How To Use A Product Guarantee To Increase Sales

Onder Hassan

Last Updated: January 16, 2023

In this article, we’re going to cover the importance of using product guarantees in your marketing, and how this can increase sales for your business.

Guarantees are one of the most important elements you can have in your sales process for reducing risk and increasing revenue.

According to 'Alex Hermozi' in his book '$100m Offers':

“The single greatest objection for any product or service being sold is a risk. Risk that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do for them. Therefore, reversing risk is an immediate way to make any offer more attractive.”

Using a guarantee can make the difference between a successful sales page or a mediocre one and will reduce risk and completely transform your business overnight.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get a customer to trust you and be eager to buy what you have to offer, this article will help answer exactly how to do it.

We’re going to cover the 8 most commonly used guarantees that are proven to increase sales and show you examples that will help inspire you to come up with your own powerful guarantees for your own products and services.

What is a product guarantee?

When you’re selling a product or service online, one of the biggest challenges is turning a prospect who’s currently on the fence into a buyer.

New customers will naturally want to look for a reason not to buy your product. They don’t know who you are and whether your product will help them and will look for reasons to avoid purchasing.

A guarantee alleviates all the worries, fears and doubts a potential customer might have about your products and services by providing a ‘risk-free’ offer. 

If they’re not at all satisfied with the product or service, then they should be able to either get a refund, return the product or even ‘keep the product’!

Sounds crazy I know, and I know what you’re thinking, “Wouldn’t this just allow people to scam you and lose you money?”

And you’re absolutely right. While this can happen, the level of trust and authenticity you can potentially build with your customers will ironically reduce the number of refunds you receive. 

So it’s essential to have this in place and has become common practice by all businesses.

Proper Cloth Guarantee  Perfect Fit

There are many types of guarantees that you can implement on your sales pages and offers. Many of which are used by large established businesses. 

Here are 8 of the most commonly used guarantees used by successful companies and the ones we recommend you use for your products and services.

Time-based guarantee

This is the most popular guarantee you’ll find offered on almost all products sold online. 

It’s a popular guarantee due to its clarity and requiring little explanation. 

If for whatever reason your customer isn’t satisfied with your product or service within the 30, 60, 90 or even 120-day period, then they are freely entitled to a full refund with no questions asked.

You could even go a stage further and include being able to keep the product having downloaded and consumed the information as a way to sweeten the deal.

While very risky with a high risk of attracting freeloaders into your business, the upsides of increasing trust and revenue may be worth it.

Here are some examples:

time based product guarantee

Here’s a nice example of a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee by ExpressVPN.

Including terms like ‘risk-free’ further cement the iron-clad guarantee and increases trust with the customer. 

We recommend using similar phrasing in your guarantees to help improve the credibility of your offers and help with the buying process.

30 days time based guarantee

Here’s another nice example by author and online expert Michael Hyatt.

What’s nice about his guarantee is he includes a course support link for anyone who requires further assistance.

This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you care about your customer’s experience, which will go a long way when it comes to building loyalty. 

It also increases the likelihood of becoming promoters and recommending your business to others.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you’re guaranteeing a result, which further increases the credibility of your products and services. 

You’re effectively saying that if your solution doesn’t offer the satisfaction it claims, the customer is free to get a full refund with no questions asked by the vendor. 

It’s a great way to increase trust in the eyes of your customers. 

Of course, this all assumes that the solution you’re offering actually delivers on the promise.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Here’s an example of a 100% Guarantee from CartridgeSave.

What’s great about this example, is that the company dedicates a page to the guarantee and details exactly what it includes for the customer.

This is a great way to help specify what they’re getting if they choose to cancel or ask for a refund, which you otherwise would not be able to do on a conventional sales page with limited space.

Jenna Kutcher 30 days guarantee

Here’s a nice example by Jenna Kutcher that uses a branded guarantee "The JK Spin Promise" which is a variation on a 30-day guarantee that makes it clear you can try out her program with zero risk.

It also shows that you don’t need to have a complicated guarantee with lots of text and can keep things simple.

We recommend testing different guarantees to find the best type that your customers love the most.


