Connect Your Favourite Apps to OptimizeMentor Using Our New API

Onder Hassan

Last Updated: January 17, 2023

If you’ve ever wanted the flexibility to send data to your OptimizeMentor membership site from another tool that is currently in your workflow, then you will now be able to do this with just a few simple steps.

If you’ve been enjoying the new OptimizeMentor software, then you will know just how easy and straightforward it is when building a course and membership site. 

In addition to providing a simple experience with setting up a course and building your business, one of our key goals here at OptimizePress is to help our community make the most of the tools they already use in their businesses in combination with the OptimizePress tools suite.

To help push towards this goal, we have released the OptimizeMentor API, which makes it easier than ever before for external platforms to communicate with your OptimizeMentor sites and content.

If you’ve ever wanted the flexibility to send data to your OptimizeMentor membership site from another tool that is currently in your workflow, then you will now be able to do this with just a few simple steps.

Let’s take a look at how you can get started with the OptimizeMentor API, and look at the other integration options you now have available inside OptimizeMentor.

Getting started with the OptimizeMentor API

To get stated with the OptimizeMentor API, you first need to familiarise yourself with our API settings which give you the connectivity credentials you’ll use to connect your site to external services.  

Firstly, you’ll need to grab your API key that can be found by going to OptimizeMentor (Mentor) > Settings > API Settings

OptimizeMentor API Settings screen

With your API keys, it will open up a whole host of new functionality when considering how you might use OptimizeMentor with the other tools you use in your business.

The OptimizeMentor API provides 2 key functionalities:

Allows data to be pushed into OptimizeMentor more easily (for example adding members into a specific membership)
Allows data to be retrieved from your OptimizeMentor site via API (e.g. a list of members or memberships)

To help illustrate the power and flexibility of using the API, we will now walk you through 2 example scenarios to give you some ideas of how you can use it in your business.

How to use Zapier with the OptimizeMentor API

Zapier is an automation service that provides tools for business owners and webmasters to seamlessly connect different apps together that weren’t previously able to. 

It allows the ability to set up automated tasks that would otherwise require manual processes.

Using Zapier to add a customer from ConvertKit

Let’s take a look at an example scenario using Zapier, ConvertKit and the OptimizeMentor API/Webhooks.

Example scenario

A webmaster currently uses a fulfilment service that doesn’t support OptimizeMentor. 

At present, a new ConvertKit subscriber gets created and tagged after every purchase and would like to use OptimizeMentor as their membership platform.

Using Zapier, we can now connect the ConvertKit app inside the software and integrate it with OptimizeMentor using the new API functionality.

Customer information inside ConvertKit

In this example, we will be using a test subscriber who bought a product and tagged inside ConvertKit using a relevant tag.

ConvertKit tags screen

The first step is creating a new Zap inside Zapier and adding ConvertKit from the list of Apps currently supported.

We recommend referring to the ConvertKit knowledgebase for more information on how to connect the API to Zapier.

New Subscriber in ConvertKit

The next stage is to set the event you would like to trigger in the automation. From the ‘Event’ dropdown, select ‘New Tag Subscriber’ from the list provided.

Tagging a new subscriber in ConvertKit with Zapier

Next, we want to select a trigger for when this automation runs. We can do this by selecting the tag that is associated with the tag given to the subscriber in ConvertKit.

For this example, select the tag from the dropdown that will be populated from your connected ConvertKit account.

Trigger in Zapier

Click the blue ‘Continue’ button to confirm the selections.

Next, we want to integrate this with OptimizeMentor so the data gets sent and used to create a new member inside the platform.

Select ‘Webhooks by Zapier’ and select the ‘POST’ action.

Zapier Webhooks integration

Click the blue ‘Continue’ button to confirm.

The next step is setting up the action you would like the automation to take when connecting with OptimizeMentor.

Insert your API key, ensuring that the correct membership key that you want your new member assigned to is set.

For more information, please refer to the API documentation.

Select ‘form’ for payload.

Next, map the data from ConvertKit to the field data associated with OptimizeMentor.

Note: It’s important that you map the email field as this is a required field in order for the integration to work.

Post Webhooks to Zapier

Keep all the other fields as default and test the connection. If successful, you will see the test user correctly populated in the associated test fields.

Send request to Webhooks by Zapier

Finally, head to the OptimizeMentor members area. 

You should now see the user created and added to the correct membership.

