The future of marketing sites... Introducing the New OptimizePress™ (First-Look Preview)

When we started building OptimizePress™ nearly three years ago, the aim was simple.

To create an easy way for  entrepreneurs, coaches, online marketers, small businesses owners, speakers and professionals around the world to build marketing pages.

Almost three years on, OptimizePress™ has become the industry tool of choice. Our users have created thousands of sites and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

We’ve helped people in a hugely diverse range of markets, get their products and services online, from stock trading to salmon fishing, from sharing information on how to play jazz guitar to learning to speak Japanese.

We have helped tens of thousands to grow and monetize their audiences.

Back to the drawing board…

In the new version we wanted to make a system that was even easier to use, was more powerful and more flexible than anything currently on the market.

We went back to the drawing board and began putting together plans for a brand new platform gathering feedback from thousands of customers on their most desired features.

We searched through over 10,000 help desk interactions and surveyed users to find the things people really wanted from a marketing page building platform.

We began to build up a picture of the “perfect” system for marketing sites and membership portals.

Nearly two (long) years later, I’m proud to announce that our new platform, OptimizePress™ 2.0, is almost ready for launch.

So for the first time ever, I’m about to show you some of what our new platform has to offer and I’d love to know what you think...

What Is OptimizePress™ 2.0?

We believe OptimizePress™ 2.0 is the most powerful page building tool for anyone wanting to market their products and services online, or deliver their digital content and training in an online membership site.

Something powerful yet simple to use.

We have built a completely new platform from the ground-up, our new “LiveEditor” page building system allows you to build pages more easily than ever before, and without any requirement for code or HTML knowledge.

Never before has it been this simple for you to create and customize stunning designs without coding and graphic design skills.

Easily drag and drop beautiful sites fast, for any audience or purpose, from landing pages to marketing pages, “startup style” pages, sales page, webinar pages and many more.

You can create awesome looking sites and pages effortlessly that share your message, grow your subscriber base and convert more sales.

Check out just a few of the new features included in OptimizePress™ 2.0 below…

Fully Responsive Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs and Membership Portals


One of our most requested features had to be responsive design templates, pages that resize to fit different devices and screen sizes.

In todays online market you need your websites to be optimized for all platforms -- desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Everything you create with OP2 will automatically work on different screen sizes and devices with no extra work from you.

With mobile traffic increasing all the time, your marketing sites and landing pages will be optimized for all visitors, ultimately converting more followers, fans, subscribers and customers.

Create Your Page in Seconds with Over 50 Unique Templates (for almost any page type) + More Added Every Month

No matter what kind of page or site you want to create, a landing page or blog, we have pre-built optimized templates you can use instantly to get your page online faster than ever.


No coding needed -- just click to edit any element and create your own website in minutes!

Just some of the pre-built templates within Optimize Press are:

  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Marketing Sites
  • Membership Portals
  • Thank you Pages
  • Webinar Replay Pages
  • Download Pages
  • Feature Pages
  • ...many many more

We’re also adding new templates every month, so you’ll always have new templates to test and try for your business -- giving you the competitive advantage.

Create & Edit Your Pages With Our Revolutionary “LiveEditor” Point & Click Interface – No Code Required!

Without coding knowledge, building complex and professional looking webpages can often cause challenges and headaches, not any more!


With our revolutionary new point & click “LiveEditor” interface, you can create custom and previously complex layouts in seconds.

Choose from a wide range of column layouts to fit your content and simply click to insert the elements you want from our element browser (see below) to build your page.

You can also drag and drop items around your pages, giving you total flexibility and freedom with the layout of your content to create great looking pages faster than ever before.

Choose from Over 250 Pre-built Elements for your Pages to Add Functionality and Increase Conversions

OptimizePress 2.0 comes with a complete library of pre-built elements for your pages.  These elements can be used to add functionality to your pages or add graphics to increase conversions.


Choose from elements ranging from Opt-in boxes, Headline styles, Bullet Lists, Feature Blocks, Feature Boxes, Guarantee graphics, Pricing Tables and much much more.

You have complete control over every element and can easily customize it using the intuitive “LiveEditor”.

Built on WordPress & Works with Your Existing Sites (Plugin & Theme Included)

To give you ultimate control and flexibility the new OptimizePress comes in 2 formats - “theme” and “plugin”. This means you can combine the full power of OptimizePress with any theme.


With OptimizePress built on the WordPress framework you can confidently create your pages on a platform that is SEO friendly and infinitely expandable. The library of WordPress plugins and add-ons means you can add almost any functionality to your sites with just a few clicks.

