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Checkout Designs, Digital Download Templates & Small Business Sites

David Frosdick

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

Now is a great time to give some of the websites in your business a refresh.

There is no easier way to do that then using one of the hundreds of templates in our OptimizePress Cloud Library.

And... today that template cloud has grown with the inclusion of some amazing new templates.

Checkout Designs, Digital Download Templates & Small Business Sites

While our team have been busy working on our new OptimizeCheckouts payment plugin, we’ve also been adding a vast range of new templates and sales funnels.

These templates have been designed and optimised by our conversion experts ready for you to plug into your current business and start using.

Below are examples of how the templates look and how you can easily access them.

IMPORTANT: You should always consider split testing any updates you make to your web pages against the original version to make sure they have a positive effect on your conversions.

New Templates In OptimizePress 🎉

Local Business Site 1

We've added a brand-new collection to our suite of template collections. This new template set is themed on a small business site with some stunning pages designed and ready to use for any niche.

There are ten templates in this new collection, and the beauty of them is that they can be adapted to work for any business.

Below we've shown several of the various pages from the collection, and they only need you to add your information for them to work in your business. This one collection can save you hours of trying to build a small business website.

Also, if you're an agency, you could sell a ready-made website package very quickly as we've done all the work for you.

Home Page

The homepage is the heart of an online business.  Some of your visitors will never navigate to other pages on your site. With this in mind, we've included some content from each page within the website. For example, we showcased images, some business information, contact information, call to actions and other great imagery of the business.

About Us Page

The About Us page showcases who you are and who's behind your business. It's your chance to display your company mission and sell what you offer. We've included a section for some additional content and also images of your team.

You'll also notice the small sign up call to action (CTA) on the page.

Services Page

The services page has been laid out to show high-quality images and bullet lists of what you offer. Take this opportunity to use the best images you can to showcase your products. Make it clear how products are delivered, how customers can order, and what they should expect.

The more clarity you can provide to your customers, the higher your conversions will be.

Contact Us Page

With the Contact Us page, we show each location of the business with a large map to show locations visually. We've also made it possible to display more images on this page. If you have high-quality images of your products, use them throughout your entire site!

Menu Page

This local business site includes a menu page which would be perfect for a restaurant or small cafe, however, this menu could easily be turned into a workshop, class schedule or event listing using the same layout.

With a bit of thought, you could make tweaks to these pages for them to apply to any business niche or type.

FAQ Page

Use this as a small support page showing your most common questions and answers. We recommended that you show answers to top questions as this can save people contacting you and speed up the buying process.
Handling any objections your prospect might have helps to increase conversions.

Testimonials Page

The testimonials page is your time to shine. Use this page to show pictures of your customers and any testimonials or reviews from your users. You can even show photos or videos of your staff working in your business.

The main aim of this page is to build confidence in your visitors. The more you can defuse any doubt they may have about working with your business, the higher your conversions will be.

Thank You Page

The thank-you page has been designed as a coupon page but could be used to show your latest offers.

Alternatively, it may work for lead capture if you're running competitions. Again, we added more images to this page to reinforce the brand and offering.

Checkout Templates

These templates go live with the release of OptimizeCheckouts

When we release OptimizeCheckouts in the coming days this whole new category of templates will go LIVE!  You'll need the Suite plan to access OptimizeCheckouts.

Let's move on to the checkout templates. These have been designed with conversions and simplicity in mind.

The ease of editing these pages mean you can remove or add more to each page. The beauty of editing checkouts is you get the full power of the OptimizePress editor.

These templates use all our high conversion elements like testimonials, credit card icons, bullet lists, FAQs, review stars, countdown timers and custom forms styles.

To access these templates, you'll see a new Checkouts tab in the top main menu.

Checkout Style 1

This template uses bold field design, two split column layout and includes elements for testimonials, star ratings along with credit cards images and subtle conversion content near the bottom.

Digital Download Checkout 1

This design includes a notice bar text style at the top, bullet points, a guarantee and testimonials lined down the right-hand side. You'll notice the split column design and green call to action on the button.

Mini Course Checkout (Digital Download Checkout 2)

This checkout design has a subtle minimal design. It uses lots of white spacing which gives your visitors real focus to the elements on the page. The checkout form has easy to complete fields, and we've included a features bullet list on the right-hand side and numbered FAQ section below.

Digital Download Checkout 3

This design uses the progress bar across the top showing how many more steps are required to complete the order. Progress bars are an excellent way of reassuring prospects they are near to getting their new purchase. If you have too many steps in your order process, you increase the likelihood that the visitor will abandon your cart.