Members screen in OptimizeMentor

How to use Pabbly’s new native OptimizeMentor Integration

Pabbly is an automation service similar to Zapier that is growing in popularity with the digital marketing community.  They also have an interesting pricing model with a one-time payment option available.

We’re excited to announce that Pabbly now includes direct native integration with OptimizeMentor - making it even easier to connect your external services to your OptimizeMentor hosted courses and membership sites.

Using Pabbly To Provide Complimentary Course Access

Let’s take a look at an example scenario using the new Pabbly integration with OptimizeMentor:

Example scenario

A business owner wants to provide complimentary course access to a customer who has recently won a competition.

They would like to capture their email address using Sendfox as their email service and get added as a course member after opting in.

Thankfully, the process of setting this up in Pabbly is a fairly simple process with just a few steps required to connect and test.

Contacts screen inside Sendfox

In this scenario, we’re going to use test email data in Sendfox and use Pabbly to take this data to add a new member in OptimizeMentor.

The first step is to connect Sendfox in Pabbly.

Pabbly integration screen

With the software connected, we will want to test the connection by clicking the blue ‘Save & Send Test Request’ button.

Sending data from Sendfox with Pabbly

If the connection is successful, Pabbly will grab and display the email data inside the Sendfox account.

Next, we want to use this data to add a member inside OptimizeMentor. 

Click the blue ‘+’ button to add an action.

Under the ‘Choose App’ dropdown. Scroll down and select the ‘OptimizeMentor’ app.

Pabbly featuring OptimizeMentor integration

Under ‘Action Event’, select ‘Create a Member’ from the dropdown.

Choose OptimizeMentor Integration action in Pabbly

With the option selected, the next step is to connect OptimizeMentor to the new action. Click on the blue ‘Connect’ button.

Create a member OptimizeMentor Pabbly

Select the ‘Add New Connection’ option. You will be shown fields that require your ‘Base URL’ and ‘API Key.

Connect OptimizeMentor Account Pabbly

Both of these keys can be found by going to the API Settings inside your OptimizeMentor Settings.

Copy both fields and paste them into the fields in Pabbly. Give your connection a name and save the settings.

The last step is to map the fields from Sendfox to the fields required in OptimizeMentor to add a new member. 

Select ‘Insert Data From Previous Step’ and add the necessary field associated with each field type.

Pabbly Sendfox Integration

Repeat the steps for all of the other fields that require mapping.

Next, select the membership you would like the user to be assigned to by selecting it under the ‘Memberships’ dropdown.

Lastly, under the ‘Notify’ area, select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down, which will send the new user an email containing their login information.

Pabbly connect to OptimizeMentor

With the set-up now complete, the final stage is to test it. 

Click on the blue ‘Save & Send Test Request’ button and go to the ‘members’ area inside the OptimizeMentor dashboard.

OptimizeMentor Members screen

The new user should now be added inside OptimizeMentor with complete course access.

As you can see, Pabbly has made it super simple to connect and is just one example of how to connect OptimizeMentor with another platform. 

With their growing list of apps and new ones being added daily, the possibilities for integration are endless.

ThriveCart & SamCart Integrations

Along with full API access, we have also provided full direct integration with two of the most popular checkout solutions currently available - ThriveCart and SamCart.

For our full review of Thrivecart, you can check out our in-depth guide here.

With both platforms now fully integrated, you can now add customers to memberships inside OptimizeMentor.

The main features provided by these integrations include:

OptimizeMentor SamCart and ThriveCart Integrations

The main features provided by these integrations include:

Adding a customer into an OptimizeMentor membership upon purchase of a Samcart or ThriveCart product.
Choosing whether to add buyers of the main product, upsell, downsell or order bump (you can add buyers of each product to a different membership if you wish)
Automatically remove a customer upon refund.
Automatically remove a customer from a membership on cancellation of a subscription.

If you’re a business owner who is already using these tools as part of your workflow and would still like the benefit of the features inside OptimizeMentor but do not want any disruptions with your current processes, then we have now made this possible.

You can find the full guide for integration with Samcart and Thrivecart below:

Samcart Integration

Thrivecart Integration

How Will You Use It?

With the new OptimizeMentor API, we have opened the doors to even more integration options for your business, allowing you more flexibility and freedom to run your business in a way that best suits you.

We’d love to know how you plan to use OptimizeMentor with the other tools in your business - and if there’s an integration or feature you’re looking for let us know what you think we should build next!

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