Here at the OptimizePress HQ we get to see a lot of sites built by our customers and some of those really stand out!

These OptimizePress users get their hands dirty from day one and teach themselves everything they can about using OptimizePress.

I don’t want to waste your time with a long drawn out introduction so please excuse the short few paragraphs while I announce our newest blog series of Customer Success Stories! This is where we’ll be interviewing some of our top OptimizePress users and other big name marketers, business coaches and anyone else who can understand the English guy asking the questions!

Welcome to Episode #1 of our Customer Success Story!

Kirk Du Plessis – Option Alpha

In this video, Kirk shares his experience of growing his business, his knowledge of how he uses OptimizePress and some other gems to help you grow your mailing list and drive traffic to your site.

Owner: Kirk Du Plessis

Kirk Du PlessisKirk has been running his own blog since 2007 and has grown his membership to over 12200 members in 42 countries and written over 800 blog posts! Since we recorded this video in the second week of September, his membership count has grown by 700+ new members and still growing!

Kirk is what I call a doer! He gets on with business, focusses on getting better at everything so he can continue to live the lifestyle where he chooses when to work.

Most days he’s up at 5am to answer emails, check on the day’s trades, plan new content with OptionAlpha’s head of staff, his 2-year-old daughter. If he’s not being interviewed or has no webinars to run, then he and his wife can decide what they do for the rest of the day with their daughter. This is a lifestyle that we can all set as a goal.

Moving To OptimizePress

Before he found OptimizePress, Kirk was using the blogger (Blogspot) platform back in 2007 where he had about 5 consistent readers who followed his daily trades.

He used his blog to share his trading knowledge and post any new trades he had made that day. After a short time, his readers started asking if they could pay a small fee to know what trades he would make in advance.

So that’s where it all started.

His followers paid him, they made money on their trades, they told their friends and so on. Through word of mouth his Blogspot blog started to grow which opened up the doors to expand into more membership driven content, online trading courses and, of course using OptimizePress as the backbone behind his online business.

After blogger he moved onto WordPress for more functionality, here’s a shot of how OptionAlpha looked back then:

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Option Alpha Old Landing Page

Then he quickly found OptimizePress, here’s one of his early designs:

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Option Alpha Landing Page Design

That design will look familiar to many of you reading this post.

Here’s how it looks at the time of writing using the latest version of OptimizePress. An amazing transformation and one of the best designed sites I’ve seen in a long time.


Kirk is pretty much a part of the OptimizePress family.

He’s been an OptimizePress user from day one and would officially be titled a Squadron Leader if he worked in our remote office.

He’ll be the first to tell you that his business only started to take off in the last year or so. He’s been producing content for his members, listening to what they are asking and helping them grow their own trading portfolio.

He’s solely focussed on what his members want! When he first started blogging, he posted graphs and charts and soon learned people didn’t want those.

“Put yourself in the mind of your user” – Kirk

He’s a great example of someone who has put in endless hours of work to grow his business, hire staff, put systems in place to a point now where he only works 4 or 5 hours a day.

Obviously some days he will work more and other days less, but the point to remember here is Kirk can pick and choose how he spends each day.

Learning OptimizePress

He has learned to do most of the OptimizePress work himself if any issues arise he knows how to quickly fix them without waiting for a web developer to be available. This is why we encourage you to all learn the basics of OptimizePress even if you do plan to outsource work.

There will always be a time when you want to tweak or make a quick fix for customer issues and knowing how to do the basic web work saves you time and keeps customers happy.

The time he invested learning to use OptimizePress means he now doesn’t have to outsource any web work to developers or web designers.

OptimizePress Design

As for the site design, he has used some templates from KM Lee and adapted those to match his own style.