More News and Updates Coming Soon

Over the coming weeks I will be releasing more “behind the scenes” information on the new version of OptimizePress and making some very important announcements.

Make sure you complete your details on this page to ensure you do not miss out...


P.S. I would love to know your thoughts and feelings on the new version of OptimizePress, please leave a comment below.

  • Looking forward to the new features and updates ...


  • Richard Ingalls

    This looks amazing - and just what I need! Now... when will it be available and how much of a discount will current customers get during the product launch? Can't wait for it!

  • Woo hoo!
    SO exctied about this!

  • Looks exciting. Do existing customers just upgrade?

  • Good job. I love OP for my landing pages

  • If I currently own OpnimizePress what will the upgrade cost? Have you done a beta test Test yet? If you need people I would be interested 🙂

  • Awesome James!!!
    Sounds like you have redefined the market place again - nice 😉

    My clients are going to love this when it comes out. Thanks for the great product.

    ps. Great meeting you at the DotComXpo last fall with Ryan Lee.

  • Looks great James. I have used OP1 for a few years and happy with it and do look forward to more functions and options. A bigger range of colors for the headers would be great and also no need to expand the header to full width with the extra 'slices'. What you have here with OP2 seems to be very smart and attractive as well. Will your support be increased as well?
    Very excited to see more. Good luck with it. I will certainly be a buyer and recommend it to my list.

  • dan

    Will the plugin and theme versions work the same? The plug-in makes it easy to add to my existing web site theme. I am assuming release is at end of July?

  • Releasing it yesterday wouldn't be quick enough!

  • Looks awesome. I bought the original, but never used it because there was so much to configure, and I wasn't quite as experienced as I am now.

  • It looks much cleaner, more intuitive and easier to use then the previous versions. Few questions:

    1. Do you have all the video tutorials to go along with it like you did in the first version?
    2. What happens to all the people that just got version 1.0? I just got the first version and just finished setting it up now comes 2.0?
    3. Does it integrate in any way with OP 1.0? Is there a way to import all the content from the old version over to new 2.0?

  • Another fantastic product to succeed what was already one of the best WordPress plugins ever created. Dyson does it once again!

  • Bill e

    Cool beans, she swamp'd the server right out of the gate!!

  • Looks nice! Thanks for letting me know.


  • Ronald Wiplinger

    will it also come with a Facebook template?

  • James

    The update looks very promising and keeping up with the times of Internet marketing is extremely important. I look forward to try Optimize Press 2.0! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  • James ... this looks awesome. Drag 'n drop functionality. And also usable as a PLUGIN <----- HUGE!

    One thing ... I was unable to play the video on this page in either Chrome or FireFox (on Win 7). Probably because of various plugins I have. But I had to open the page in IE to get the vid to play.

    Anyway ... congrats on getting this out. I'm stoked.


  • Looks great James, and having a plugin version which works with any theme is a great move. I'd second the need for Facebook integration and ability to build marketing & sales pages into Facebook apps. I hope the upgrade is not too expensive for us current customers.

  • Great stuff James! I loved the video! What is the name of that music track?

  • Structured Takedowns

    As a fellow Brit I am going to cut the gushing enthusiasm. The space is fairly occupied now as you took about 3 years before revision. Firstly- it would be important for you to confirm if this is in purely theme format or available as a plugin as that has a distinctive merit.Secondly- tools can be all singing and dancing but the truth is that value is probably delivered in a small number of repeated tasks, so where do you consider the tool adds massive value over competitive products ? Yes they need naming to be real - start with Sales Press Pro Mark Dulisse for instance.
    Best Wishes

  • OP has been my go-to tool for the past couple years and has just gotten even stronger. Fantastic job on v2, congrats!

  • Amy

    Wicked:) How soon can we buy it and what's the cost? It'll be worth every cent of whatever you charge!

  • Looks like a lot of work has gone into this...very excited to take it for a test drive. Since it can be used as a plugin, I'm hoping that it will also be multisite compatible?

  • Nice job James, really excited about the new release!!!

  • i thank you for this new. It seems really great and easy to use. I just bought the first modele, how am i going to do? No importance, if the new formula gives me the possibility to be more creative and inventive. i think we create and sale with our imagination, building a dream for others. So waiting for more information and to know when i will be able to get this marvelous tool. thanks once more for this christmas new...;-))

  • WOW! This looks epic! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Looks like you have done an amazing job James. Way cool and Im glad you are on my team to create excellent products as well as save me a ton of time and money. You Rock!

