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What's New in OptimizePress March 2021: Subscriptions, Animated Headlines & Buttons, 30+ New List Building Designs

David Frosdick

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

March saw one of our most significant updates and released a highly requested feature, subscription payments for OptimizeCheckouts. But, we didn't stop there; we also expanded our extensive library of marketing elements.

Check our full changelog inside our member's hub for each update, tweak or fix.

This post will give you a quick rundown of all those new features so that you are entirely up to date and can learn about anything you may have missed.

March 2021 Release Updates

March saw one of our most significant updates and released a highly requested feature, subscription payments for OptimizeCheckouts. But, we didn't stop there; we also expanded our extensive library of marketing elements.

We added new attention-grabbing animation effects to our buttons and headlines. We also built a new Counter element to set dates and times on pages for webinars and live events.

In addition, we also released an update to our Popup Overlays which welcomed 30+ new pre-set designs to help with list building.

You can always check our full changelog inside our member's hub for each update, tweak or fix.

This post will give you a quick rundown of all those new features so that you are entirely up to date and can learn about anything you may have missed. 😎

Subscription Payments In OptimizeCheckouts

This update is massive, something we've been working on for the last nine months to make subscription payments possible inside OptimizeCheckouts.

There are many complex bells and whistles that run behind the scenes when subscription payments are involved, but to have this feature inside OptimizeCheckouts makes it a real contender for selling digital products online.

OptimizePress + OptimizeCheckouts make selling subscriptions easy!

The moment a business introduces subscription-based products, they have instant predictable revenue. Look at Amazon Prime. The small yearly fee for one-day delivery adds instant predictable revenue. Amazon can see exactly how much money they will make each year from just the Prime memberships without even worrying about selling products.

You don't need to have an e-commerce site selling hundreds of products. You simply need to sell a service or provide training that people will pay monthly to access.

We haven't even looked at the compound effect of getting new subscriptions each day, but it can quickly grow.

Just 100 members paying you $27 a month = $2,700

If you have a membership site where you publish monthly content, you instantly have a predictable $2,700 revenue without product launches, sales webinars, social media activity or trying to sell more digital products. If you are starting a new business, you might be thinking it's not going to be easy to get 100 members. Still, it's probably easier than you think, considering how many people buy subscription-based products online.

Learn about Subscription Payments

Read the full update about selling subscription based products and taking recurring payments in OptimizeCheckouts.

Headline Animation Effects

Every web page's headline must be focused on hooking the visitor into reading more and scrolling down further through your content.

To help you elevate your headlines and engage your website visitors, we have added animated headline effects. These headline effects are built directly into the existing headline element in the OptimizePress Builder. This means you can quickly add these effects to your existing pages.


A single line stroke under the text.

Underline 2x

The double line stroke under the headline.

Example Headline effects using the underline feature

Unlike other WordPress plugins, you can configure our headline element to look and function however you want your headlines to appear. The new animations can then add some extra spark to your pages allowing you to highlight key power words that sell your products.

Zoom Effect Zoom Effect

Spring text into view from the back of the page.

Slide Effect Slide Effect

Slide the text in from left side.

Example Headline effects using the Rotating Text feature

Style your headline as usual with font type, font size, line spacing, font weight, then apply the animations.

Learn about our Headline Animations

Read the full update about animated headline effects that will make your sale pages come to life.

Button Animation Effects

The buttons on your web pages should be the most highly clicked, attention-grabbing elements on all your lead capture and sales pages. Our button element is flexible in so many ways, allowing you to turn your calls to action (CTA) into buttons that are just asking to be clicked by visitors.

With the latest update to our button element, you can make your buttons jump out with motion effects to show a button is active and waiting for clicks.

Seven different animated effects will bring your pages to life, which will make your buttons stand out on any page and ultimately means you'll get more clicks.

Here are examples of the button effects in action:

Rocking (Small)

Rocking (Large)




Learn how to use Button Effects

Read the full update showing our button designer and learn how to make your CTA standout on the page.

Show Stats & Milestones with Counters

The Counter element is a powerful feature for sharing essential metrics on your marketing pages.

This new element will show counting numbers on your pages, allowing you to display stats in animated motion.



Who Love OptimizePress

Example counter showing stats for OptimizePress

If you want to add some statistical data to your marketing pages, the Counter element will do just that. The animated number counting effect will count up (or down) to any specified number you set.

You can show numbers and metrics for anything in your business. These metrics are a great way to show proof that your business and products are actively being used.

Learn Why Counters Increase Conversions

Read the full update about using counters to show stats in your marketing copy and drive more conversions.

30+ New Pop Overlay Design To Boost List Growth

Our Popup Overlay designer, built into the OptimizeBuilder, offers you a flexible way to design popout forms.

In one of our recent platform updates, we increased your Popup Overlay conversion ability by adding 30+ new template designs. 

These new beautifully designed popup forms capture, convert and segment leads.
We say this a lot and will continue to say this; you must grow an email list for your business if you want to build a long term relationship with your customers and make ongoing sales.

When you use the 30+ new designs, you will instantly save time creating new Popup Overlay forms for list building. You can drag these new exclusive designs into your Overlays, and they are ready to use. And the best part of the new Popup Overlay designs is that you don't have to install anything. They are all right inside the platform as pre-designed done for you sections.

With these new Overlay templates, you can add 2-step opt-in forms, visitor segmenting, and exit pops.

New to OptimizePress?

30+ Drag & Drop Pop Overlay Designs

Read the full update and see some examples of these new designs and examples from businesses using similar style layouts.

Event & Speaker Sections

Along with the Popup Overlay designs, we’ve also got some lovely new Event and Speaker sections added to the OptimizeBuilder.

These new designs will save you hours in design time when you’re next building or updating your web pages. 

These designs include:

Speaker layouts
Event timetable layouts
Event Pricing layouts
Event schedule layouts
Column layouts
Venue with maps

The added bonus is you don’t need to be running an event to use them. Just drag a design to your page and edit it to fit for your niche.

Here are some examples of these time saving pre-set designs.

Event schedule layout with tables and borders.

Event schedule day layout with speaker descriptions.

Speaker faces layout with social icons.

Event venue layout with location images and Google map.

Those are just a few of the new pre-set designs that you have available.

Please take full advantage of these sections and our section library as they save your time and can be a lifesaver when you're struggling to think up a design layout.

Moosend & Quentn Integrations

Our monthly roundup wouldn't be complete without a few new integrations added to OptimizePress.

This month we've added 2 integrations that were requested by the OptimizePress community - Moosend and Quentn.

Both Moosend and Quentn integrations are available now inside the latest version of OptimizePress.  You will need to update the OptimizePress dashboard to see these integrations. 

Moosend Integration

Moosend is an All-in-one marketing automation platform, and was one of the most requested integrations in recent months. 

Like most email marketing platforms, it primarily uses lists to manage your contacts - and with our direct integration you can now add contacts from your OptimizePress opt-in forms to any list within your Moosend account.

Once your subscribers are added to Moosend, you can use their automations features to further segment or organise your contacts

Quentn Integration