We are pleased to announce 2 new email integrations for OptimizePress with the addition of MailPoet and ConvertKit.

This article will cover how to quickly connect the free MailPoet plugin to OptimizePress, which will allow you to start collecting email addresses using OptimizePress landing pages and opt-in forms.

ConvertKit is yet another powerful solution that works in the same way and we will cover that in a future article.



Mailpoet www.mailpoet.com just had a facelift with new logo design and now boasting 300,000+ WordPress sites using their newsletter plugin. Congratulations MailPoet that’s a big milestone and we do love the look over your new logo and landing page design.

If you’re just starting out in your business and are looking for a simple yet robust email and list building solution, then MailPoet is for you. Even better, the price is free up to 2000 subscribers.

MailPoet’s free plugin has all the basic features you need to grow your email list and send out newsletters to your subscribers.

You can:

  • Design email templates
  • Automate emails
  • Send newsletters to different WordPress user roles
  • Export leads to CSV
  • Track email open and clicks
  • Use a drag and drop builder
  • Schedule emails
  • View statistics and reporting
  • and much, much more

Are you ready to get started?

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What you will learn in this article.

  • How to install MailPoet on your website.
  • How to create a new list in MailPoet.
  • How to connect the list to your OptimizePress opt-in form.
  • How to create and send out a new email.

What you need to get started:


OptimizePress and Mailpoet Video Tutorial

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”630″ height=”354″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj00ejk0VWF2NGl1SQ==[/video_player]

Screenshot Tutorial

We have created screenshot tutorials for you to skim over at your own leisure.

To get started with MailPoet, you will first have to locate and install the free plugin onto your website.

First, go to Plugins  >> Add New Plugin in your WordPress dashboard

You will be taken to the plugin menu with a search box on the top right corner. Type in ‘MailPoet’ in the search box:


Mailpoet should show up as the first result in the plugin listings. Click on the Install Now link to begin installing the plugin:


Once installed and activated. You will see the plugin listed on your WordPress dashboard.

Next go to, OptimizePress >> Dashboard >> Email Marketing Services >> MailPoet.


This confirms that MailPoet is successfully connected and ready to be used with OptimizePress.

Creating a new list.

The next step will be to add a new list using the MailPoet user interface.

We want to firstly set up a new list. This is where your subscribers will go once they have opted into your list using our opt-in forms.

To create a new list, click on the Subscribers link, followed by Add New List.


Give your new list a name with an optional description. Then click the Add list button.


Adding the List to an OptimizePress Opt-in Form.

The last step, after you have created your landing page, will be to add your MailPoet list to our opt-in forms.

Add a new opt-in element, which will take you to the opt-in form element settings.

Select MailPoet as the Integration type followed by the Provider List. Then click the Insert button.

NOTE: If you have created a Thank You page you would enter the page URL in the field: Thank You Page URL.


You are now ready to start collecting email addresses and start sending newsletters to your subscribers.

Sending Newsletters

The MailPoet system has been designed to make creating email newsletters a breeze. To get started, click on the Newsletters link, then the Create a new email button.


Next, choose the newsletter type, the subject line of your email followed by the list it will be sent to.


You will now be taken to the Email edit area where you can add, edit and remove elements to be included in your newsletter. You will have access to all of the available elements in the right widget area.


MailPoet has a vast array of templates to choose from, giving you the flexibility to further customise your newsletter and make them your own.


With MailPoet now fully integrated into OptimizePress, you now have an even greater choice of which email marketing tool to use.

Whether you’re just starting out and under a tight budget or a veteran wanting more automation flexibility. The choice is now yours to decide. Look out for the ConvertKit integration tutorial coming next.

Now over to you!

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Tell Us What You Think – Please Comment Below!

Thanks so much for reading this new integrations guide, we hope you enjoyed it. Please post any questions below or tell us your thoughts.


    12 replies to "List Building With The Free MailPoet WordPress Plugin"

    • Nata Aliyeva

      MailPoet is a great plugin for creating beautiful e-mails, but it’s not a sending service. To be able to actually send those e-mails you need a sending service, e.g. SendGrid. Otherwise you’ll be sending your e-mails from your hosting server, which is very unreliable.

    • Tami

      It sends a teaser? Wow, I’m gonna love this! And the fact that is a one time annual fee, and free up to 2000. That’s pretty good for most of my clients who are just starting out. Infusion soft is a little too much for my clients, and hard to use.

      Have you used any of the news letter or email templates?

    • Scott Palangi

      I friggin love you guys for this; the creator of mailpoet nailed it; I been bitching about all the different accounts I have to own (sub and pay for) just to have a system. And this is the coolest and simplest – JUST SET UP A LIST, AND AN EMAIL #1 template in no joke, 10 mins, and I”ve had the plug in less than a half hour).

      So far, this, is the most useful add-on the OP team has informed me of.