  • Stan Gore

    The universal criticism of OP1 - no matter how great the theme is otherwise - has been that one can always recognize a page built with OP. Membership sites in particular show little variation. Hopefully this will be a non-issue with OP2. The ability to create beautiful blog pages as well as squeeze and sales pages is eagerly awaited. Responsive? A must. Hopefully the price point will be competitive.

  • Great news - tell us more and when?

  • Tim McClelland

    these look awesome James, will certainly keep you up to date and a real alternative now to Lead Pages

  • As a long term user of Optimizepress 1.0, I like most am looking forward to 2.0 as it is a great upgrade to a great platform and I can't wait to the membership portal and dump Aweber and that expense. I also LOVE the sound track to the video here, it is addictive ( to me as an oldie anyway) and I look forward to seeing some sample demo sites, but hey you know I will buy again.

    All the best

    Jonathon A

  • Thanks James.
    It looks fantastic -very exciting and very promising.
    Can't wait to have a go

  • Love it .. Optimize Press has enabled me to easily maintain my own site. Like Billy Joel says, "I love you just the way you are ..." but I'm excited there is going to be even more.

  • Looks Awesome and I love how it changes the layout for different devices. I too hope there is a discount for those who recently purchased the previous version. BTW I am responding from an iPhone and it looks great.

  • I'm loving the plugin option. Sometimes you just need one page instead of installing it to a whole other domain is a pain. I'm curious about a customer discount.

  • Looks good, James. Am anticipating the full upgrade. Also, what's up with the cost for this upgrade?

  • WOW - simply wow!

    I must have this !!!

  • Looks good and for a non-techie hope it is as easy as before. Since you guys are so helpful I'm sure your current customers will get a deal.

  • I hope the upgrade is within reason as there are many who have jumped on the SEO marketing band wagon since the last upgrade. I really like Optimize Press and hope I can afford to continue using...

  • Great job James! I've been patiently waiting for OP2 for a while now and I knew you'd deliver. I can only imagine the hard work and refinement you've put into this, judging by how many times you've shifted the release dates. Congrats on finally getting it ready for release. Looking forward...

  • Awesome features. What and when? What is the price for existing customers? And when will it be available?

  • Im so UBER excited about the newest version. I bought OptimizePress a few years ago but couldn't use it. I wanted to incorporate some portions of it into what I was doing but there was no plugin available. Yeah!!! Now there is!!! Awesome.

  • Jerry Roberts

    Hi James,

    Congratulations on the new platform.

    I know you'll have a special deal for existing users and that's good.

    My hope is that you'll spend extra time on the membership site facet, creating templates that satisfy both function and high-level design.

    Obviously, there are a lot of competitors in this space now and many of us own several page builders. I'm anxious to see if you've leapfrogged the others.

    More important, that your updates will be consistent in answering both to the needs of your customers and the advancements of your competitors.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Only use OptimizePress on one of my sites, but it's a good fit. Newest version might make it perfect.

  • Will OP1 continue to be supported and for how long?

    Being a non technical and small business user I don't have lots of time to learn new themes. I've just about got myself at a stage I can use OP1 and now it seems I may have to learn a whole new system. How transferable between versions is the acquired knowledge?

  • I love the fact that it's available as a plugin or a theme! This is going to be awesome! I'm in!

  • I've been hearing about version 2, and, as a an existing owner of the current version, this is exciting. Don't keep us waiting too much longer!

  • Excited for this! Is it safe to assume that all existing customers will be notified as soon as it's available?

  • For me OptimizePress was a complete game changer when I first purchased it - this looks like it is going to REDEFINE the game totally. I am all over it.

  • So looking forward to this! I'm on my own (like many) and had some trouble with setting up my most recent invitation using Optimize Press. This version looks completely doable!

  • Good stuff! Looking forward to it!

  • 1. Many of my colleagues are using OP 1.0 for their sales funnel on one wordpress installation and using another wordpress installation as a blog since OP 1.0's blog system was not very good. Will OP 2.0 have a better blog system so you don't have to use 2 wordpress installations?

    2. Will OP 2.0 integrate have better integration of facebook comments and wordpress comments? I'm purposely leaving comments in the wordpress system instead of fb to see how they integrate but I haven't seen any wp comments in the thread.

    keep up the good work

  • Long awaited! Looks and sounds good so far. Can't wait to test it out.

  • Joe

    Opps! Just bought OP1 A FEW WEEKS AGO. Should have waited...

    • James Dyson

      Joe - we'll have a special deal for existing customers so don't worry you won't lose out. We'll be in touch closer to launch with more information - thank you for choosing OptimizePress!

      • James,
        Will OP2 have support for Facebook tabs?

