We are super excited to announce the release of our integration with ActiveCampaign. This article will cover some of the ways you can use OptimizePress and ActiveCampaign to capture names and emails. You’ll also discover how to create automated marketing sequences to engage with your subscribers.

One of the most powerful features in ActiveCampaign is the ability to perform automated processes based on contact behaviour. This opens the door to the world of marketing on autopilot.

Before you read the article or watch the video guide lets give you a little example.

  • Let’s say Darth Vader adds his details into your optin form to get a new eBook and is added to your new list called ‘Growth Hackers eBook’.
  • NextDarth Vader doesn’t open the first email because at the time he was busy finalising the launch of his next web app.
  • Now follow the example sequence below to see how the automated marketing can take over from here…



After this process, you can automatically create rules, like adding more tags to Darth Vader’s record based on his actions, check which pages Darth Vader visits on your site if he replies to your email and even if he clicks certain links in the automated email!

Are you ready to get started?

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What you will learn in this article:

  • How to connect OptimizePress to AciveCampaign through the API.
  • How to create a list in ActiveCampaign.
  • How to create a form in ActiveCampaign.
  • How to get the form id for double optin emails.
  • How to trigger follow up emails to basic automated sequences.

What you need to get started:


Here’s an example of the pages we created for this tutorial.

You might want to have these pages open in your browser or have the URL’s copied in a text file so you can quickly get them when needed later in the tutorial.

Landing Pages

This is the page to capture the username and email.

Example Page URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/landing-page


Confirm Your Email Page

This is the page the user is redirected to after they optin, we use this to ask the user to confirm their email.

Example Page URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/thank-you


Thank You Page

This is the page the user is taken to after they confirm their email or the page you link to in your welcome email.

Example Page URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/confirmed


OptimizePress and ActiveCampaign Video Training

We have put together a video and screenshot tutorial for you so feel free to learn which way you want.

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_force_hd=”hd720″ width=”630″ height=”354″ align=”left” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ border_size=”0″ border_color=”#0″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1nVFJHQl9sdXFzUQ==[/video_player]

Screenshot Tutorial

We have created screenshot tutorials for you to skim over at your own leisure.

Here’s the dashboard inside ActiveCampaign.


First get your API key from Active Campaigns under My Settings.

Hover over your name in the top right, then click My Settings.


Click API Tab.


Copy the API keys from here and paste into you OptimizePress site under Email and Marketing Campaigns > Active Campaign then scroll down and click Save.



If you haven’t already you want to create your first ‘List‘ inside Active Campaign. This is where your leads are added to.

Click Lists in the top navigation.


Then Add New List.


Enter in your list details like name, address, URL and reminder statement.


Next you are presented with a page showing your lists click Integrations then forms.


Next Create New Form.


Give your form a name and click OK.


Click Edit this form.


The next page is where you can build your forms like choosing to include first name and email or first, last name and email – remember what fields you choose as you will use it later when building the form inside OptimizePress.

Don’t worry about the design style of the form as you will create the look and feel in OptimizePress.

Once you have added your fields click Opt-in confirmation email.


Double Optin

This is where you edit your confirmation email message.

We recommend you use double optin to get more targeted leads onto your list. You can turn off this setting off if you want however you might not get as many credible leads.

The image below is form a trial account. On paid accounts you can edit the email message text.


Once you have edited your confirmation email choose Form settings > subscription confirmation page.


In the Subscription tab area click the link Opt-in has been sent confirmation.


Over to the right you will see a link Redirect to URL instead.



Click the link Redirect to URL instead.


Now open your browser with your pages or the text file where you saved the URLs.

Paste in the URL of the “confirm your email” page and click Save.


Next click the link Subscription completed confirmation link.


Again click Redirect to URL instead on the right and enter the “confirmed page” URL click Save.


Now click Save in the top right.


Next click to go back to the form main page by clicking the Custom Forms tab and then choose to Integrate with your site.


Subscription Form ID

We need to take a note of the form id – we need this in our OptimizePress optin form.

[feature_box style=”8″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

NOTE: This is the important part about connecting your optin forms to ActiveCampaign form so the double optin email is active and sent out.


Here’s where to find the Subscription Form ID make a note of the numbers on your form NOT the example below.



Go to your landing page and open the LiveEditor by hovering over the OptimizePress link in the admin bar if you are using the OptimizePress Theme.



Click on the pencil icon to edit your optin form or open the OverlayOptmizer like in our example.



Then edit optin form.



Choose ActiveCampaign from the drop down and your list under Integration Type and select your list under Provider List.



This is where you enter the Subscription Form ID that we copied earlier and your thank you page URL.



Chose First Name from the dropdown list and add the order number where you want the name to appear on the form ‘0’ being the top.

