August Release Update: One-Click Upsells & Downsells, New Section Designs & More!

One of the most profitable activities you can do in your online marketing business is to sell more products or services to your existing customers.

The most effective way to do this is by offering your higher-level products and services as 1-click upsells & downsells as part of a sales funnel.

This means your buyer does not need to re-enter their credit card information when purchasing your additional offers, and therefore you get much higher conversions.

There's one catch with this - setting up a one-click order process on your website typically meant a ton of extra plugins duct-taped together, or a separate expensive checkout solution.

Well, with the addition of the brand new 1-click One Time Offer feature in OptimizeCheckouts, creating additional upsell and downsell offers, and allowing your buyer to purchase with 1-click is a breeze.

In today’s update blog post we are going to tell you all about the new One Time Offer feature for Upsells & Downsells, as well as other tweaks, performance and UI enhancements, and ways your web pages can be designed even quicker than before.

Let’s dive right in and get started!


One Time Offer Feature (for Upsells & Downsells)

You can now create unlimited Upsell & Downsells with WordPress and OptimizeCheckouts using our new One Time Offer element.  This is included in the latest update of OptimizeCheckouts.

This new element is fully compatible with your Stripe integrated checkout, and allows you to charge for an additional product or service as part of a sales funnel with just one click, no credit card information has to be re-entered by the customer!

Yes, you read that correctly, no credit card information needs to be entered again. If your customer declines the offer, they've already been charged for the main product offering so you'll never lose that initial sale.

Don’t worry about the tech side of things. This is all done securely using the Stripe "Token" technology, so no credit card information is ever saved on your site.

For the the customer making the purchase, this means a super-streamlined checkout experience.  You can even chain multiple one-time offers (usually called upsells and downsells) together - so if your buyer declines an upsell, you can take them to a lower priced "downsell" offer.

With unlimited one-time offers, you can run wild with how many offers you run.

Of course, you should always consider the experience of your buyer when creating these sales flows.  Typically the longer the upsell/downsell flow goes on, the more your buyer might get frustrated.  The sweet spot is a maximum of 2 additional one-time offer steps (upsells) after purchase.

So you're probably thinking, what's the difference between Order Bumps and one-time offers / upsells / downsells?

Well, if you remember the Order Bump was a simple add-on product that complimented the original product and was seen directly on the same checkout form.  This is designed to be a simple add-on for the main product.

One Time offers (or Upsells & Downsells) are slightly different; these happen after the person clicks the checkout button and only after that are they presented with your offer.

This is your chance to sell another completely different product, even higher priced products work well with Upsells.

Order Bump = Sometimes called a pre-purchase add-on or inline offer.  This is seen on the checkout form BEFORE checkout is completed.

One Time Offer/Upsell/Downsell = Post-purchase offer.  Shown after your buyer has completed and submitted the checkout form.

It's worth testing both order bumps AND one-time offers in your sales funnels to see what works best for your business.  Typically adding these into your business will increase overall revenue or "average order value" or AOV.

How to use the One Time Offer Element

We have full guidance on how to use the One Time Offer element.  Just head to the members hub or click the videos below to watch those videos live on this page:

1. One Time Offer - Initial Setup

2. Configure Upsell, Downsell & Checkout

3. Configure Thank You Page

4. Testing Your Checkout Flow


100+ New Pre-Made Sections

Our sections library is growing rapidly!  We’ve added 100 New Conversion Optimised Sections.

These new page section designs can be easily dragged and dropped into any of your pages to compliment your existing design and easily add page sections that you need, with zero extra design work.

These new page sections include:

You really never need to hire a web designer again.

With these new design sections added to the platform, building web pages in WordPress has never been faster.

Never struggle to come up with a web design layout again, just go to sections on the left hand side and let OptimizePress do the work for you. 

The end result will be well worth it, and more importantly you’ll have a page built in no time ready to do the job of marketing your business. 

Trust me, sections save you time and get the job done quicker.


