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Display High Converting Directional Arrows

100 Design ready arrows you can use within a few clicks.  Easily add them to any landing page, sales page or membership site with our WordPress Arrows Element

Arrows element is available on all plans

What is the Arrows Element for WordPress?

Using arrows on your page can create directional cues for your visitors to follow. If you want them to click a button or enter their details, you can use arrows to point towards your primary call to action.

These arrows create a path where the web visitors eyes will natural follow as they look in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Using arrows on your websites taps into this exact behavioural science and draws visitor attention to your sales messaging, images of your products, checkout buttons or opt-in forms.

Why choose the OptimizePress Arrow Element?

Our Arrows Element makes it incredibly easy to add arrows to your landing pages,  sales pages and checkouts instantly.

By simply showing these arrows on your websites, your calls to action and sales messages will stand out and draw the visitor to where you want them to click or complete a form.

Directional cues like arrows work on a subconscious level where your brain will identify signals, and your eyes will naturally follow.

Benefits of using the Arrows Element

Our Arrows Element draws visitor attention to the key action areas of your web pages

Directional Cues

Create a directional cue to naturally draw attention.

Get More Opt-ins

Highlight opt-in forms to increase your list building.

Encourage Clicks

Get more clicks on buttons, links, images and CTA's.

subconscious actions

Visitors are subconsciously drawn to directional cues.

User Scrolling

Let visitors know there's more further down the page.

highlight Calls To Action

Make your primary call to action stand out using arrows.

what do the arrows look like?

Arrow Examples 

These are some examples of our 100 new arrow designs you can use.

What can you do with our arrows element?

Configuration Options

These are the settings you can change to customize your badges.

Arrow Settings

The Arrows Element has a range of settings to configure how it functions and looks on the site.

Questions about the Arrows Element for WordPress 

We're answering your most commonly asked questions about our WordPress Arrows Element. 

Do I need to install anything to use the Arrows Element in OptimizePress?

Only OptimizePress! As long as OptimizePress Dashboard and OptimizeBuilder are installed and activated, you'll have full access to our Arrows Element inside the OptimizePress page building platform. No additional plugins or scripts are required.

Can I use this Arrows Element outside of OptimizePress?

The Arrows element exists inside the OptimizeBuilder page building platform from OptimizePress. 

It cannot be used outside of this page builder.  Any pages you create with the OptimizeBuilder can include the Arrows Element.  If you deactivate the OptimizePress tools suite your Arrows Element may no longer work.

What kind of pages can I use this element on?

The OptimizePress Arrows element can be used on any pages created with the OptimizeBuilder page building platform, included as part of your OptimizePress purchase.

This means you can use our Arrows element on landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, download pages, thank you pages, and much more.  Any page you can create with OptimizePress will support our Arrows element.

boost your conversions with directional cues

Start using Arrows on your pages today

Add arrows for directional cues to increase sales of your products, services and offers.