Click Add New to add extra fields, like Last Name, Phone Number



Add the extra fields like Last Name, Phone, Organisation if you added them to your form inside ActiveCampaign.



Scroll down click insert in the optin form editor and then update in the OverlayOptimizer.


Save and Close the page, reload the live version and you are done!

You have ActiveCampaign connected to OptimizePress!

The Follow Up Process

The next part of the setup process depends on how you want to follow up with your new subscribers and we’ve made it easy for you to decide.

There are two ways to follow up using ActiveCampaign:

  1. Campaigns – Using a one-time AutoResponder email – Perfect for sending a welcome message!
  2. Automations – Building automated sequences using ActiveCampaign Automations – Perfect for tagging your leads, moving contacts into to different automated marketing series, delivering an online course or series of emails over a period of time and way more stuff!


For creating one-time emails follow this guide.

Click Campaigns in the top navigation.


Then Create New Campaign.


Give the form a name choose Auto Responder Campaigns and click Next.



Next choose the list for this campaign.


Choose one of the beautiful email templates.



Add the senders Name, Email and Subject.


Edit the template the template text areas, images, links and more.


On the summary page you can review your setup and configure other settings like Google tracking and link tracking.

Check the option send immediately is selected.


Now click Finish.



The next page will show the campaign is scheduled



Done! Congratulations!

Your email will be sent immediately after the lead confirms their email.


To create super smart marketing campaigns we highly recommend you using Automations. Your customers will think your business is a machine when you start sending them email based on their action. You can even become the next big brother tracking what your subscribers do.

Click Automations in the top navigation.



Then Create New Automation.



From here you can start adding different starting actions (contact subscribes to list xxxx), tagging leads, sending emails, moving leads around the list and on of off other Automations.

Building automation depends on how you want to interact with your customers and that will depends on what they subscribed to.

The Automations editor makes it easy for you to build each step in the sequence and ActiveCampaign has many tutorials on different features. The basics would be to tag leads, send email, wait a period of time, send another email and end the Automations.

Below is an example of an example of automated campaign being built.



Anything is possible with ActiveCampaign Automations allowing you to put your marketing on autopilot. It can seem like a lot of work to set up but once it’s done all you need to do is drive traffic to the first landing page.

Here are just some of the features we like:

  • Check to see if contact opened an email.
  • Create conditional rules to see if an email was opened.
  • Create conditional rules for who receives automated emails based on custom fields, when they signed and more…
  • Trigger Automation based on how many times they visit a certain web page.
  • Set time delays between actions from minutes to years.
  • Check if certain links were clicked
  • Add multiple tags to contacts.
  • Remove and subscribe to other lists.
  • and a whole lot more!!

To put it simply, you can start or stop automated marketing sequences based on the actions your contacts takes after you send out an email.

ActiveCampaign Site Tracking

You must set up the Site Tracking so you can track what pages your leads visit after you email them.

Inside ActiveCampaign dashboard go to Apps > Site and Event Tracking.

Add your domain on the left and copy and paste the script provided into the OptimizePress under Analytics and Tracking > Other Tracking Codes.

ActiveCampaign also has event-based tracking codes and other advanced features for site tracking so we recommend reading their help guides for more training.


ActiveCampaign, in my opinion, is an amazing piece of software providing a service, as good as their competitors, at a great price for new startup businesses.

It’s certainly a must-have tool if you want to start segmenting your leads and sending marketing emails directly to targeted subscribers in your list.

Remember sending targeted emails if more effective than simply emailing your entire list.

There’s a lot more you can do with ActiveCampaign but we hope you have learned something in this tutorial and it has opened your eyes to the what you can achieve when automating your marketing.

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Tell Us What You Think – Please Comment Below!

We would love to hear from you. Would you like to read more articles about building automated marketing sequences?


    59 replies to "How to use ActiveCampaign & OptimizePress To Automate Your Marketing"

    • judi bola

      I blog quite often and I genuinely appreciate your content.
      Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to take
      a note of your website and keep checking for new information about once per week.
      I opted in for your Feed too.

    • Yaroslav Miroshnikov

      I use OptimizePress and ActiveCampaign.
      My real pain is — there is no function to transfer UTM to hidden fields in form.
      How I can do it? Where I can find any instruction about it?

    • Nicole Bandes

      Do you know if there is a way to use the hidden fields from Active Campaign? I have a hidden field for Lead Source in my forms but it isn’t working when I use the form with Optimize Press.

    • Barry Moore

      IS there way to add a tag during the optin process?

    • Sam

      So I am looking for a way to use auto-responders to trigger an automated sequence based on the opt-in form that they sign up in. I would like to have multiple free downloads that people can choose from, but make sure that they are emailed the correct download link, while still being added to a main “newsletter” list. Is this possible with Optimizepress and AC?