An easier way to use Checkout Forms

This update is a small but important feature that makes the OptimizePress Suite even more flexible.

With OptimizeCheckouts, you could already create unlimited products and embed the checkout forms on any of your OptimizePress pages or posts. 

We've now added an additional feature that allows you to set the thank you page (the page after checkout is complete) on the checkout form element itself - rather than in the product settings.

You still retain the overall product-setting - but you can easily override this on the checkout form element when you integrate with your product.

Why does this matter?

Well this means you could potentially sell the same product on different pages or funnels and send your buyers to different upsell (one-time offer) pages, or to a different thank you page depending on where you're selling the product.

This gives maximum flexibility when it comes to selling your products and services inside OptimizePress.

NEw Training

New Course:
How to Build a Lead Magnet from Scratch

You can now follow along and learn using this guide and free design tools from the internet.

Over 2 hours (check time) of content rich training to answer your burning questions on how to create that perfect lead magnet. 

This course will guide you through easily creating a short Lead Magnet and why it's the best solution to get started. 

You can literally create a lead magnet today!!

Find the new lead magnet course in the members hub.

Here's a teaser from the full course.


OptimizeCheckouts Updates

Since the launch of OptimizeCheckouts, we've already released 3 major updates.  We're continually innovating upon this platform to make it the fastest and best converting checkout solution for WordPress.

Here's what we've added since we last updated you...

Integration Rules Updates

If you haven’t used OptimizeCheckouts yet you may not know we have a feature that allows you to create rules based on purchasing behaviour.

Those rules let you pass buyers information to your email list provider and trigger other actions you have set.

Here's an example of how this works:

User buys order bump offer > Optimizepress adds user to email provider > Optimizepress tags the user with tag name set in the rule > Email list software takes over and runs actions based off the tagging rule set.

We're proud to announce we've added two new services to these integration rules - MemberPress & OptimizeMember

This means you can now add your buyers to either of these platforms (as long as they are installed on your WordPress site where your checkout is located). 

This makes it super easy to create a customised and branded checkout using OptimizeCheckouts, and deliver your membership site with a platform like MemberPress or OptimizeMember.

Yes - those platforms do have their own checkout solutions, but they don't offer the detailed checkout customisation, or upsell/downsell flows that you can acheive with the OptimizePress Suite!

PDF Invoice Download Feature

You asked and we responded!  We had a few requests from our most active OptimizeCheckouts users where they needed the facility to download PDF versions of the invoices OptimizeCheckouts generates.

This feature was added in our 1.0.4 update and makes it super easy for you to access invoices for your customers - very useful for your customer support reps who might need to send your invoices to your customers.

NEw Element

WordPress Comments Element

We all know that you can add comments on your WordPress blog posts - but what if you want to add comments to a different kind of page in WordPress?

Let's say you have a product launch page and want to include WordPress comments...

Well we've now made this super-easy with our brand new WordPress Comments element.

There are a few key things to know about this new element. 

- Firstly, turn on wp comments for your page (maybe screenshot or short clip on how to do this)

This is controlled in the wordpress setting for each page and without it turned on the function won't appear.  See the image below for guidance on how to do this:

- Secondly, how it looks will depend on what theme you are using. We recommend the SmartTheme because of its close integration with Optimizepress but this element will use the styling from your active theme for the comments input fields.


New Integrations for Optin Forms & OptimizeCheckouts Integration Rules

We're continually expanding our range of integrations included with OptimizePress to ensure all our new users have access to native integrations for the platforms they use most.

During July and August we've added 3 more powerful email marketing integrations, allowing you to send subscriber data to your external platforms.

Each integration includes the ability to add a subscriber to a list, campaign or tag (depending on what's available in the specific platform), when you send their data to your external platform.

The integrations we've added are:

SendFox - a popular email marketing platform from the owners of AppSumo.  This ultra-simple platform includes a popular free tier if you're just getting started.

