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Display Number Counters To show Key Business stats

Using our Counter feature, you can turn boring numbers into rich, attention-grabbing stats. This feature is easy to use on any landing page, sales page or membership site.

Counters are available on all plans

What is a Counter Feature for WordPress?

The Counter element transforms your boring static numbers into animated numbers bringing your pages to life.

Our animated Counter element is built directly into the OptimizePress platform, meaning you don't need any additional CSS, Scripts or plugins to get this effect.

Why choose the OptimizePress Counter element?

Unlike other WordPress plugins, our Counter element uses the current scripts and styles built into the OptimizePress page builder. This element uses our editing toolbar so that you can configure size, counter speed and design.

Easily style your Counters with settings for font type, font size, number alignment and animation duration. See our mini product update with examples.

Read on to find out more about the benefits and features of using our WordPress Counter element...

Benefits of using the Counter Element

Our animated Counter highlights rich business stats and displays those numbers in animated format.

Pre-styled Effects

Lots of pre-styled effects you can chose with one-click.

Stronger Stats

Multiple design options to display business stats.

Use Anywhere

Add Counters to any OptimizePress page.

Share Achievements

Use Counters to show successful business data.

bring data to life

No more boring numbers. Animations grab user attention.

Replace Graphics

Use numbers instead of graphics to represent data.

What can you do with our counter element?

Counting Examples from our WordPress Animated Counter feature

These are examples of the animated Counter effects. Use them to draw attention to key metrics that motivate your website visitors.

Text after

text before

text after

Text Above Element

Text Below Element

What can you do with our counter element?

Configuration Options

These are the settings you can change to customise your Counter feature effects.

Counter Settings

The Counter feature has a wide range of settings to configure how it functions and looks on the site.

Layout Options

The advanced layout options allow you to chose what is visible and includes settings for text and icons.

Questions about Counter for WordPress 

We're answering your most commonly asked questions about our WordPress Counter element. 

Do I need to install anything to use the Counter element in OptimizePress?

Only OptimizePress! As long as the OptimizePress Dashboard and OptimizeBuilder are installed and activated, you'll have full access to our animated counter element inside the OptimizePress page building platform. No additional plugins or scripts are required.

Can I use this Counter element outside of OptimizePress?

The Counter element exists inside the OptimizeBuilder page building platform from OptimizePress. 

It cannot be used outside of this page builder.  Any pages you create with the OptimizeBuilder can include the Counter element.  If you deactivate the OptimizePress tools suite your Counter element may no longer work.

What kind of pages can I use this element on?

The OptimizePress Counter element can be used on any pages created with the OptimizeBuilder page building platform, included as part of your OptimizePress purchase.

This means you can use our Counter element on landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, download pages, thank you pages, and much more.  Any page you can create with OptimizePress will support our Counter element.

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