We used a similar bold outline on the form fields and added the credit card images below the order button. Also, notice the small 24/7 support, the SSL secured text and the review stars below the order button as well.

Again, subtle elements to push conversion higher.

Digital Download Checkout 4

This design is a little more straightforward with the bold colour bar at the top that includes a countdown timer to show a limited time offer.

Using countdown timers brings urgency into the purchase process and increases the conversion rate of the checkout page.

The checkout is further optimised with credit card icons below the order button, large clear pricing and a testimonial to share some social proof.

Digital Download Checkout 5

This design also includes a limited time notification bar at the top of the checkout. The right-hand sidebar styling is highlighting the price, product features list and testimonials. The bottom section has a dominant frequently asked questions area to eliminate any doubt people have before purchasing. And finally, the money-back guarantee is there as well to give prospects confidence in making the purchase.

Digital Download Checkout 6

This template includes a nice clean design and showcases a big product image to help conversions. Your visitors like to see what they are purchasing.

Two other key highlights of the checkout are the testimonials and the clear guarantee section. Both of these trust signals will help to boost confidence in your prospects.

3 Step Formula Lead Gen

These simple template designs use our brand-new sticky row feature. It's a two-page template collection for capturing leads.

Landing Page

These clean template designs use our brand-new sticky row feature. In this template, the sticky row feature is applied to the opt-in section.  As visitors scroll the page, the opt-in form follows them. This increases conversions as the opt-in form is always in view. 

It's a two-page template collection for capturing leads.

Feature Tip

You can use the sticky row feature on any row in a template. Perfect for keeping your CTA or important notice constantly in view during the visitor's time on the page.

Thank You Page

In this example, the thank you page includes space for a video and also a section where you can explain the next instructions for your new subscriber. We have added the same small bio box from the landing page at the bottom for continuity.

Digital Download Funnel Templates

Another huge addition to the release of these new templates is the full collection of digital download funnels.

We've added six new pre-created digital download funnels, each with their unique design styles.

The primary benefit of these funnels is that they are not only pre-styled to convert; they are also pre-connected with our funnel optimizer technology.

All you need to do is select the funnel style you like, and OptimizeFunnels goes ahead and connects all the funnel pages for you ready to go.

To access these go to Create New Funnel > Sales Funnels > Digital Download Funnels.

On the next page, you'll see a preview of six new funnel designs. Each new design includes three templates:

1 x Sales Page
1 x Checkout Page
1 x Thank You Page

Below we are showing you one example from the new designs.

Digital Download Sales Page

This sales page includes content about the product that is for sale, a bullet list, author bio and the call to action to buy the book. It also has a sticky row on the right-hand side with the call to action always in view as the user scrolls.

Digital Download Checkout Page

Keeping consistency in the design the checkout page takes across the same layout with two columns the same colours for CTA, a testimonials area and guarantee. The bullet list also reminds the user of what they're going to get (incase they have already forgotten).

Digital Download Thank You Page

As with the other pages in this funnel, the thank you page keeps the same design. The page shows a confirmation message that the order is complete, then displays how they can access their order.

Note: In this example, the purchase is not available for download because of our purchase protection system. This system protects your download so only people who have purchased can access the product.

Video Training

Lead Gen Page

This video template series has two templates with a similar design. The first is a landing page for lead generation and includes a feature areas area to highlight the benefits of your service. There is also a large bio image and textbox. Notice the "featured on" company logos that are added for authority.

Webinar Registration Thank You Page

The template is a thank you page but also a webinar invitation. When used correctly, this is a great time to ask people to register for a webinar before they go on to consume your free training.

Small Business Event Niche

Home Page

This template is designed for the event niche and can be used as a home page for your business. The large hero section gives a clear message followed by an explanation of what your company does.

We then show the services you offer with a lead capture area underneath. Further below that is a testimonial section with another call to action.

Checklist Full Screen Lead Gen

Landing Page

This bold design has a full-screen layout with a single call to action. We used a high-quality image on the right with bold colours and bright buttons. Bold and bright buttons highlight the key elements of interest on the page for visitors.

The text is easy to read and includes essential info to encourage the click through.

Personal Brand Lead Gen

Landing Page

Are you starting a personal brand site? We have just the template for your new home page.

The large image area and inline form to the right, offer your primary call to action. The main content of the page is your story. Use this section to sell why your experience and knowledge is of benefit to visitors. Doing this will help to increase conversions.

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