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Popup Overlay Designs

Grow your email list faster and convert more visitors with these beautiful ready-made Popup Overlay designs.

By David Frosdick

March 30, 2021

Beautifully Designed Popup Forms To Capture, Convert & Segment Leads

We say this a lot and will continue to say this; you must grow an email list for your business if you want to build a long term relationship with your customers and make ongoing sales.

We've just added 30+ new designs (more on these below) that will instantly save you time when creating new Overlay Popup forms for list building. You can drag these new exclusive designs into your Overlays, and they are ready to use.

And the best part of the new Overlay Popup designs is that you don't have to install anything. They are all right inside the platform as pre-designed done for you sections, and we went a step further and created a new Blank Overlay option to use just for these designs.

The Importance Of Email List Growth

Having an engaged list of email subscribers can help you build better relationships and grow your sales revenue. To achieve this, you need compelling offers to get new subscribers and relevant offers for your existing subscribers.

You don't need a large list to have success with email marketing. An engaged list of subscribers who open your emails is far more important than the list size itself.

To capture the right leads, you need a compelling offer that grabs a visitors attention and helps solve their problems or creates a desire for what they want.

Successful email marketing is having the right offer for the types of visitors you are getting to your site and then convincing them to give you their name and email in exchange for something of value (lead magnet). The more valuable the item you offer, the higher your conversions will be.

Our new designs have a mixture of:

Exit intent popups
Intro offers for segmenting leads
Single opt-in form offers
2-step opt-in form layouts

New Segmenting Ability

When you start segmenting your leads, you can better understand who your leads are, what offers they want, and what types of lead magnets they ask for.

You can go much deeper with segmenting leads by creating custom forms with custom fields that require more data like location, age, phone, address etc. but one neat touch we have added is the ability to present a question to the subscriber and then show a different opt-in based on which button they click.

Our new upgraded Overlay can now trigger other Overlays within Overlays.

Here's an example.

We could have a Popup Overlay that triggers when a user exits the page using the Exit Intent option.

optimizepress overlays exit intent setting

The Overlay design could ask them why they are leaving and present three reasons they could choose from.

Leaving so soon?

Next, we make new Popup Overlays linked to each of the buttons or link those buttons to pages where they can contact us.

So, the first button in the Overlay "your product is too expensive" will be linked to a new Overlay that shows a 20% OFF offer, see below.

We can do this for all the buttons on the Overlay or link to other relevant information or contact pages.

optimizepress overlay example offer

Export Section To Cloud

Remember, any new Overlay design you make can be exported to your OptimizePress cloud library and then be used on any other page or website.

2-Step Opt-in

A successful marketing strategy over the last few years has been the 2-step opt-in. This process is where you have a call to action button (CTA) on the page rather than a direct web form.

Visitors then click the button which triggers the popup web form, and then they enter their details.

This strategy is so successful due to website visitors making a series of micro-commitments rather than one big opt-in commitment. This technique is like the foot-in-the-door technique. By clicking the first CTA button, they mentally prepare to get the download. The webform then appears in a popover, and the prospect then completes the process and submits the opt-in.

The behavioural psychology behind the 2-step opt-in is that your visitors will want to complete the action once they have started it by clicking the first button. The CTA button starts off this trigger, and the brain wants to complete it.

The 2-Step opt-in process is something you should test on your pages.

Examples Of The New Designs

The new Popup form designs have been added to our Sections library and placed into three categories.

Pop Overlays - Exit & Offers
Pop Overlays - Intros & Segmenting
Pop Overlays - Optins

Pop Overlays - Exit & Offers

Here are some examples of the exit and offer Popovers we have added. They are perfect for using when visitors try to leave your site without taking action or if you want to make a sales offer. 

optimizepress digital only exit

Large bold text and bright call to action.

optimizepress questions exit

Book a call with icon on CTA button.

optimizepress ecommerce exit

Product image with discount offer.

optimizepress exit intent discount

Discount offer with urgency countdown timer.

Pop Overlays - Intros & Segmenting

Here are some examples of the intros and segmenting Popovers we have added. They are perfect for using when you want to better segment visitors for more targeted marketing later in your relationship with them.

optimizepress segmenting question

Segmenting popup with choice options.

optimizepress segmenting optin

Second step after segmenting offer above.

optimizepress saas overlay offer

Image in popup with CTA.

optimizepress video overlay

Video in popup with CTA.

Pop Overlays - Optins

Here are some examples of the new optin Popover designs we have added. They are perfect for general list building and can be easily used for 2-step optin forms or for exit intent when visitors try and exit without taking action.

Bold pink popup form with icon in buttons.

Video link and inline form in popup.

Product image shot with inline form.

Popup form with progress bar and single form filed.

Image to the left in popup with single field opt-in.

Image to the right in popup with single field opt-in.

Large image in popup with single field opt-in and second choice CTA.

Export To Global Element

Remember, any new Overlay design you make can be exported to a global section and used on other pages within the same website.

Examples Of Popup Offers Around The Web

Here's a few examples from around the web of various types of offers, all of which you can build with OptimizePress.

Thrive Market

Here's a popup form offering a free gift. This form doesn't ask for a name or email but links through to a questionnaire.


Here's an exit intent Popover with no email capture. Again, this takes you to an external detailed landing page.


This Popover has a nice clean design with a 20% OFF discount code when visitors enter their email address.

How To Use Our New Popup Designs

We can't tell you all about the new designs that we have added to the platform without showing you how to use them yourself.

Watch The Video

Here's a quick video showing how to use these Overlay designs with the new blank Overlay.

Guide to using Pop Overlay Designs

To use any of our new designs, simply click the Pop Overlay button in the top menu bar and choose to Create New Overlay, and you will see a blank Overlay appear.

Next, click the section button.

Then in the drop-down menu, scroll until you see the three new section categories.

Next, choose the design you want and drag it onto the page.

All you have to do next is change the copy and colours.

And that's it!

If you don't like a design just delete the section within the Overlay.

And add a new design by dragging it over.

Linking To Additional Overlays

To link up a button to a new Overlay you must first make sure you've got the Overlay built on the page and ready to use.

Next, we use the link option to link the button to the Overlay.

a - Click to select the button
b - Click the chain icon (link) in the inline button options
c - Select "Show Popup Overlay" from the Action dropdown
d - Choose the Overlay you want to trigger from the "Pop Overlay Trigger" dropdown

What To Do Next

The new Overlay designs are available to all customers and are ready to use inside the platform.

These new opt-in form designs offer you more flexibility in creating offers, segmenting questions and exit intent capture.

Growing your email list should be your first priority when starting online and should be a daily task you review to keep new leads coming in. Segmenting your existing subscribers to learn more about them is also a good practice to get into.

We recommend you begin segmenting your lead as soon as you can. Think of having mini email lists within your main list. Each mini list is like another audience that you can send targeted emails.

Quality Over Quantity

The size of your email list doesn't matter. Focus on the relationship and the engagement you have with your email list. A big list doesn't always mean more profit. You can have just as much success with a small engaged email list.