      • Barry Moore

        Just have multiple forms in AC all joining the same list. Then have separate automations that fire based on which form is being submitted. Form A fires Automation A, etc. each of those individual automations will tag the lead and deliver the appropriate lead magnet and follow up sequence.

    • Arthur Zetes

      Switching to activecampaign from Aweber completely changed my business in an amazing way.

      I’m so happy you guys make it so easy to connect with them – and I learned the simple way to create a double opt-in form now.

    • Nat

      Im excited, have been looking for something to start using as a LM and email marketing and here they both are…

    • René Ejsing

      AC sounds very interesting but has a little trouble with not allowing MLM & Affiliate Marketing when it is in this segment I work and use my OP2 – Some with experience with AC about this?

    • Rob Abbey

      Great article. I was wondering though, the ActiveCampaign Plugin seems to be conflicting with my OP2 installation. Everything works fine until I enable the AC tracking plugin. Has anybody else experienced this? I’d be grateful for your feedback. Thanks!

    • Clint Paddison

      I now have both these platforms. Thanks James Dyson and thanks Barry Moore

    • Laura J. Kendall

      Love, Love, Love Active Campaign and have been waiting for the integrations. Unfortunately despite following all the steps I keep getting a 404 page not found when I test it. Any suggestions?

    • brettr_mod

      Does this work with Aweber? Not planning to switch since I just go them.

      • David Frosdick

        Yes OptimizePress works with Aweber in the same way using their API.

        • brettr_mod

          I know. I use OP with Aweber now 🙂 Isn’t this article about Active Campaign?

          • David Frosdick

            Yes it’s about AC so why ask if it works with Aweber? 🙂

            Or are you asking if Aweber have the automation functions?

            Please explain your question in more detail 🙂

            • brettr_mod

              Are these automated sequences available with Aweber through OP? In other words, if you don’t use ActiveCampaign, I don’t think this articles benefits you. Guess I’m not sure what all the excitement is about.

            • KM Lee

              @brettr_mod:disqus AC is certainly more than that. with AC, you’re actually sending the automated sequences based on the “response” of your contacts (whether they’ve opened your email, or click on the link, etc). this gives you the ability to send out more “targeted” emails.

              as for the excitement, I think this is probably because of the OP 2.0 recent integration with AC (or) the cost to use AC. If you were to check out the pricing of Infusionsoft and Ontraport, you’ll see that it’s quite costly to use a system like this.

              P.S. I’m a user of Aweber as well 🙂

            • brettr_mod

              HI KM. As an Aweber user, if you want to take advantage of what’s mentioned in this article, you have to buy AC right? Now you have OP, AC, and Aweber? Isn’t all that overkill?

            • Barry Moore

              No. You dump Aweber and use AC.

            • brettr_mod

              Maybe one day but not today. Not chasing the next shiny thing.

            • Barry Moore

              So, you still listening to cassette tapes then? Because that’s what AWeber is, the cassette tape of email marketing.

            • brettr_mod

              I have lists already built up in Aweber, which I dragged over from Mailchimp. I just did that. I could move to AC and next week something else will be out to replace it. Rinse/Repeat. What’s the point?

            • Barry Moore

              Automation and leverage.

            • brettr_mod

              If you have the time to keep chasing, run lil doggie!

            • Barry Moore

              Haha. That’s ok, you stay parked on AWeber. Send me an email from 2005 and let me know how it’s going.

            • brettr_mod

              I can do even better since Aweber was founded in 1998 🙂 My walkman, my email list. I’m set!!!

            • Breakthrough Email Marketing -

              it’s pretty simple. If you don’t use ActiveCampaign, ignore this article and all the money you’re leaving on the table by using Aweber.

            • David Frosdick

              We’re trying to plan articles for everyone and we have a lot of AC users.

              The excitement is about the features in AC that can put your marketing on autopilot 🙂

              For example if a contact visits your sales page 3 times you could email them an offer (like Amazon do). Aweber doesn’t have these features.

            • Barry Moore

              Ahhh…yeah.. That is why the article is titled “How to use ActiveCampaign & OptimizePress”

    • Barry Moore

      Fantastic! ActiveCampaign is a killer system.

    • Mindaugas

      Is it possible to use Optimize press with your system and track where a lead came from. For example, in Ontraport I’m using url parameters like “?utm_campaign=GG-RYTIS&utm_source=GYVE…” and I can see where all my contacts came, because in every ad I can use different parameter.

      it’s very important to see exactly where my sales come from.. without creating new optin form

    • Ed Ferrigan

      Switched over to AC last week and LOVE it. Way easier to use than Infusionsoft or Ontraport. My productivity has drastically increased and my overwhelm lessened significantly. HIGHLY recommend it. and its less expensive than the others…

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Ed that’s great news! I found it much easier for setting up autoresponders than MC and I’m now considering moving over from AW… 🙂

        Thanks for commenting! BTW the top nav links on your site are WHITE and hidden, you might want to change that.