  • Andy Grant

    James, I have been an OP user since early on, having bought my latest license just two years ago. Eagerly awaiting the release of OP2, but I've also invested in AP3 and other tools as OP1 became a dinosaur in some respects.

    Any thoughts on a comparison page for those of us power users?

  • Graeme Austin

    OP2 looks very, very good James particularly as you will now have the option as a plugin - excellent work!

  • Amazing. So excited. Love optimisepress 1 already! Question. I'm just about to build a new site. If I build it in optimisepress 1 will it be easy (I'm no tecchie) to upgrade to version 2 or would I be better go wait ? And are you able to give us a date to help planning? Thanks James for all you are doing. Mark

  • Will OP 2.0 work as a seamless upgrade from the earlier version? Meaning, will I be able to just install it over the current one without losing info or structure?

    • James Dyson

      OP2 is a brand new system - so not an upgrade from OP1. You can use the Plugin version of OP2 alongside an OP1 site, and move over your content manually if you wish. You wouldn't lose any information

  • Since this a whole new plugin I guess that it will difficult to migrate existing content right?

    I have a membership site with a lot of pages running on OP and I would hate to have to tweak each and every page as part of an upgrade process.

    And from a developer perspective. Have you added any extension points that makes it easier to our own custom functionality ?

    • James Dyson


      It would take you a little while to transition your content, of course as OP2 is a plugin you could keep the existing content as it is and use the new Optimizepress to build new pages either for sales and marketing or eventually transition to a newly designed membership content area.

      We are working on some functions which will make migration of content easier also.

      Regarding development - I know the system has been coded in a much more organised way in terms of file structure and CSS organisation - and we are also considering adding development hooks into the system but im not sure if that will be ready at launch. The pages are already highly customizable with our built in features without going into the code, but we will be listening to feedback from the developer community on further ways we can extend the platform after launch

  • Delbert

    Will this version have templates for social media pages, specifically Face Book Fan Pages? Look forward to the release.

  • Wow - looks great James! Congrats! Can't wait to see it live! Great timing BTW. Now I'll have something to "play" around with during the summer holiday 😉

  • Gerard

    Any hints of when this will be available - 1 month, 2 months, 6?

    • James Dyson

      Gerard - we're aiming to launch in July 2013 - so less than a month

  • Excited about the new version, although love what OP does today.

  • Volker Hartzsch

    Looks awesome!

    Is it a one time fee or monthly service?



  • What about sites created with OP1?

    Will there be an option to port across?

    Any date?

  • Will there be International versions of it (I.E. French version) upon release ?
    Will it integrate with Digital Access Pass for membership sites ?

  • About time too, 😉

    Please tell me you've made the licensing system more straightforward

    • James Dyson

      Hi Mark - yes the licensing system is very simple in the new system 🙂

  • Barry

    Will this be apart of the life time free upgrades or will loyal customers be required to pay to upgrade?

    Either way, I ll be happy.

    Its looks great and simple, job well done James.

    • James Dyson

      Barry - thanks for your kind words.

      The new OptimizePress is a completely new product, so it's not an "upgrade" or "update" of OP1. We will of course have a special discount for our existing customers which we'll let you know about closer to our launch.

  • DK

    Hey James,
    You were the first to revolutionize creating salespages and landing pages and it is you who is going to rewrite it again. Extremely happy to see the new features.. July is a long wait though..
    I hope we existing customers will get an "Offer that we cannot refuse" for the new version.


    • James Dyson

      DK, I promise it will be worth the wait. It's most important to us that we ensure the product is fully ready for release before making it available for sale. We will be keeping our updates list and customers updated and will have a special limited time discount when we launch

  • Ben Tiffin

    James, this looks great. You've been busy! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • Jeanneth Prado

    Hi James, I am in. Please let us know the discount for the current customers as soon as you have it and how we can addapt it to our old sites, thanks

  • Hard to imagine it can get any better. It's made such a difference in my business the past few years it's unbelievable.

  • Eddie

    James, finally :). It really looks amazing...

    Will there be a discount for customers, a one time or monthly fee?


    • James Dyson

      Thanks Eddie. Yes there will be a discount for existing customers. The core OptimizePress platform will still be a one-time fee. We will have a monthly membership option for pro users who want to take their sites to the next level with monthly add-ons and extra templates as well as some other goodies.

      • I love the new 2.0 platform that you are launching. The way you propose to price this certainly sounds fair based on what is already in the marketplace.

        THANK YOU for your creativity, attention to detail and willingness to offer existing customers a discount!

        I can't wait to learn more!


  • Hi James
    Looks great mate! I've loved optimizepress looking forward to what else is in the new release. I've been looking at other options lately, but I'd prefer to stay with you instead of switching systems.



