Welcome to our first Club update for 2018. We hope you’ve had a good start to the year!

Templates released in January included five landing pages and one pricing page. Alongside releasing a wide range of amazing templates this month, we were very excited to release the new OptimizeUrgency plugin which all Club members can access.  See more information at the end of this update.

MONITOR – Landing Page

A vibrant landing page that will attract the attention of any visitor.

Main Hex Colours: #6C5374, #EF2F76, #24162B, #24162B

Main Template Elements:  Overlay Optimizer, Feature Blocks, Testimonial and Benefits Section.

Below is a full preview of the template.

OptimizePress January Club Update | Monitor Landing Page Preview

GIFT - Landing Page

A modern looking landing page with a consistent colour theme and default elements that allow you to modify this template to suit your business needs.

Main Hex Colours: #7A5F5D, #D52158, #360D14, #F6F4F5

Main Template Elements:  Overlay Optimizer, Video Player, Testimonial, Benefits, Guarantee and Author Sections.

Below is a full preview of the template

OptimizePress January Club Update | Gift Landing Page Preview

RAIL - Landing Page

This landing page is compact with a bold call-to-action section perfect for any business.

Main Hex Colours:#2B1E30, #F9893F

Main Template Elements: Opt-in form, Bullet Points, Details Section.

Below is a full preview of the template

OptimizePress January Club Update | Rail Landing Page Preview

PAY - Pricing Page

Customize this pricing page to suit your business.

Main Hex Colours: #484848, #F7F7F7

Main Template Elements: Overlay Optimizer, Pricing Table, FAQ's Section.

Below is a full preview of the template

OptimizePress January Club Update | Pay Landing Page Preview


LOCK - Landing Page

This contemporary landing page can be adapted and suited to any niche market.

Main Hex Colours:#4E5760, #26323F, #6D92E8, #B7C2C8, #8198A1

Main Template Elements: Overlay Optimizer, Testimonial Section, Video Player, Benefits Section, 'As Seen In' Section.

Below is a full preview of the template

OptimizePress January Club Update | Lock Landing Page Preview


BUILD - Landing Page

This page has a yellow tone that runs throughout with announcement bar at the top and many other elements that can be adapted.

Main Hex Colours: #FBB33D, #191A1E, #EDEDED

Main Template Elements: Announcement Bar, Video Player, Overlay Optimizer, Feature Blocks, Testimonial Section.

Below is a full preview of the template

OptimizePress January Club Update | Build Landing Page Preview


All of the above templates are available for you to download when you log in to the OptimizePress ClubHouse.

As we continue to release a new template every week, we would love to hear from you and any Club requests you may have. Please share these in the comments below.

** New Plugin Announcement **

Earlier this month we released the brand new OptimizePress plugin, OptimizeUrgency. The main purpose of this plugin is to utilize the power of recent activity from your customers and subscribers to boost conversions.

OptimizeUrgency is an exclusive plugin that will allow you to place alert notifications on your web pages and blog posts to inform your customers of the latest news, subscriber actions and purchases made by others.

What you'll really love about this is that it works like a silent salesman on your web pages, building visitor confidence and removing doubt.

Once the plugin is installed, you simply choose the type of alert you want:

OptimizePress January Club Update | OptimizeUrgency WooCommerce Alert Box

Customize the alert settings:

Within just a few clicks and setting options your alerts are live on your web pages:

OptimizePress January Club Update | OptimizeUrgency Preview

This plugin is available for you to download inside of the OptimizePress Club section of the members' hub where you'll also find a direct link to the training tutorials.

You can also find out more about OptimizeUrgency in this recent blog post.

On a final note, don't forget that we also have over 600 templates in our OptimizePress MarketPlace

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    • Fabio

      I’m trying to upgrade to OP club. Is there any discount for yearly payments?

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Fabio! Great to hear you want to join the Club! Please reach out to our support team and they should be able to assist you.

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