Here’s how the current dashboard looks. The neat layout allows for easy viewing of the courses with links to your account pages and support:


Here’s how the course layout looks. A simple layout with a nice blend of colours and large icons. The headline and subtext highlight each video.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Course Page

This is a module layout, notice the Progress element, the Next Lesson button to help improve the user experience. Also, spot the subtle upgrade button perfectly positioned on each page.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Option Alpha Membership Module Page


Here are some of the tools that Kirk uses to run his business and membership site:

  • for membership management, recurring billing, reporting and more. A great plugin and one of the best for running a membership site.
  • Click to Tweet from CoSchedule for social sharing. Download the plugin and create blocks of text or questions that are easy to share (See an example further down under the traffic section of this post).
  • Disqus for comments on his module pages and blog posts. This plugin works well with OptimizePress and can easily increase engagement on your blog.
  • for employing staff and developers if needed. You can get all kind of projects done here from graphics, virtual assistants and more.
  • for hosting. This is a premium host with plans starting at $15 a month. Well worth it if you want speed and a reliable hosting.

Favourite OptimizePress Features

Kirk’s favourite feature is the ability to show dynamic content on any page using custom code.

We’ll attempt to explain this in a non-technical way.

OptimizePress allows him to break up the content on the same pages and members will only see the content they have access to based on their membership level.

How is this done?

Firstly, you need to know that each Row and Element in the LiveEditor has an option to wrap code around it.

When you edit a row you will see:
Code before row
Code after row

When hovering over the element, click the cog icon to see:
Code before element
Code after element

These options are where you wrap your membership code.

This could also be done using OptimizeMember code or other membership plugins that allow you to use short code to show and hide content.

The advantage of this setup allows you to have one membership dashboard showing multiple types of content for each membership level. As a member, you will only see what you have access to.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Protecting Content

We will publish a more in-depth article explaining how you can set up this type of membership page using OptimizePress and OptimizeMember.

Top Tips

Kirk is using the free membership as a lead generation tool at OptionAlpha. This is an entry point to becoming a member or premium member. By offering the membership, Kirk can begin teaching beginners about trading and building a relationship with those new members and earning trust.

This is where it all starts. You could say it’s the start of his sales funnel.

Free members can stay for free and gain huge amounts of education or they can upgrade and fast track their trading knowledge with one of Kirk’s premium level options.

You might think a free membership is giving too much away, but like Kirk said on the call, once he started offering free membership the number of his members exploded, as well as his paid membership!

Here’s a look at the “opt in” form Kirk uses on his site. This is that entry point:

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Option Alpha Membership Signup Page

Another great tip he shared was to survey your members from the start and keep surveying those members throughout their membership. Whatever you think your members want, they probably don’t want it. If you don’t ask you will never know.


He doesn’t pay for traffic. All the traffic he generates is from social sites, podcasting and search traffic. His trading guides are free to download via email, but he has other guides that are pay with a tweet on social media. This means to access the guide you need to tweet about it.

When someone tweets about it, their followers see the tweet, click the link and end up back on a landing page.

He also uses ClickToTweet mentioned earlier, so people can share quotes from his posts. Here’s a highlighted piece of text from a blog post ready for sharing:

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Click to Tweet

He’s working to mix up all of his content that he publishes from Podcast, Blogpost, videos and making it easily shareable on social sites that will bring more traffic back to his site.

Lead Generation

Although he is offering the free membership as a lead generation tool, he also offers a free download with every blog post. This free gift would be a relevant offer based around the content in the post.

It could be a PDF, video or another lead magnet that goes into more detail about the blog post content.

Landing Page Layout

We asked Kirk for his best converting landing page layout and this is it. A simple layout with a benefit-driven headline, bullet points and clear instructions telling the user what to do.

You can see this landing page layout for his ebook The Ultimate Strategy Guide.

Here’s a screen grab of the page we discussed on the call.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Option Alpha Landing Page

Download Our OptionAlpha Inspired Landing Page

To help you roll out your own campaigns and copy the success Kirk has had with OptimizePress, our design team have created a landing page you can use for your own ebook lead magnet campaigns inspired by the OptionAlpha template above.

This is available for all OptimizePress customers to download from the marketplace just click the link below:

[button_1 text="Download The Template" text_size="21" text_color="#ffffff" text_font="Open Sans;google" text_bold="Y" text_letter_spacing="0" subtext_panel="N" text_shadow_panel="N" styling_width="100" styling_height="25" styling_border_color="#000000" styling_border_size="0" styling_border_radius="0" styling_border_opacity="100" styling_gradient_start_color="#f15c22" drop_shadow_panel="N" inset_shadow_panel="N" align="center" href="" new_window="Y"/]

Resources Roundup

What's your favourite app on your smartphone and why?