  • Absolutely brilliant. I have been waiting for this release it seems for ages. Can't wait to use it. Thank you

  • Lynn

    HI Guys - this is looking great. I am curious - did you put together this site using OP2? If so, then I am VERY much looking forward to release day 🙂

  • Great, absolutely great...

  • James,
    On first look it looks awesome and just what the industry needs!


  • You bet I'll be in. The first OP worked wonders for my IM needs

  • Stefan

    Hi James, I'm 3 months away from launching a membership site using OP and Wishlist.

    Will OP2 do the protected content stuff, or will you still need to integrate Wishlist or a similar membership plugin?

    Next question I need to ask myself I launch with OP1 - most of content in place already - or wait for OP2??? Keeping up with the pace of change is tough!

    Nonetheless looking forward to hearing more details - sounds like a great plaftorm. Cheers, Stefan

    • James Dyson

      You can use Wishlist, DAP, iMember360 or you can use our built in membership system which includes content protection, drip feed content etc

  • Rachel

    I am so happy you did this - I liked OP and all the clear videos of how to do things, but had found my website far too drab! Love the idea of a plugin option and particularly the various templates.

  • The new OptimizePress Looks stunning James. Looking forward to seeing it on release...
    Neat video.

  • Looks nice and operationally great. I just hope the licensing is not going to be a nightmare like OP1.

    I'll buy this edition, and hopefully become a happy customer.

  • Have you integrated two-step optin into OptimizePress 2.0?

    • James Dyson

      We have plans for a two-step optin element - this should be ready at launch or soon after

  • Yo!

    This looks really awesome! 🙂 Because I stopped using OP in my member sites because of not being responsive. Problem solved! Yeah! 🙂

    Really looking forward to the launch!

    Many greetings,

  • Woohoo . . . Just watched the video . . . Oh I cannot wait for July!

    We're just putting the final touches on our plans for a new product launch; so James, your timing is perrrrfect! You just made our jobs a lot easier !

    Make your release date July 1, please 🙂

    p.s. - Thank you, James, for all you've done for this industry. So many of us have successfully built our product launches and membership sites quite nicely with the seamlessness of OP + Wishlist or DAP. You are a true pioneer, and your generosity to the IM industry is much appreciated.

  • Blaine

    Hey James,

    I appreciate the hard work you've put in to creating OP. Originally I bought OP nearly two and half years ago and it's still my favourite choice for launching.

    I was surprised and excited when I heard of OP2 as I was planning to launch a site within the next few weeks but now I I'll wait. It might be cool to email you the results of the launch with the new version too.

    Are there any speed improvements with OP2 over OP1? is it possible to have a double menu with a nav bar above and below the header graphic on themes such as this one that you're currently using? and can the older themes be used or included in OP2?

    I'll be signing up as an affiliate for sure as well.

    • James Dyson


      This site is running on OP2 - this is the blog theme from the system. We also have two other slightly different blog themes that come included and will be adding more in the future

      As far as navigation bars - on almost any page you create with the platform you can add a header and include a nav above and below the header, and also alongside a logo if you're using one. You can also specify each menu for each page - so you can create individual pages which use a different menu rather than having one menu for one theme position throughout your site

  • James, your genius is inspirational. My mind boggles at how you have created such simplicity from such complexity for those of us who are not tech-trained! OP1 is fantastic. OP2 looks unbelievable! If it is even mildly better than OP1 we should all be eternally grateful for the passion with which you are committed to helping us reach the world with our messages. The tools and training videos you provide are invaluable. No price will be too high for what you have created, an amazing product that can help us change and improve the lives of those we touch through the net.

  • This looks very cool - just yesterday I was tweaking my site and couldn't figure out a way to put space between my headline options and the main text area. Will there be more flexibility with that?

    • James Dyson

      Katie - you can pretty much customize everything with OP2 - including spacing between text blocks, headlines and most elements. You can also drag in a vertical spacing element and set the height of it if you want additional spacing and see how it looks live on the screen instantly

  • Hey James,

    That's about time, with all the hash-hash that's been around for some quite time, I know most of us been patiently waiting for an email announcing the new born ..and as promising as it looks like, it was well worth to wait for.. just don't be toooo late to send one of your new bin buttons 😉

  • AMAZING :))))
    Can't wait to buy! OP1 was fantastic for me, and now OP2 sounds/looks really like the next level(s) in Easy Professional Online Marketing!