BirdSend - A small email marketing company gaining traction in the internet marketing space

MailPoet - The most used native email marketing platform for WordPress.  With our MailPoet integration you don't even have to add any integration data - this works out of the box as soon as the MailPoet plugin is installed on your WordPress site.

As a bonus for all these integrations, we've also added them to the OptimizeCheckouts Integration Rules.  This means you send buyer data from any OptimizeCheckouts purchases straight to your email marketing system or autoresponder.


UX & Usability Enhancements

Here at OptimizePress, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience when building your landing pages and sales funnels.

We've added two new features that will help speed up your page building...

Favourite Elements:
Click the Star icon next to any element and it will be moved to your favourite elements section at the top of the sidebar.  This makes it super-quick for you to find your most-used elements for rapid page building.

Element Search:
Struggling to find that elusive element you need?  As we add more elements to the library inside OptimizePress, we know it can sometimes take a few seconds to find the element you're looking for.

We've added an instant search to the sidebar so you can find the element you need - just start typing and we'll filter the elements to the ones you need.

Coming Soon

What's Coming Soon at OptimizePress?

Unlike many marketing tools that rarely release updates, at OptimizePress we're always looking for ways to innovate on what we already have, and build tools and features that are genuinely useful to our core audience of marketers, entrepreneurs and online experts.

Here's what we're currently working on in the OptimizePress Labs - you can expect to see these features within 6-8 weeks.  

*Some features will be part of our premium Suite plan.

Funnel Visualizer

The accepted standard for most funnel builders has always been a linear flow layout - that is, you stack pages one after the next in a funnel flow.  This works great in most situations, but starts to fall down as you create more complex sales or lead flows.

Ever since the launch of OptimizeFunnels, we've had big plans to evolve the way users build and track funnels into something that gives far more clarity (and ease of use). 

We're calling our evolution of the Funnel Builder - the Funnel Visualiser.

With our new Funnel Visualiser, you can map out your funnels in a much more visual way (hence the name).   You can see what type of page is at each stage of your funnel, you can add yes/no flows, and you can see the individual stats of each stage without leaving the Visualiser.

We're super excited to be bringing this new feature to you very soon - we know it's going to revolutionise how you build funnels without needing a separate funnel mapping tool!

Custom Field Expansion: Checkboxes & Dropdowns

Effective segmentation of your subscribers is one of the best way to get better responses from your email list.  The more information you can collect on your subscribers (in the right way) means you can deliver more specific marketing messaging to those subscribers - which means better results!

Segmentation is the foundational idea behind our new  "Extra Fields" feature.  

Need to know whether your subscriber has a business in a specific niche?  Now you can ask them with a dropdown menu of options - or checkboxes if you need to allow multiple choices.

The power of our Extra Fields feature is that you can send the data you collect back to your autoresponder, email automation platform or CRM in the form of tags or custom fields (depending on what's supported by your chosen platform).

This gives you the power to then run further automations on these subscribers - or filter based on certain tags or custom fields when you create a broadcast - so you can ensure that you are targeting exactly the right audience members.

We're excited to see how you utilise this new feature - we know it has SO many potential applications, and we're working hard to ensure this feature supports maximum number of our native integrations at launch.

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know which features you're most excited about, or what you're excited about in 'our coming soon' plans, and we'll keep the updates rolling out!

    30 replies to "August Release Notes: One-Click Upsells & Downsells, 100+ Page Sections…"

    • Marcos

      the op3 is already incredible and now with these news it gets even better. congratulations to the whole team

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Marcos – we’re just getting started 😉

    • Oz

      Interesting feature, it’s getting better now.. but any chance/plan to integrate with sendinblue?

    • Stefan

      Hi, just moved over to OP3 from OP2. Still redesigning our pages with the new editor. As well as these great new features, would be really nice to roll out some of the very helpful OP2 elements that are still missing e.g. pop up of an image when you click on it, tabs, return to top, pricing tables. Thanks

      • James Dyson

        Hi Stefan – I’ll review where we’re at with these things. We recently added Pricing table sections – not quite the element you’re looking for but some great designs there if you need a pricing table for your pages.