Favourite app on the smartphone: Coachme for building daily activities and habits into his life. Kirk has implemented a morning routine that starts at 5am and allows him to have his own time focusing on health and business.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Coachme App

What's your favourite application on your computer?

His trading platform This is where he manages all his trades.

What's your favourite piece of equipment on your desk?

Not a piece of equipment as such, but a domino. It's to remind himself of one question "what's the one most important thing you can do now?" this is from the book he recommends below.

Customer Success Story: Kirk Du Plessis | Domino Image

What's your favourite book?

The One Thing by Gary Keller.

We want to say a big thanks to Kirk for his time and highly recommend you check out and learn how he markets his own business over at

Look out for our next success story coming soon!

Tell Us What You Think - Please Comment Below!

As always we love to hear your comments or questions and so would Kirk.

What did you like most about Kirk's site and his marketing strategies?

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    • guiavila

      Awesome talk. Loved it.

      Cheers from Brazil!

    • Nick

      @kirkduplessis:disqus I would love to know how you set up the settings area that allows people to upgrade or downgrade what level they are on. Did it have a lot to do with your payment processor?

      • Kirk Du Plessis

        Hey Nick! Everything for membership is run using MemberMouse – I love it and the support those guys give there. It handles nearly everything. Does this help?

        • Nick

          Thanks Kirk it sure does help!

          • David Frosdick

            It’s an awesome plugin Nick! Have fun with it! Thanks for jumping on this @kirkduplessis:disqus

    • Tommy Williams

      How do you learn to become more of an advance user with OptimizePress? I’ve looked through the documentation bit that only goes so far. I would love to be able to better customize my landing pages.

    • David Dutton

      Great interview. Love the site. Where do you get the images for each of the blog posts? I think they look awesome.

      • David Frosdick

        Hi David, I’m pretty sure Kirk make those himself of has them done by a designer or even his VA.

    • Felipe Restrepo

      Awesome, this one is for the OptimizePress team… how can we use this customized landing page for lead generation and put users at the same time at the free subscriber level in optimize member?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Felipe, This can be done using ActiveCampaign and then using the API post to send the members details to OPM. It’s quite advanced and I’m working on a tutorial that occludes this step.

    • Ron Douglas

      Awesome!!! Please do more of these!! So inspiring when you trudging it out by yourself in the office.

    • David Knight

      How do you implement the Progress bar for content? Say I have a top 10 video series and they watch the first one … then they are 10% completed … is this a wordpress plugin inside the membership?

      • Kirk Du Plessis

        Nope. It’s an optimizepress element.

        • David Knight

          Thanks Kirk. I got KM Lee’s Bundled content membership webpages. What would you say is easier to learn MemberMouse or Optimize Member?

    • Max

      Hey Kirk, Great interview and thanks for sharing. Quick question –

      How come you chose to use MemberMouse for the membership portion instead of the OptimizeMember Plugin?


      • Kirk Du Plessis

        Just started using it before OM was released so I never looked back.

    • Workout Anywhere

      Great read. I especially liked the demo of protected content wrapping! I remember this from S2Member and didn’t think it worked in OPMember. Glad it does!

      So, to undo my round about way of providing free members with content and consolidating, is there anything beyond changing their specific login redirect page and turning my member dashboard page into a free subscriber protected level?

      Last question. What’s the best way with OPMember to give new users a member’s area demo/tutorial upon first login?


      • Kirk Du Plessis

        I don’t believe you even need to go as far as having different login pages. I have one main dashboard and then show or hide tiles based on membership level and access. Since I use member mouse for my membership integration I’m not sure how to offer the “demo” element.

        • Workout Anywhere

          Thank you Kirk. I wasn’t sure if there was a plugin for this, or something built in. Good feedback.

    • Sean

      It would be great if we could have a tutorial which shows how Kirk built this site – that would be extremely helpful as I am struggling to get going – is this something that will be done?

      • Igor Murasov

        100% agree with that!

    • Leno Porto

      Great interview! How you created that search box in the members area? I would love to have this on my site. Great site by the way. Thanks.