    Hi James,
    I would like to know, what if I want to change my existing OP1 memberships to OP2, what will be the jobs to do? Can I "just change the theme" in the DAP-protected WP-installation or will I have to rebuild all page-configurations again or something like that? (I will do it of course if necessary, because I want my memberships to be responsive)

    🙂 Thanks for your work,
    To Your Success

    • James Dyson


      If you wanted to move an OP1 DAP protected site to OP2, you would have to create the pages in OP2 and then just set them to be protected with DAP - the main configurations of DAP would not need to be changed.

      • THX James.
        If my old OP1 installed as a theme in WP is doing fine on a domain, can I just install and activate OP2 on the same domain and WP Installation for getting responsive, and thats it 🙂 ? Or is there more workaround for updating existing OP/WP combinations?

  • I thought the current version of Optimize Press was pretty good, so I am very happy to see how you've added to its existing brilliance. Can't wait to get the new version and make even more attractive sites. Thank you James Dyson and Team! 🙂

  • Hi James,

    The new templates available in the new version of Optimizepress (base of the preview you have provided) are really great. It has various new designs/layouts but I just want to know if it is easy to customize in terms of putting in custom css codes just like what OP v1 have?

  • James, will you have a sidebar template or a FACEBOOK signup rather than name and email.. THat has increased my signups but I had to go with a competitor.

  • So excited to read about this but also now in major decision mode. I just bought Lead Pages and was excited about that but can see that OP has all that LP does AND the ability to be hosted on my site. I'm in major redesign mode and need the answer SOON to what to use. Mid-July can't come soon enough!

  • Chris Ramsey

    Can I just pay you now? 🙂

  • Looks nice. I am exited about all the features.

    Also, nice music in the video 🙂 Which band is this?

  • Michael

    Wahoo !

  • Hi James,
    Looks great - really looking forward to this new version.

    Will it be integrated with Facebook? ie - easily install squeeze page as an app in Facebook? It would be absolutely wonderful if this were included


  • Looks nice. Can't wait to try it out.

  • Jeff Guynn

    Wow! It looks like OP 2.0 is to OP 1.0 as Easy Video Suite is to Easy Video Players 1 & 2. A quantum leap forward. I especially like the notion that Op 2.0 will be both a theme and a plugin. And on top of that: responsive through and through. Looks like you have all the bases covered. Can't wait to get my hands on this awesome tool.

  • Greetings James,

    This all looks great, particularly from the marketing pages standpoint. Did not see any mention of the blogging capabilities. What do you have in mind for beefing up that area?


    • James Dyson

      Bill - we will be enhancing the blogging system - this new site is built on OP2. We have 3 new blog themes included (you can switch between them) and will be adding more after launch

  • That fact that you made this a PLUGIN and a Theme is awesome. I have stayed away from OptimizePress for a few months because I am restricted to a theme. I cannot wait on 2.0

  • Hey James - this looks fantastic! I use OP1 on several websites, and regularly suggest it to product creators.

    I have request in to you at FB; I'd love to talk to you about a partnership opportunity.

    Looking forward to speaking with you - if you're still in L.A., we could meet if you have time.


  • Bernie

    Good things are worth waiting for. See you in July.

  • Gimmee Gimmee. Hope it's a one time fee. sound awesome

  • James, Well done, my friend!

    I have been using OptimizePress for over 2 years and it has helped me giveaway thousands of copies of my free SEO ebook and generate $10's of thousands of dollars for my business. I believ much of the success and high conversion rate is a result of OP's simple setup, brilliant designs and perfect functionality.

    I have been waiting for OP2 for a long time and cannot wait to implement it.

    Thank you so much for your long time dedication to serving the Internet Marketing Community with such awesome products and support!

  • James, you and your team changed my world when OP came out 3 years ago. Your support over this time has been exceptional and i have complete faith in your product - truly brilliant. I simply cannot wait to see what's behind the veil when 2.0 is released mate. Congratulations to you and all the team James 🙂

  • Awesome! Can't wait for it to go live! Once again revolutionizing the way we create website 🙂 Amazing job, Kudos!

  • The video is very heartwarming! I'm a version 1.0 member and looking forward to the discount when the version 2.0 is launched!

    Great theme!

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you! I can't wait to get my little techie hands on this. WOW

  • Nick

    Will OP2 fully support Japanese script? I love OP and used it on several sites, but ran into problems when writing headlines & sub-headlines in Japanese.

    Looking forward to OP2

    • James Dyson

      Nick you should be able to use other language texts in the new OP without issues.

  • Well done James, This is what we've all been waiting for! I think Infusionsoft needs to give you an offer!

  • Looks great, when can we get our grubby hands on it :o)

  • Carsten

    Will there be a "german version" like for OP1?

