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October 21, 2022

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12 Best Thank You Page Examples to Boost Conversions

Thank you pages can be used in many ways and can help boost conversions and maximise your revenue potential.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using a thank you page, and we'll provide some tips and examples on how to create an effective one.

What Is A Thank You Page?

A thank you page is a web page that is displayed after a successful conversion, such as a purchase or sign-up.

It's important to have one because it allows you to show your gratitude to your customers for their actions, and it can also be used to increase engagement and encourage future conversions.

Why Is A Thank You Page Important?

A thank you page is important because it's a final opportunity to make a good impression on the visitor and encourage them to take further action.

For example, if a visitor has just made a purchase, a thank you page is an opportunity to upsell them on additional products or services.

Getting a visitor to make a small commitment is the key to getting customers to buy. And a thank you page provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this.

Here are a few examples of how a thank you page can be used:

Opportunities to join your social media pages.
Promote related products using tripwire offers and upsells.
Provide share links to allow visitors to share your offer.
Provide opportunities to promote your products through an affiliate program.

Thank You Page Elements

Thank you pages can be used in a number of ways, with many business owners and entrepreneurs coming up with new creative ways to take advantage of them.

Here is what a typical traditional thank you page for a lead magnet offer might look like:

Thank you page for lead magnet

Confirmation: This is an affirmation to thank the visitor for signing up for your offer. It’s a polite way to spread goodwill and create a positive foundation for the relationship you’ll be building with your new subscriber and customer.

Image of the Offer: This is an optional element to include on the page but can be served as a reminder of what the subscriber signed up for and what they will be receiving.

Instructions: This is a short and direct headline that tells the visitor how to access their offer.

Description: This area of the page extends the instructions by providing the visitor with steps on where to go in order to access their free offer. It can also be used to let new subscribers know what to expect from you in the future.

Social Links: Lastly, this area can be used to promote other things such as links to your social media pages. This can also include bonuses, links to your more popular blog articles or tripwire offer.

Thank You Page Examples

We’ve compiled a list and analysed 12 of our favourite thank you pages to help you come up with your own creative ideas.

1. Storybrand - Grow Your Marketing Business Checklist

Thank You Page

In this example, Storybrand uses a thank you page template that thanks the subscriber for opting in for the free offer and is also greeted with an offer to join their private community.

What is interesting to note here is that they have also included a background image of a working environment and a laptop, which helps set the scene for what the offer is about.

If you’re providing a service or something intangible, it is a great way to create tangibility for what you’re offering.

What we liked:

Neatly laid out and organised.
Clear and concise (Subscriber is given clear instructions)
Uses relevant imagery.
Storybrand branding carried through to thank you page

What can be improved:

Could remove the navigation footer to improve page engagement.

2. Brian Moran - Going Pro Gameplan

Brian Moran Thank You Page

In this example, Brian Moran uses a traditional Thank You page with a twist…

He adds a bonus webinar offer as a goodwill gesture for his subscribers opting in.

This is another great demonstration of building a strong foundation with your subscribers, which will pay off later when you eventually go on to promoting paid offers.

What we liked:

Nice use of colours that is easy on the eyes.
Intelligent use of spacing that helps page navigation.
Giving away a free bonus offer to create goodwill.

What can be improved:

Possibly reduce the description text and make it more concise.
Remove the header and navigation links.

3. Davina Schorle - Selling Into Corporate Guide

Corporate Thank You Page

Davina Schorle has opted for a thank you page that shows you don’t need a complicated page in order to get the most out of it.

In this example, she briefly describes her offer and softly upsells her 1:1 mentoring program with a basic CTA on the bottom.

There are very few distractions on the page and gives the visitor clear instructions for what to do next.

What we liked:

A basic design with clear instructions.
A soft sell for her mentoring service.
A simple and minimal colour combination.

What can be improved:

Possibly provide a bit more detail for her mentoring offer (Bullet points?)

4. Scott Oldford - The Nuclear Effect

Video Thank You Page

Here’s an example by Scott Oldford who chooses to include links to relevant videos instead of links to social media pages.

Further illustrating the flexibility of a thank you page. He also chooses to use bullets to help instruct his new subscribers on what to do next, which makes the instructions more simple to read.

If you have a lot of content you would like to include on your page, then consider using bullets to help break down the content and make it easier for your visitors to consume.

What we liked:

Clear instructions that are broken down using bullet points.
Links to relevant content to provide further value.
A clear and simple layout.

What can be improved:

Colours that are easier on the eye.
Perhaps remove preview images of the video content to save space.

5. Amy Porterfield - Online Marketing Expert

Amy Porterfield Thank You Page

Amy Porterfield provides another example to show how versatile using bullet points can be in order to save space on a page.

She uses clear instructions to tell her subscribers what to do next and uses bold font to highlight key areas of text.

If you're running a personal brand, then you may also want to include a professional image of yourself in order to establish a more human-to-human connection with your subscribers.

What we liked:

Clever use of bullets and bold font to highlight key areas of text.
Adds a profile image to build a connection with her subscribers.

What can be improved:

Perhaps use a different colour for the cta button to make it stand out more.
Reduce the image to save space on the page.

6. Brad Bizjack - Success Accelerator

Access Thank You Page

In this example, Brad Bizjack uses video to directly thank his subscribers to opt-in to his offer.