      • Kirk Du Plessis

        Search box is built into optimizepress already

        • Workout Anywhere

          Hi Kirk. How were you able to get Disqus to work with the Live Editor Pages?



          • Kirk Du Plessis

            Yes. You just have to activate disqus as the main WordPress comments and then add the common element to a live header page

            • Workout Anywhere

              Thank you Kirk. I’ve done this, but it doesn’t always show on every Live Editor page. Comments are on too.

            • Kirk Du Plessis

              Honestly I’ve never had an issue.

            • Workout Anywhere

              Sounds good Kirk. I appreciate you sharing.

              Have you ever had the need for further on site community interaction or the use of plugins such as BuddyPress?

            • Kirk Du Plessis

              I’m looking into those now but find that they don’t fit well or customize with my current theme.

            • Workout Anywhere

              Agreed. I like BP, since I was able to add achievements to it, but the activity feed has trouble picking up comments from my live editor page templates.

        • Leno Porto

          Thanks!! I didn’t know that. Thank you.

    • David Knight

      Really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for putting this together.

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks David! We have more experts lined up!

    • KM Lee

      @kirkduplessis:disqus: great to see that you’ve been featured here. like I always said, your site is one of the best, if not THE BEST looking OP sites out there.

      keep up the good work!

    • Rich Farina

      Hello folks! Great interview and story! Question… how do you create that wonderfully HUGE optin form that appears when you arrive on your landing page? Is that part of the template you’ve provided? Thanks.

      • David Frosdick

        I think it’s app sumo plugin that does that big optin. Kirk will clarify that.

        • Kirk Du Plessis


          • Rich Farina

            Thanks Kirk & David! Is that actually called Sumo Plugin? Does it work easily with OP 2.0? Is there any special custom script or anything I have to use on the OP element or Page? Thanks.

          • Rich Farina

            Kirk, I went to App Sumo, but got overwhelmed. Which one of their apps is it? Thanks. BTW… great inspiring story. My wife is a daily futures and stock trader, but is now looking into trading options. Obviously, you have mastery of this, so I’ve turned her onto your site. Rich

            • Kirk Du Plessis

              Thanks Rich! The particular one you’ll want to use is called “Welcome Mat” I have the premium version to split test but even the basic version is incredibly powerful.

          • Ian Bass

            These list building features are incredibly powerful. In the coming weeks, the OptimizePress team will be releasing a brand new platform to help you optimize your list building. More coming soon…

            • Kirk Du Plessis

              Exciting – hopefully the new platform won’t be dramatically different so I don’t have to re-code hundreds of web pages?

    • Reginald Chan


      This is an awesome write up. I remember reading Kirk somewhere. The success of his business and the growth with using Optimizepress is really mind blowing!

      Love the detailed information you shared here and keep it up, team!

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks Reginald. We can all learn from Kirk.

    • Isabella

      Congratulations Kirk! It is great to see how other OP2 are experiencing success using optimizepress.

    • Kirk Du Plessis

      Wow some of those earlier versions of Option Alpha are scary looking nowadays haha. I’m glad I keep trying to improve the design and doing this interview was so much fun. Again I’m truly thankful for all that you are doing here at OA David, James, team, etc. It’s made a huge difference in my business and will continue to be the centerpiece for years to come! Thanks!

      • David Frosdick

        It was a pleasure interviewing you Kirk! I saved the outtakes for another time 😉

        Looking forward to doing it again later down the line and thanks for sharing your tips with everyone!!

      • Ian Bass

        Kirk… Thanks again for sharing your highly valuable knowledge with the OptimizePress community.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with David about your business Kirk – I really enjoyed watching this and hearing about your business. It’s great to see your continued success with your websites and OptimizePress being part of this

    • Eddie Corbano

      Thank you for this article.

      I don’t know if this was mentioned in the video, but I’d like to know how it was possible to use Disqus behind a locked membership site… I was told that it wasn’t possible to do this… content would leak sooner or later…

      Thank you for clarifying.

      • Kirk Du Plessis

        As long as the page they are viewing it on is locked and protected you can use Disqus comments on that page.

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