  • Chima

    Hi James,
    Nice job with OP1. Can't wait to see the new things on OP2.

  • I use OP on all my sites!!! I can't wait for the new version. James I hope you'll remember all your loyal followers and give us a great low price for OP2.

    I've recommended OP1 to everyone because of the fantastic video library, customer service, templates and the ease of use.


  • Hi... James I forgot to ask, will this version have unlimited sidebars and a slider? I was really restricted by the limited sidebars in OP1


  • Looks Fantastic James - Thanks for the preview and all the hard work. Will it be possible to insert elements (e.g. opt-in boxes) into blog posts?



  • Wow, i'm really impressed. This looks elegant & simple, nice work James.

  • Simply amazing i can't wait to get my hands on OP2 2.0 🙂

  • WOW, i can't wait it. The New Era Of
    I am the person that will buy the product.

  • James - Can it do "Sign Up for a Specific Time Recorded Webinars" ? To give the impression of being conducted at a "Certain Time"?

  • Very excited for this. I almost bought a twitter bootstrap theme but will hold off another few weeks for OptimizePress 2.0

  • James, you're a life saver! I've been struggling with several responsive themes for weeks to get the result I want, without success, and there you are, ready to release OP2. Wonderful!

  • Rob

    Looking forward to the new and enhanced version of optimize press. I have been using it for a year and a half and totally love it. The one thing we haven't created yet with OP were membership sites. I have a buddy who's tried using DAP with OP and had problems with DAP conflicting with other WP plugins. Has anyone else experienced problems like this or is there a reason that this might have happened?

    • James Dyson

      Rob I wasn't aware of any major issues with DAP and OP1, but it's worth contacting our helpdesk or the DAP team if you have continued issues so we can work to find a solution

  • Awesome! have been waiting ~1 year for OP 2.0 to launch. of all the tools I've used, OP is probably the only tool that has helped me made the most money. would love to get my hands on this brand new version. can't wait 🙂

  • Congratulations James (and Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 I have been a fan of OP1 since the beginning and am looking forward to the amazing things you'll have in store for us in OP2.

  • Thomas

    Really cool, James ... look forward to see it in action!

    Question will the new version also be available in Danish language?

    If so, to what extend? Buttons/graphics only? Or more?

    • James Dyson

      Thomas the new version will allow you to create sites in any language provided it's supported by WordPress. We have included customizable buttons which you can add your own text to, and over time we will try and work on converting the built in graphics also - although most of them do not include text that is not editable so you have more flexibility

  • Looks pretty pimp! Can't wait.

  • The templates and the new features are looking awesome! Can´t wait, I wish I could buy it right now!

  • Paul

    Hi James - very interested in v2. I tested this site in Firefox (very latest version) and it wasn't truly responsive - ie, there was some rearrangement of content but the first video actually became larger and text and images lower down went off the screen.
    Worked fine in latest chrome and nexus 7.
    Happy to send a screenshot if you wish.

    best wishes


    • James Dyson

      Hi Paul

      I think we got those little responsive gremlins sorted now - it turned out to be the video player (we were using an external video player script to add some extra functionality) but this streteched the page. The page should look fine now in all modern browsers.

  • Hey James,

    This looks awesome man!

    Will we be add to add our backgrounds/graphics?

    I'm a designer and it's one of the one reasons I code by hand lately.

    Thanks man.

    • James Dyson

      Dean you can add your own backgrounds to the pages and also sections within the page. Of course you can also upload your own images, buttons etc. The system is very flexible so you should be able to do what you need and reduce the requirement for custom coding unless you need something very specific or specialised.

  • Cool! Keep up the good work.

  • Ingo

    Hi, does it come in Spanish also in July? Tell me that it does please!

    • James Dyson

      Hi Ingo

      OptimizePress 2.0 has full translation support so we will be working with our customers after launch to create translated versions. In the meantime, the new version is highly customizable so you will be able to create pages for foreign language audiences such as Spanish without any issues

  • Robin St. Louis

    Does anybody yet know if OptimizePress 2.0 will offer a unlimited-site or developers license with this release?

    Also, from what I've read in these blog comments, Mr Dyson stated that OP2 will offer membership site capabilities, including drip content, etc. (which is absolutely AWESOME!!). But will it also include an affiliate program capability, so we can set up and manage affiliate programs through OP2?

    I'm currently using several different plugins for those purposes, and I'd really prefer to use just one for everything (less moving parts to break down).

    Is there a release date, and price available yet?

    Sorry for sounding so impatient. It's just that I am delaying building my new site until OP2 is available. So I'm kind of in a hurry. 😉

    Thanks a lot!!