While using text is a nice way to communicate with your subscribers, using video allows your visitors to see you talking directly to them.

It will go a long way in building trust and provide a more solid foundation for the relationship you will build with them later.

He also neatly lays out what they need to do next using bullets that are colour coded and easy to understand.

What we liked:

Clever use of video to save space and better connect with his subscribers.
Bullet points that are colour coded to make the instructions easier to read and understand.
A nice choice of colours.

What can be improved:

Perhaps remove the footer to reduce distraction.

7. Kim Constable - The Million Dollar Mentor

Webinar Thank You Page

Kim Constable for her thank you page uses a large headline that sits front and centre of the page that provides confirmation of their successful signup.

She also uses a 3columned row to evenly organise her content, which she does very well and saves a lot of space on the page.

This is another example of a traditional thank you page but can clearly see how different the design is compared to the earlier examples shown earlier.

Do not be afraid to use a design style that best fits your brand as this will provide congruency across your website.

What we liked:

The content is clear and very well laid out.
Provides simple and clear instructions to the subscriber.
Smart use of columns to help spread out her content.

What can be improved:

Use a transparent background to make the text clearer to read.
Perhaps remove the footer text to reduce disruption.

8. Grant Cardone - 10x Business Workbook

Countdown Thank You Page

This is another great example of a well-organised thank you page by Grant Cardone using columns to help split the content.

The left column below the thank you video offers the free lead magnet that the subscriber opted in for, with the right column reserved for upselling another offer.

Below the page is reserved to introduce Grant Cardone with instructions on what to do moving forward. Again a nice example of a very well-laid-out page.

What we liked:

Very well organised.
A welcome video to introduce the subscriber to the brand.
Good use of columns to separate the free lead magnet from the upsell offer.

What can be improved:

Remove the footer to reduce disruptions
Reduce the video size to improve to keep the page minimal.

9. The Sacred Plant Thank You Page

Thank You Page Steps

The Sacred Plant Thank You Page uses a long-form style which contains a lot more text and detailed instructions.

The content is laid out as a step-by-step guide to help the subscriber with the next steps.

This is another way to build a strong foundation and establish a good relationship as it demonstrates care and attention.

If you have a free video course on offer and require more text to help guide your subscriber. The long-form style of thank you page may be the template to use.

What we liked:

A detailed and thorough onboarding experience to demonstrate care and attention.
Clear CTAs to help guide the subscriber to their free content.

What can be improved:

Removing the long string of text in the footer.

10. Ramit Sethi - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Social Thank You Page

This thank you page by Ramit Sethi demonstrates how you can make your offer go viral by encouraging your subscribers to share it with their own audience.

As well as providing a link to the free offer above the fold. He also includes a description to encourage his subscribers to share in order to spread his message.

It isn’t too pushy and is an excellent way to get more viral traffic back to your offers.

What we liked:

Adding share buttons to encourage subscribers to share his content.
Links to his other social platforms at the bottom of the page.
A basic and well-organised layout.

What can be improved:

Perhaps include a video instead of text to promote the sharing feature.

11. Mindvalley - Holobody Masterclass

Mindvalley Thank You Page

Vishen Lakhiani uses the power of community to build retention. Using a comment section at the bottom of the page creates social proof and endorsement from other subscribers about the quality of the offer.

It also removes doubt and improves the relationship. The subscribers is unlikely to unsubscribe or have any second thoughts about their decision due to their sense of being part of a dedicated group of like-minded people.

What we liked:

A video telling subscribers what to do next.
Well-designed banner links, which improve the style of the page.
Social icons to promote their other pages.
A comment section to build community and social proof.

What can be improved:

Perhaps the number of comments displayed to reduce bloat.

12. Storybrand - The 5-Minute Marketing Makeover

Invite Friends Thank You

Here’s a nice variation of viral sharing from Storybrand.

Unlike sharing buttons that were included in an earlier example. The subscriber is instead shown a form to fill in of anyone they might know that would find the offer interesting.

This is a very powerful alternative as it allows the author of the page direct access to the person that is referred to them by the subscriber.

What we liked:

A minimal design that’s easy to read and navigate.
A form for collecting new interested subscribers referred to by visitors.

What can be improved:

Remove the large footer area.

Key Takeaways For Building An Effective Thank You Page

With just a few guidelines, creating a powerful thank-you page isn’t difficult to set up and will be able to quickly get started with maximising your offers and services.

Here are the key takeaways to keep in mind:

Keep Your Pages Basic: A page full of content and graphics doesn’t always equal a high-converting page. Optimize your layout and text that gives the visitor the key information needed using as few elements as possible.
Soft-Sell Your Paid Offers: If you’re shy about promoting your offers to your customers, soft-selling can be a great way to get used to selling and will help introduce your customers to what you have to offer.
Keep The Page Organised: Use the page space you have to neatly organise your page so that it is easy for the visitor to navigate.
Test Different Page Layouts: If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to experiment with different thank you page layouts.
Include links to your social media pages: Providing links to your other social pages will allow your subscribers to communicate with you and improve the relationship further.

With our OptimizePress landing pages and template library, you will be able to choose from a large selection of professional and high converting thank you pages so you can get up and running quickly.

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