Glow Fitness Business Website Template Set

David Frosdick

Last Updated:
November 8, 2022

We have a new template set to promote your business. It includes 8 professionally designed templates for list building, business information and making sales.

Are you ready to make your brand glow?

Well, now you can with this slick template set aimed at small business owners in the fitness niche (this template collection can easily be tweaked to fit any small business niche).

We have just added the GLOW template collection to the platform, and in this post, we'll have a quick look at the pages.

The Glow set has a dark theme with professional images, capital font decoration and block style image layouts on the pages.

It also uses square edges on buttons, images and borders, with each template keeping consistent with font, social icons, footers and colours.

This template set can be used for:

Personal Trainers
Fitness Studios
Yoga Studios
Bodybuilders Website
Actors Website

Watch this short video where we look at some of the templates used in our ready-made funnels for the Glow template set.

Templates Overview

This template set uses a black and white colour theme throughout, and each template can easily be edited to match your brand.

The templates in this set use the Anton Font from Google (we have a huge library of fonts to choose from).

Quick Tip - If you're ever looking for font ideas, you can always view a font on Google Fonts click the pairing tab and see suggestions for other fonts that pair well with your chosen font.

Anton google fonts pairing

Templates included in the Glow set:

Home Page

The home page hero section uses a two-column layout, and the Anton font stands out to give a strong message about your brand. The call to action (CTA) is positioned under the header and there are staggered images with sections down the page.

Glow home page

Training Page

The training page is much like the home with similar image layouts and the opt-in form element for list building. It uses the same header and footer with social links and fullwidth sections.

Glow training page

Classes Page

This page uses the content toggle element where you can expand the classes for each day. Perfect for keeping the design tidy and still having extra information that the site visitor can still view.

Glow classes page

Checkout Page

This page has the OptimizeCheckout element with minimal form fields and an order bump. The checkout form can be edited to show more or fewer fields depending on what details you want to capture in the order.

Glow checkout page

Order Summary Page

This page is shown after someone checkouts and buys a product from you. You can customise the copy to match your message or give instructions on what happens next.

Glow order summary

About Us Page

We have used the interactive Google Maps element to show your business locations. If you have a physical address for your business, then display it to build creditability and trust.

Glow about us page

Landing Page

Now it's time for list building. This single section high impact landing page hardly scrolls, making visitors focus on entering their email more obvious.

Glow landing page

Thank You Page

This page can be used as the redirection page after someone enters their details on your landing page. We designed a voucher code area to match the messaging from the landing page. You could easily tweak this page to replace the coupon with a lead magnet download.

Glow thank you page

Upgrade to the Suite plan today to get access to the Checkout & Funnel templates

Glow Funnels

If you wanted to use these templates in your marketing funnels to grow your business we have included some for our Suite plan customers:

Glow funnels


This Glow fitness business website template pack is now available inside the platform for you to access instantly (for all plans).

The funnel templates can be accessed inside OptimizeFunnels which requires the OptimizePress Suite plan.

Already an OptimizePress customer? Upgrade to the Suite.

Not yet a customer? Buy the Suite plan and get this template set and funnels.

All of these templates can be edited to match that of your own branding.

We'd love to hear how you plan to use these templates - let us know in the comments below...

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