In this ClubHouse update, I want to share something with you that the OptimizePress design and optimization team have been secretly working on.

We are calling it - The Hybrid Sales Page.

It has all the elements of the traditional sales letter, but with a focus on contemporary design.

Your sales page is your online sales person.

It's working hard while you're working on other areas of your business, while you're away from your computer and even while you're asleep!

To ensure that your sales page is doing the best job possible for your business - you should consider the following elements for every sales page you create:

 1 - Make A Bold Statement

You only have a very short period of time to engage a visitor that lands at your website.  Ensure you have a strong attention grabbing headline that addresses the issue your visitor is experiencing and how they'll overcome that issue at your website today. Your headline will draw your visitor into the page and engage their attention and curiosity.

 2 - Address The Challenges

Make sure that you address the challenges that your target audience are experiencing, and why they have failed to overcome these challenges. This is your chance to share that you have experienced similar challenges and have been in a similar position to where they are currently.

3 - Build Trust & Rapport

Once you have convinced your audience that you understand their challenges, you need to enforce why they should listen to you, and why you can be trusted - including your track record of success. The aim is to overcome any doubt or scepticism that what has worked for you, will work for them.

4 - Provide The Solution

As you build rapport with website visitors, share the benefits of  the solution that you have discovered or developed. A key element to this is focusing on the benefits of your product or service - and not it's features.

5 - Prove Your Experience

No matter how nice you are, people are not going to just take your word, that your product/service is the answer for them! So, you will need to reinforce your sales message with testimonials from successful customers and clients.

6 - Instruct The Next Action

Don't just leave your visitor to decide what they're going to do next - TELL THEM!  Ensure that you have clear calls to action. Guide your visitor towards the next action they need to take to get started. Whether that action is to complete a web form, click an add to cart button, or submit an application form.

Overall the aim of your sales page is to make it easy for the visitor to make the decision to be part of your product or service.

In the video above, I introduce to you the newest addition to the ClubHouse - The Hybrid Sales Page. You can log into the ClubHouse here.

We would love to know any suggestions, thoughts or questions you have for the OptimizePress ClubHouse, so please leave a comment below.

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We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell us if your excited about this new sales page template and how you might use it in your business.

    33 replies to "Introducing The Hybrid Sales Page… [ClubHouse]"

    • KM Lee

      I love how your team used the overlayoptimizer element for the “Click Play” image.

      Glad to see there are more selections for sales page coming. There aren’t a lot of choices (based on what clients told me) previously.Mostly are landing/opt-in pages.

      • Victoria Judge

        your clients are wrong. there are a great many options that aren’t landing/opt in pages.

        • KM Lee

          Hi Victoria,

          What I meant was the Sales Page category only.

    • Lyn Bowker

      Love this new template guys! Can’t wait to use it.
      QUESTION: given that I’ll be using it for a very first offering in a new online business endeavour I won’t yet have anything to put in the testimonials section.

      How can I best utilise this area under these circumstances?
      Would it be wise to have some people who’ve known me a long time (either in my previous offline business or even from one of the groups I’ve belinged to for a ling time in SM) at least cheer me in with something positive? Doesn’t seem enough social proof to me but can’t think of another way ;(

      Would really appreciate your marketing expertise around this issue as it’s been holding me back I think.

      Love your product and am looking forward to using it!


      • James Dyson

        HI Sydney – great question. There are a few options:

        1) If you have social proof about YOU personally, you could use this. This could be personal testimonials, feedback etc even if it’s from a previous business (obviously always pay attention to any laws of your country regarding testimonials as some countries have different regulations on this now)

        2) If you have testimonials or news articles about the method or process you are teching, you might consider using that. For example I’ve seen fitness businesses that teach a particular method mention that it was featured on Dr Oz etc (obviously again use this wisely and not in a spammy way)

        3) If you have nothing to place here you could remove the section altogether – there is a red X in the top of the row which you can use to remove that section if you wish.

        Basically any social proof you have is better than none as long as it comes across in the right way – and if you can include name and location and photo of those giving social proof that is always more effective also.

        • Lyn Bowker

          Thank you James this is really helpful. I can definitely work with your first option.

          Option 2 – my training processes are my own that I’ve developed over time – piecing together the best of dozens of valuable lessons I’ve learned as I’ve mapped out my own business so option 2 is not for me but I’m very glad you mentioned it as it will be valuable for others who might have a similar situation to me.