    • thethoughtgym

      This looks like an awesome feature. Can’t wait to try it.

      I currently have my opt-in list going to a Mailchimp account. Does this feature sit alone from that? Do you still need both?

      • David Frosdick

        You don’t need both. My wife just closed her MC account and imported all the leads in ActiveCampaign so she can now segment customers, tag customers, send auto sequences etc etc etc

        I would say try it out first though and get feel for it!

    • KM Lee

      very detailed tutorial even though I don’t use AC. looking fwd to see more great tutorials like this in the coming days.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey KM, switch to AC and your can start segmenting your customers or even start marketing campaigns based on what pages they visit 🙂

        If you are not yet building a list of customers then it’s time start!

        • KM Lee

          @David_Frosdick:disqus: thanks for your suggestion. I’ve been using Aweber for few years and I think many of the leads that I’ve collected are just simply ‘leads’. All this while, all I did was broadcasting the entire list. you’re certainly right with segmenting the leads and sending more targeted emails. it’ll be more effective this way.

    • Wilfredo Riaño

      Everything looks like perfect with Active Campaign, but i was testing a few months ago and most of the emails were sent scheduled between 2 and 14 hours. None was sent immediately. That is unacceptable for internet marketers

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Welfredo, thanks for sharing your insights. I’ve not experience any delays like that. ActiveCampaign do check and approve emails on new accounts, which seems fair enough to me. You should contact their team and ask what happened, it may have been the niche market, email content or how many emails your were sending (?)

      • Barry Moore

        That is because they vet new accounts to make sure they aren’t spammy. It protects deliverability for everyone. If you can push through initial period, they become immediate pretty quickly.

    • huntergatherer

      Nice product for what it does. But the claim that AC is as a CRM is a bit far. CRM systems go far beyond automated email gathering and sequencing. I see on the AC site that they refer to their applications integration which include other SAAS CRM services like Basecamp, Batchbook, Insightly and others. If you want to call it a CRM, you need to have some version of a real time contact management with call tracking, conversation tracking, etc., etc, etc… But, for a lead acquisition handler with email sequencing, it looks good, if pricey.

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Hunter, thanks for commenting! Fair points on the CRM. I’ve not used that side of it so can’t really comment but form what I’ve seen you can gather a lot of data about your customers, send auto sequences to customer and also notify staff members in real time of customer actions;

        EG customer visits the sales page 4 times, tag the customer, notify a team member to call them or send automated email. To me that’s pretty slick for $49pm 🙂

      • Breakthrough Email Marketing -

        AC has a real CRM, deals, pipeline, lead scoring, etc. You can either use that feature or integrate with an existing one. Either way, kick ass.

    • Hossam

      Awesome tutorial, David can’t stop impressing me with his little jewels! 🙂

      But.. But.. Wasn’t this integrated long time ago already? I even remember researching AC for automation and finding it way over-priced in comparison to the traditional AW/GR/MC services.

      I doubt that someone for an example with 2,500 subscribers would pay $147/mo as oppose to $24/mo for GR, but that’s only me. Yes it’s TONS of added featured that any serious marketer will drool on, but IMHO they should go for 50% of what they are charging.

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for your comments Hossam, lots more jewels to come!

        The API integration was released two weeks ago, you could integrate before using the form embed option.

        Regarding pricing and the features included in ActiveCampaign the cost would be $29/mo for 2500 contacts with the ability to use Automation. GR/AW/MC can’t do the tagging or start campaigns from certain triggers.

        • Hossam

          I have emailed Jason regarding the pricing as to me it was $73/mo for 2500 contacts and he replied the same thing. It looks like I thought the PRO package is required for automation while the basic package can do it.

      • Breakthrough Email Marketing -

        You get what you pay for. ActiveCampaign has InfusionSoft features (and more) at GetResponse prices. If you want 3/4 of what ActiveCampaign can do and want to pay thousands more while requiring an engineering degree, try Lyris, ExactTarget, etc.

        • Hossam Hossny

          I am their affiliate now, you don’t need to convince me *grins*

    • Wallstcheater

      Can this be accomplished with another email marketing system, like Mail Chimp?

      • David Frosdick

        Mailchimp doesn’t haven’t the tagging functions and trigger based automated features like ActiveCampaign. You can segment leads but ActiveCampaign just makes everything much easier.

    • Nick Ofman

      Great guide! Will be looking into Active Campaign tomorrow.

    • Yassin Shaar

      awesome! finally 🙂

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