on offer, the aim of this page is to help inform you of the features for each and make the best decision in your business moving forward.

Convertkit Pricing & Feature Comparison

In this feature comparison we look at why Optimizepress is the best alternative to Convertkit. These are the key marketing features you should look for with any landing page builder or marketing site builder.

OptimizePress Suite Plan $199/year



Contact Limits

Only limited by autoresponder or CRM

Cloud template library

Responsive Templates

Unsplash Integration

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Full ownership of site & content

Synced Countdown Timers

Complete Plan
Starting at $300 (Annual)



Contact Limits


Cloud template library

Responsive Templates

Unsplash Integration

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Full ownership of site & content

Synced Countdown Timers

A total annual saving of: $101 based on Complete plan vs Suite plan
Is OptimizePress Right For you?

ConvertKit vs OptimizePress for your online marketing business

ConvertKit might be an Email service, but this comes with tradeoffs. OptimizePress is a dedicated landing page platform (with more flexibility)

One simple, affordable, yearly fee

All of our plans are charged yearly as one simple fee.  This covers your product access, updates, support and gives you everything you need (Just add your own hosting)

Full control and ownership of your content

As we run on the WordPress framework, you install OptimizePress on your own hosting, meaning you maintain full control of your site and it's content

Easy to use, flexible page editor

Our OptimizeBuilder platform is a super easy way to create and edit your landing pages, sales pages and membership sites.

External plugins add power to your site

While we don't recommend loading your site with hundreds of plugins, WordPress has 1000's of options for you to add almost any kind of functionality you need

Variable monthly pricing

Even if you opt for the Complete plan, you'll still pay $101 more per year with ConvertKit pricing vs our top tier Suite plan (currently $199)

Risk of content loss if you cancel

As with all SaaS hosted platforms, you will lose your content if you cancel their subscription.  Even if you cancel your OP plan your content still remains on your site.

Limited flexibility and clunky editor

The ConvertKit landing page editor is clunky and hard to use if you want to do any major customization to your pages.

Only used for Email Capture

As ConvertKit is an Email platform. Pages can only be created with the purpose to capture email addresses and can't be used for other purposes.  

OptimizePress is the industry standard for website page builders, beautiful and high-converting page templates, membership plugins and the ongoing development of WordPress tools and training for its members.  I love it!

Troy Shaffer

ConvertKit Pricing & Feature Comparison

In this feature comparison we look at why Optimizepress is the best alternative to ConvertKit. These are the key marketing features you should look for with any landing page builder or marketing site builder.

Feature Highlights
Same or comparable features

OptimizePress Suite Plan

Complete Plan
Starting at $300 (Annual)

Page Limit



Contact Limits

No - You choose your ESP


Number of Products

Self hosted - you retain control

Pages hosted on ConvertKit servers

Create Landing Pages

Cloud Template Library

Responsive Templates

Unsplash Integration

Everwebinar Deep Integration

Synced Countdown Timers

Membership Plugin Integration

Full ownership of site & content

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A total annual saving of: $101 based on Complete plan vs Suite plan

What makes OptimizePress a better ConvertKit alternative?

Here's a summary of the OptimizePress unique features and benefits you won't find included with ConvertKit. 

Unlimited Pages

With OptimizePress, you'll be able to build as many pages as you wish with no set limits. You will not be limited to the number of pages you own and can edit them to your heart's content.

No Contact Limits

OptimizePress integrates with many of the leading Autoresponder solutions in the marketplace. This means you are limited to the contact limits set by the email provider, which provides even greater flexibility and control over your email list.

Unsplash Integration

OptimizePress connects with one of the most popular royalty-free image directories. You can now access from a large database of images from directly inside the dashboard. Saving the need to manually source the images yourself.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

OptimizePress offers a full 30-day money back guarantee, which means if you're not satisfied with the software for whatever reason, we'll refund your money in full with no questions asked.

Full Ownership Of Site Content

As OptimizePress is a self-hosted WordPress Plugin, this gives you the benefit of having full control over your pages. You will not be tied down to a monthly service that you'll need to run in order to continue to run your business.

Synched Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are proven to convert more customers. However, it can be tedious setting these up on multiple pages. With synced countdown timers, all of your pages will have the exact countdown and will only need to set this up once saving you time and effort.

Powerful Webinar Platform Integrations

We know that webinars are highly effective sales tool for all marketing businesses.  With our industry-first Everwebinar Deep integration, you can now make the process of registering for your webinars seamless and boost conversions

Build Funnels in WordPress Faster than Ever*

*Suite Feature
Now you can build marketing funnels, sales funnels and lead gen funnels in WordPress with our OptimizeFunnels platform.  This makes it easier to launch campaigns with minimum fuss.

Key differences

ConvertKit Comparison: Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a predominately an Email Autoresponder service that is used for sending emails and building basic landing pages.

Although the ConvertKit platform contains landing page functionality, we always caution users about platforms that appear to do everything.  From our own experience, building a software platform with so many features can lead to less feature rich functionality. This means some of the included tools may not be best in class.

At OptimizePress, we focus on a few carefully focused tools that all help you run your marketing business more effectively.  Our core focus is on conversion Optimization, and optimizing the impact of every visitor your business receives to it's online properties

Through our core Suite of tools - our Page Builder, FunnelBuilder and checkouts solution, we provide everything you need to start and grow a marketing or coaching business, while maintaining full control over your content and websites.

What to expect on your ConvertKit Login

As ConvertKit is a hosted platform.  This means all your products are available from a central dashboard. This does give a nice overview of your email list and landing pages.

ConvertKit Pricing - How much does ConvertKit cost?

Here's a breakdown of the ConvertKit pricing packages available:

Complete: Variable pricing starting at $29/month or $300/year.  Collect up to 1,000 leads, send unlimited email per month. Prices increase depending on the number of leads.

The OptimizePress Difference

Choose OptimizePress above other Convertkit Alternatives

Over 100,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs trust OptimizePress to power their landing pages, sales pages and membership websites