        Just to go “Sections” at the top of the page and then choose the pricing category

    • Teng

      Hi, great work from optimizepress team!

      Looking forward on SmartTheme revamp with more woocommerce features like Flatsome theme, as I am heavy developer of ecommerce & now online ecommerce selling is trending. I believe SmartTheme woocommerce + optimizepress 3.0 = Powerfull Optimizepress!

    • Marco

      This funnel visualizer is amazing!

      One thing that I miss in the funnel stats and would like to suggest as a future implementation is the ability to export a CSV with the page views and stats of the funnel.

      Even better is we could have a integration with Zapier of some kind of API to have those stats synced daily to a google sheets.

      What I’m trying to accomplish is bring data from Facebook ads, sales and analytics into the same place.

      Google sheets would be amazing as It translates well into dashboards are more advanced data

      • James Dyson

        Hi Marco – this makes complete sense. I can see the need for the tracking and stats data to be combined with other sources to measure effectiveness. We’ll see what we can do on this front – we do already have some plans for stats to make it easier to understand as this is a big part that many people ignore.

    • Ángel

      Hi James!

      Another feature idea, this time related to Optimize Checkouts and affiliate tracking solutions.

      As you know, affiliate tracking works with cookies. However, we live in a multi-device world and most online products nowadays aren’t sold directly, but through a funnel over several days. This has made the following scenario super common:

      – A user signs up to a free training through an affiliate link using his phone, after seeing and ad or reading an email on his way to work, so the affiliate cookie stays in the phone
      – The user watches the training during the week, likes it and decides to buy the product. However, it’s a $1.000 product, so he doesn’t buy it through his phone but through his desktop
      – The desktop doesn’t have the affiliate cookie, so the sale is not tracked and no commission is payed to the affiliate who sent that user to the training
      – After the promotion is over, the affiliate is angry because his results have been worse than he expected, and decides to stop promoting that product

      This is a SUPER COMMON scenario, and surprisingly I’ve only found one company that has developed a solution for it: Hotmart.

      Their solution is called HotLeads ( and it lets you track referrals by email. So if you send a user to a free training using your affiliate link and that user signs up, then his email gets associated to you, in such a way that if that user later buys using the same email, the system will detect that and assign you the sale.

      Obviously, the solution is fully configurable, and you can choose for how long will an email remain associated to an affiliate, if cookies should have or not have priority over email, etc.

      HotLeads is great, and solves the affiliates multi-device problem, but only if you have your course in their platform and use their marketing tools. If you use you own WordPress, you are stuck with the old and problematic cookie tracking.

      I think this unresolved problem is a great opportunity, and although you are not in the affiliate business directly, your customers use OP Builder to create the landing pages for the free trainings and then OP Checkouts for accepting payments, so you control the two main parts involved in this type of training. And you also have OptimizeFunnels, so you could market this feature as “we are the only ones who support full funnel affiliate tracking” or something like that.

      (Actually, having control over all the pages in the funnel let’s you do other cool things, like inserting the Facebook Ads or GTM tag for each affiliate in each of the funnel pages ONLY for the leads he brought in, so the affiliate can have full tracking of his leads).

      I don’t know if this makes sense and fits your plans, but I know you guys are always looking to innovate and launch “industry frist” features, and I thought this could be one of them.

      Maybe you could even partner with AffiliateWP and FirstPromoter (or some other popular affiliate solutions) to enable this scenario for them.

      Again, hope this helps!


    • Ángel

      Amazing work, James & OP Team! 👏👏👏

      Regarding to what new features I would like to see soon: I would like you guys to extend the “Extra Fields” feature to also allow users to add hidden fields that get filled automatically with the info from a chosen URL parameter, so this information is passed seamlessly to the email automation platform or CRM.