Although not a “guarantee” as such, The free trial is generally common with software companies but can also be used with subscription-based businesses.

If you’re a newly established business with little credibility and offering a software service or monthly subscription that you know will provide tremendous value for your customers. 

Offering a free trial is a great way to give them a taste of what your service offers.

This is a nice little risk-free strategy for allowing customers to try out a product without being tied down to an upfront monthly/annual subscription.

And like previous guarantee types discussed earlier, it also builds trust and confidence in your brand, which would otherwise be very difficult to build without it if you’re a new business.

free trial guarantee

Here’s a nice free-trial offer presented by Microsoft promoting their Office Suite.

What's great about this is that the customer is required to insert their credit/debit card details before gaining access to the 1-month trial. 

This would automatically charge the customer after expiration and remove barriers in the buying process.

free trial guarantee

Here’s another example of a minimalist guarantee by ‘Demio’ with the guarantee being part of the call to action.

This is a nice example to show how you do not need a dedicated section for a guarantee and can seamlessly include it as part of your calls to action.

Low Price Guarantee

This guarantee is great if you’re in a highly competitive market and want to offer the most compelling prices. 

It’s traditionally used in conventional shops that are in direct competition with each other and would often find it on market stalls and streets containing restaurants and shops that offer the same services.

This is particularly popular in businesses selling appliances, electronics and other household items.

lowest price guarantee

This is a great example of a Low Price Guarantee offered by Bathstore.

Offering the customer 14 days to find a better price for their products and services, with the promise of price matching the offer if found at a lower price elsewhere.

low price guarantee

Here’s another example by ‘UKOfficeDirect’ which has a dedicated page of their guarantee that details what the conditions are for customers when finding an item at a lower price.

Again, as discussed earlier, it may be ideal to have a dedicated page of your guarantees for helping your customers understand the guarantee and help build trust in your brand.

Results-Based Guarantee

This guarantee is a great way to assure the customer of the results they could potentially receive if they go through your product, with a guarantee of their money back within a certain period if they don’t achieve the result it promises.

This type of guarantee can be used in Health & Fitness products or markets that promise a specific result.

If you have a digital video course that contains a step-by-step process of achieving a result, then a results-based guarantee can potentially be the guarantee to use for your business.

spider results guarantee

Here’s a great example of a results-based product guarantee from digital agency Spider.

They detail the various parts of their guarantee which includes a guarantee they will hit agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) or you don't pay.

This is a great example to model from in your business if you would like to explain your guarantees as effectively as possible without requiring long paragraphs of text in order to do so.

results based guarantee

Here’s another nice example by Dynabook.

Offering a free repair and your money back if your laptop breaks down at any point during the guarantee period.

This is a great results-based example that focuses on company performance instead of the customer. 

Meaning if the company is below their standards in providing a good quality product, they are fully responsible and liable to give their customer a guarantee.

A great way to build trust and assurance in the quality of service the customer will receive upon purchase.

First-Purchase Guarantee

One of the key things you can do in your business is to make a good first impression. 

With a first-purchase guarantee, you’re offering first-time buyers the opportunity to replace their product with another product in your catalogue that is potentially a better fit for what they’re looking for.

This is commonly offered in retail-based stores to avoid losing money and instead, offering customers either free vouchers of equal value to the initial purchase or an item replacement.

first-purchase guarantee

Here’s a creative use of a first-purchase guarantee by Idaho Mountain Touring.

It provides very short and simple text on exactly what the customer will be getting within the 30-day period if they decide the product is not for them.

In this case, a full refund to their original purchase.

Happiness guarantee

Here’s a nice simple guarantee from Bombas retail store.

Offering the choice to solve the customer's problem, offer a full refund or replace the product with another similar product.

A great example to show just how effective a simple guarantee can be that doesn’t require a lot of text or space on a sales page.

Lifetime Guarantee

This type of guarantee can be a little tricky and will require a thorough explanation of what it involves in order to explain what the customer is entitled to throughout the lifetime of their purchase.

In most cases, a lifetime guarantee usually contains conditions of what a customer is able to do with the product in order to be viable for the guarantee.

With appliances or electronics, for example, a guarantee may be null & void if the customer dismantles the product.