          Thanks again – I love your authentic commitment to your customers

    • Urs Frei

      Great, you are really starting to add great value to the ClubHouse Membership.
      On this template I particularly like the use of the hybrid solution to give much content above the fold and I also like this ‘arrow’ solution discretely guiding the visitor to more content.
      Keep up the good work.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Urs – we have lots more exciting templates in development too. We’ve got some really creative uses for the overlay optimizer element so you’ll be seeing that more also

    • Greg G

      Nice update! This is finally a template I feel I can use “as is” just fill in the blanks. I would love to see more polished looking templates like this. It looks like something I would have to hire a top notch designer to make, versus the other templates which look mid-range in comparison.

      • James Dyson

        Greg – from the feedback we gathered from some of our Clubhouse members, we found a lot of people wanted the “fill in the blanks” type templates, so we’re going to try and engineer our templates to be like this whenever possible. Obviously we always advise writing your own copy as you know your products and services best, and we don’t want to go down the road of providing exact copywriting templates, but providing the outline of the page content structure seems to be enough to get people started

    • Paul Saunders

      Love this one for sure perfect for a project I am working on right now so perfect timing too – by the way any chance you can as the ability to add a audio stream element to the range of elements offered as I have a real need for that.

      • James Dyson

        Hi Paul – is this different to an audio player that we have? We haven’t had any other requests for this as far as I am aware (just checked our feature requests system) so I’m not quite sure what you mean about a “stream” as opposed to a player that plays an Mp3

        • Paul Saunders

          I would also like to talk with you about a possible service we could offer through the Marketplace that your launching soon – we design and create in-store and online radio stations for various clients and we could offer a completely listened custom station service to the users of OP2 – in addition we have a couple virtual jukebox systems which would be perfect to the websites of bars and restaurants, this can play in their location and also on their website.

          As I mentioned we are also active in the delivery of web radio to mobile devices and we have technology that allows for voice responsive content – meaning when your listening to a station and a track end and you hear a short clip which says to hear the latest news headlines say “News Now” and it you speak the News plays if you say nothing the next track plays – we can do the same with commercials and use other commands such as “Download Now” “Install App Now” or “Buy Tracks Now” all done hands free eyes free very cool stuff

    • Andy Medlam

      Awesome update… I noticed Brian Moran was using something very similar once & I liked that then so i’m going to love been able to get the same feel for my online services and clients :-)

      • James Dyson

        Andy – Brian is a good person to model – he tests a lot of his stuff – although it’s always good to test your own stuff and just pull bits from other sources that you think might work for you

    • Bill Poett

      I’ve been thrilled with my optimize press membership and I love that you guys are continuing to lead the industry in terms of porducts and services!!

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Bill – we’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the content. We’re really starting to ramp up the content now and have lots more exciting ideas and also we’re going to be starting some new training series soon too for all our clubhouse members

        • Bill Poett

          love it! James is it possible to change the main graphic on the hybrid page?

    • FHunter

      Looks nice. I prefer these stylized versions to the plain sales letter pages. Downloaded and will likely implement shortly.

      • James Dyson

        Thanks Hunter – sometimes plan works – other times the more “fancy” designs work – it is really a matter of the different niches you are using it in and we always advise testing. If you have the time to create two versions then that would be a great first test as testing dramatically different pages can sometimes give you suprising results (and not always what you think might work best)

    • SilkenP

      talk about perfect timing… this is just what I needed with a client who I was trying to convert to a more modern approach! Tks team

      • James Dyson

        Silken that’s awesome – glad that you’re able to use this in your business.

    • Mike Connolly

      Looks great – I look forward to using it!

    • Warren Whitlock

      surprised there were not more CTA opportunities. When someone gets half way through and decides they want it, let them buy!

    • Steve Price

      Ian this is awesome stuff I’m looking forward to testing this as approach!

    • Katherine McMahan Logan

      I really like this theme and can see myself using this theme somewhere down the road. I *would* like to see a template for FAQ page for membership sites. That would be cool! Keep up the great work guys

    • Bassem Jaber

      This is just Fantastic , i am going to use that theme with my next product launch

    • Teena M Brown

      Really loving this one, thanks again guys!

    • Artur

      Hi, are these templates ready for Google Adwords? Thanks

    • Grant Mullen

      I am having trouble getting this to work on a mac……
      Says it installs, but cannot find it to use it.

      I will keep trying.

    • Jan

      It does look really powerful.

      The only thing i don’t see there is introducing the price of the product. Some people like to mention that the price is discounted, or double discounted – whats your take on that?

      Another tactic i keep seeing is to create urgency by saying that it is a time-sensitive offer. Any comments on that one?



    • VA Staffer Virtual Assistants

      I absolutely love this template, one of our clients just purchased this and had us customize it for a New Years promotion, and I must say this is really a classy design. A+ work here!! – Rhodora V | VA Staffer

    • Cobiwan

      Can we change the background image of the computer and still use this template?

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