      For example, imagine I’m doing a PLF launch for my online course and I want to store in Active Campaign where each lead came from. In this case, I could add one “hidden auto-fillable text field” that automatically picks up the value of the “utm_source” parameter (which could be “newsletter”, “affiliateA”, “affiliateB”, “adset1”, “adset2”, etc.) and then store that in a Custom Field in the lead profile in Active Campaign. That way after the launch I could easily check where each buyer came from and determine which channel worked better.

      Actually, I’m thinking maybe you could combine this idea somehow with OptimizeFunnels, so it shows you even better statistics…

      Anyway: I think this would be a good feature to add that is totally aligned with the new “Extra Fields” feature and that would open up new exciting possibilities 🙂

      Hope this helps!


      • David Frosdick

        Some great ideas in your post Angle. Thanks so much for takign the time to share those with us. We will swipe these for future reference.

    • Carlito

      Love everything that’s going on but until subscriptions drops I’m stuck and can’t really switch to OP3, be nice if it comes before my premiun suite sub renews 🤣😉

      Keep up the great work!

      • James Dyson

        Hi Carlito!

        We are working hard to bring this to OptimizeCheckouts as soon as possible. It is taking longer than we anticipated but we’re confident that the final result will be a really great implementation of the subscriptions system in Stripe and will work great with all our other features such as One-click upsells/downsells, and other features of the checkouts platform.

        There’s also some considerations with Subscriptions such as billing management that we’ve had to handle so it’s a bit more involved than adding other payment features.

    • Rob

      Will MailChimp integration allow for tags to be selected as part of segmenting email lists?

      • James Dyson

        Hi Rob. At the moment our integration with Mailchimp doesn’t have tag support. We have had quite a bit of demand for this recently so it’s something we’re going to look at adding in an upcoming update. Provided their API Supports it, it shouldn’t be too much work to add this.

        • Rob

          Great!! That would make a big difference

    • Peter

      Amazing updates! Thanks! Would love to see more info/tutorials on building membership sites like we used to back on OP2. Keep rocking!

      • James Dyson

        Peter this is a great suggestion! I am going to see what training we have that hasn’t been added in this area.

        • Peter

          Thanks! Keep rocking!

    • christian

      2 step checkout forms. I used to use this all the time on my previous platform and split tested it and it always performed better. That would be my only feature that I want added!

      • James Dyson

        Christian we do have plans to create a 2-step checkout form element in the future – we’re already looking into the best way to implement this.

    • Gen

      These are some great new features. I’m really enjoy building in OP Suite. I would love see one thing and that would be a contact form added to the elements.

      Thanks for building such a great product.

      • James Dyson

        Gen as we expand the Optin form element to include additional field types we continue to expand this further into multi-line/text area fields in the near future which will then give everything you need to create a full contact form.

    • Max

      Love your new features. For the email integration, would like to be able to hide input fields. So we can pass information to our email provider.

      • James Dyson

        Max we do already have a way that you can hide input fields added to your page.

        If you need to set a specific value for an input field you can do this here:

        Then on the sidebar if you select the overall Optin Form element you can click the “eye” icon to hide that field:

        Just be aware that if the field is required it will need an input or your form wont work right – so always test before going live with anything like this


    • Philippe Loutte

      Optimizepress is wonderful! Only missing the subscription option in optimizecheckout, that would be awesome!

      • James Dyson

        Philippe – this is coming soon! We’re working hard to make our Stripe subscriptions integration the best on the market – we believe in doing things the right way to ensure your subscriptions work seamlessly. We’re hoping to update everyone later in September.

    • Wildher

      Are you planning to add the blog componet to the visual editor. For me is a very important missing piece.


      • James Dyson

        Hi Wildher! Are you talking about creating blog themes with the visual editor, or do you mean just blog post feeds on your OptimizePress pages?

        • Wildher

          Hi James! I mean creating blog pages using optimizepress visual editor. In my opinion its a missing part of the this great visual editor.


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