It’s important to make this clear in your terms & conditions if you decide this type of guarantee best fits your business model.

lifetime guarantee

The Zippo lighter lifetime guarantee is a great example of a company that prides itself on offering a genuine lifetime guarantee for all of its products.

Ironclad warranty

Similar to Zippo’s lifetime guarantee, Bushnell offers a similar service offering free repairs regardless of the length of purchase or a full replacement or equal or better value.

‘Try Before You Buy’ Guarantee

Similar to the free-trial guarantee. A ‘try before you buy’ product guarantee provides the customer with the option to try the product before deciding to keep it or return it to the manufacturer.

This type of guarantee is great for clothing and would typically find them in popular online retail stores.

If you’re a small retail store and would like to get an edge over your competition when starting out, a ‘try before you buy’ guarantee will be a great opportunity to get you started.

30-day happiness guarantee

Here’s a nice example by Tropic Skincare that combines a time-based guarantee with a ‘try before you buy’ guarantee.

Offering full returns if the product doesn’t suit the customer after trying the skincare creams.

Try before you buy guarantee 2

Finally, here’s a great example by Casper, that perfectly fits their business model.

Offering customers the chance to try the mattress for 100 nights with a full refund and free pickup of the product if the customer decides to return it.

Adding A Guarantee Using OptimizeBuilder

Here at OptimizePress, we’ve made adding elements like guarantees extremely simple and you will be able to add them to your pages in minutes.

Using the ‘Trust Badge Element’, you can select from a range of guarantee graphics or trust badges that can be added instantly to your pages.  

You can use these alongside your own written product guarantee to ensure it's attention grabbing and helps boost conversions on your offers.

Optimizebuilder trust badge element

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you have any questions you would like to share, please let us know by dropping a comment below.

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    • Matthias

      Thank you for this excellent contribution, I was able to learn a lot from it.

      It would be nice if these badgets were also available in German soon.

      In any case, Optimizepress is one of my absolute favorite tools for me personally in terms of price, performance and user-friendliness, and I’ve been using it for about twelve years now.

      Greetings from northern Germany

      Matthias (o:

      • Onder Hassan

        Thank you Matthias. Appreciate the support 🙂

    • Vikram Anand

      Excellent article with examples. Thank you for putting this together. In a world of internet scams, a guarantee can help. But a question a potential customer still has is – “how do I know this online course creator I’m hearing off for the first time will honor his/her guarantee?”

      This is especially true of marketing funnels built on buying traffic from social media where the merchant/seller/content creator is unknown to the prospect.

      • Onder Hassan

        Thank you Vikram. You’re absolutely right. Buying traffic to get new customers can be a challenge when they see your brand for the very first time. That is why building a strong relationship with your existing customers is key as they can provide testimonials that you can include on your sales pages, which is essential for building trust in the long term. The more risk you can remove for your customers, the better. Thank you for the support.

    • Nurudeen

      Hello Onder & OptimizePress team.

      Thanks for putting together this great article.

      I’ve implemented several of the strategies mentioned in this article on my website, and it works great! For example, I include a customer support email in guarantee.

      Additionally, I use a variation of the “Results-Based Guarantee” called a Risk-Reversal Guarantee.

      A risk-reversal guarantee transfers the risk of the transaction from the customer (buyer) to the company (seller).

      For example on my TitaniumPhysique website, we offer customers a 110% Money Back Guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied or our product does not deliver results, we’ll refund 110% the purchase price.

      If a company knows their product works, this guarantee can help them stand out from the crowd. We get virtually no refund request for our products, and the guarantee removes all risk for our customers.

      I have an example of the risk-reversal guarantee at Please feel free to link to it, if you think it would be useful for readers. Thank you.

      • Onder Hassan

        Thank you Nurudeen. Congratulations on successfully applying this to your business. We’re happy that it’s working for you. Best of luck!

    • Jacopo Izzo

      Beautiful inspiration. I was talking a little while ago with other professionals about the importance of the “guarantee”. This post gave me an extra boost. And I have already decided to adjust my service pages.

      • Onder Hassan

        Thank you Jacopo. Appreciate the support and feedback.

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