      And, yep, I’ve had infusionsoft since 2010 and the “tag” this, and take them off that stuff, trust me, is highly overrated, and this email editor is FASTER, and, easier to manage and is comparable to MailChimp’s simplicity. (and I betcha Mailpoet will invent a way for links on the actual pages (once someone is at free-level – opted in – of course) to do even MORE than than the overpriced CRM’s out there. (For real, just trying to set up an infusionsoft campaign and do the http-post, JUST to get someone their log in’s…. Pft.. made me want to punch a baby by the time I could figure it out.

      MailPoet, and the FREE version actually is useful – didn’t check out the premium version yet but will do that and report back.

      Friggin thank you, seriously…. ALL ONE PLACE, and so damn easy to figure out, really. Hey, and this is still a new product, just think of what’s next/possible cuz IT’S ALL inside our WP Dashboard. I seriously hope they crush it.

      James Dyson, MailPoet, I’m buying you guys a drink for this one; James, thank for staying so friggin active with providing us OP2 users with consistent goodies, the teardowns, the tips, and for being SO consistent with it all since the release of OP2.

      Heck… NOW, I’ll finally renew my [email protected] license – without bitching one darn bit, lmao.

      Have a great weekend you crafty bastards!

      Love MailPoet, tshirts yet? Comon, let’s get on that too!

      • Tami

        Wow Scott, all of the features you mentioned is the reason I was considering MailPoet. Everything in one place. I was concerned with how robust it was for my future growth, but then you compared it to Infusionsoft, damn! I’m going to give this a try and refer my clients. I Like for them to use the tools that I use, and I try to go for the easiest methods as possible. One dashboard for everything is definitely the way to go. But I don’t want to compromise functionality and being able to get good delivery rates etc.

        Oh and when to you say you can’t put a link on the page, do you mean for example, that I can’t put a blogpost link directly in an email?

        Thanks for the great feed back.

        • Scott Palangi

          Oh, no, yes, you can put a link in the email, but “tagging” (like, having a clicked link, “update” a propects’ interest level (in your database, which would indicate X level of interest, like for follow up, and/or trigger additional automation generated by your database, etc) I don’t see how the app can do that, just yet.. but I bet they’ll figure it out soon.

          Complex marketing is always more “effective” marketing, but it can get a lil crazy eventually… this app is still plenty, in my opinion, simply because it can trigger autoresponders just like with any system.

          Hope this clarified what I meant. Good luck, I like it and will stay on board and contribute to their creation if possible.


          Scott Palangi

          • Tami

            Thanks Scott, yes I understand. You’re talking about CRM type activity. I’m sure they are on track for more complexity, yet efficient and effective.

            I like it too and I’m definitely going to give it a try. To be able to post a blog, manager auto responder, your list, news letters, sales page, and capture page all from one dashboard, has me psyched. I can run most of my business in one place.

            Thanks again for your response.

            • Scott Palangi

              Ok, hey, check this out! when you write posts? omg, it can automaticallly send the correlete list a teaser clip, wholly cow! And the email editor is TEN times easier and faster than infusion!!!

            • Tami

              Wow! It sends a teaser? I don’t know of an autoresponder that does that. This will be pretty awesome for my clients that are just starting out. Especially since it’s free up to a list of 2000, and there’s only a one time annual fee that’s pretty reasonable.

              Have you tried the templates for newsletter and email?

            • David Frosdick

              Would love to hear about delivery rates and if you are using your server or third party SMTP delivery (?).

              Also don’t forget to backup your email list every week/day!

              Please keep us all updated with your progress.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Scott! So glad you liked it! You’d make a great ambassador for MailPoet 🙂

        I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get setup and running!

        • Scott Palangi

          Yes, the infusion team is suddenly very interested in why I’m leaving.

          MP is faster, (creation, and emails loading, click-to-page functions, etc) and the emails show up on MOBILE (even on iphone 4, haha) flawlessly! (Meaning: EXACLTY how I design the email. Which is NOT always the case with the major players in the AR game.

          More: The email BODY TEXT… it adjusts perfectly so those prospects and active clients with eyesight issues (who may have specific font settings etc) for some reason, MP’s format “cooperates” (I’ve tested it) and their email text settings actually DO show up the way you want when the email’s arrive.

          And I don’t even have the premium version yet). Potential is HUGE WITH MAILPOET. Just imagine… one INTERFACE to log into. Done!!

          OP-member, strip, paypal, OP-2, Mailpoet – perfect!

          Only issue, and it could be an end-user thing (me, lol) is the “MailPoet” option in OP’s global settings, and the forms: it’s not showing up on the drop down after I installed the plug in (meaning, custom redirect post submit, to personalized “thank you page” is a glitch for me currently.)

          Nonetheless, I am now on day 3 of importing my 4 campaigns, 27 steps email follow up, and I’m full steam ahead. I’ll miss the voice-broadcast element offered in infusion; the SMS feature was clunky anyways, and MailPoets email, lists ease-of-use/setup (my main “pulling” weapon anyaways) is worth the overall workflow benefits.

          Can I get a MailPoet t-shirt already? Or am I gonna make my own? Lmao. Thanks or responding David. 🙂

        • Nilton Neto

          When Optimizepress that will integrate with Mautic?

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