    • James Dyson

      Hi Robin

      We will not be offering a developers license with this release at present. We found that the existing OptimizePress licensing structure was open to abuse so it will be slightly different with the new version, but this will allow us to ensure we provide a higher level of support to all our customers and also release updates regularly for the new platform.

      Our system will include membership functionality, but at launch it will not include an affiliate platform built in. We will integrate with a range of solutions which offer this such as Clickbank so you can use those for affiliate functionality. You are of course also free to use another plugin for the members and affiliate functionality - we will be ensuring that all the most popular membership plugins work seamlessly with OP2

  • Rob Jones

    Massively looking forward to this, the missing piece of the puzzle has arrived!

  • Awesome, James, glad to see you're staying on the leading edge, and thank you for making Optimize Press features plugin-based to provide us the option of working within a WordPress Theme current theme. Looking forward to the release!

  • Hi James, I'm curious how it will be

  • Wow, can't wait to get my hand on this nugget 🙂

  • Been a fan from the outset and loving the 'Responsive' aspect - plus the plugin option sounds ideal

  • Hey,

    Congrats on putting a lot into the new model.

    Looking forward to it. I'm hoping you keep a few features like the launch model and ability to have easily have different headers on different pages. I'm hoping to have a few more header choices.

    I like the Cufon fonts and would like to have more availability of them. Mobile is great.

    Discounts to existing customer are nice BUT I think it's far more important that it be very profitable, so there is an incentive to improve and update it in the future.

    If he discounts too heavily to existing customers and doesn't make enough to recoup the enormous investment in a new version, then there won't be a great motivation to create a wonderful new version the next time.


    • James Dyson

      Marlon - thank you for your kind words. We have improved most of the features from Version 1 - such as now allowing multiple launch funnels per site (a feature many people asked for).

      We no longer use cufon fonts - but instead use Google fonts which gives a lot more selection and has superseded Cufon font technology as it's more flexible.

      I appreciate your words on the discounts also - we'll try to make it as affordable as possible for both existing customers and new customers - but obviously we will also ensure that we can continue to develop the platform going forward - which is definitely our plan!

  • Stefan

    Will you be creating the theme in multiple languages (French in my case) as currently with OP1?

    Will the membership function include an affiliate element or the possibility of integrating one?

    On the subject of membership functionality, we're using Wishlist with OP now. Any guidance on how to move from that set up to OP2 would be great e.g. importing members and changing payment arrangements...

    Thanks very much.

  • Really looking for to the mobile responsive pages. Been spending WAY too much time farting around makng presentable landing pages these days! Kudos, James!

  • Durante


    The plugin and theme options AND the mobile pages, are BIG. I can see that a lot of work, thought and planning has gone into this. You've mage a great product virtually perfect!

    You've set some new standards James.


  • Nick Roberts

    Can't get this soon enough... Will it have a kajabi style members area,that would be cool and do you have a launch date set an my wallet is open and I am flexing my Visa card in anticipation!'

  • Brandon Carter

    Will OptimizePress 2.0 be SEO friendly? Is it compatible with SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO?

  • Robin St. Louis

    Well, the middle of July has come and gone! And still no word yet on the release date or price of OP2. Would anybody know these answers, and would you be open to a bribe for divulging this secret information?


  • Will you continue to support the existing version?
    I'm still struggling to get a site as I'd like it and would hate to see all those hours of learning flushed down the ....

    Will that experience be transferable to the new plugin version?

    How far away is the release?

  • Hi again James
    Is MemberSonic one of the membership platforms that you will have integrated?

  • Robin St. Louis

    Guess not!

  • Any plans to have optin boxes with the possibilities of having them in different places? "i.e. on top and under the header, in footer, in the sides..etc just like some plugins offer out there?


  • Hi James:

    Several people have mentioned they are holding off buying other products in anticipation of OP2 being released. Personally I would appreciate an honest assessment of a predicted release date at this point. It sure sounded like it was already supposed to happen, so respect your following with a basic update to that earlier prediction! We all understand how challenging it is to develop software so an honest update would be well received (at least it would be by me).

    Please give us something here!

  • Hi!

    The text is obviously easy to translate...

    ...but what about buttons and other graphics?
    Can I somehow translate it?


  • Kath

    Hi James,

    Well done this looks awesome I can't wait to buy!

    Two questions:

    1. Will OP2 be doing anything with webinars, especially automated webinars?
    2. Will the membership capabilities allow us infusionsoft users to escape customerhub?

    Thanks again, looking forward to buying!

  • Really looking forward to this product but there seems to be no mention of the release date yet anywhere.