You have an idea for a service you’re going to sell…two thoughts come to mind.

  1. Create a webinar and see if there’s interest
  2. Create a landing page and see if there’s enough interest for a webinar… and capture data at the same time.

Most entrepreneurs have hundreds of ideas flying around in their heads each day and it pays to validate those ideas before taking them a step further. The easiest method to validate an idea would be to write a blog post talking about the topic, then have a call to action going to a landing page to see if there’s enough interest in the subject.

Writing the blog might take some time (something most people don’t have much of) but you could easily skip that part and create a landing page. That’s where we come in…

Our design team continuously produce new templates so entrepreneurs don’t have to think too hard about the design part of marketing. All they have to do is download a template from our Club, upload it to their OptimizePress Theme or Plugin, connect their mailing list software (if it’s not already) and click publish!

Done! The landing page is now live!

Now they can see if that idea has any legs by sending some traffic to it.

In the next Club update w,e look at the Sundown Templates. These templates are using a nice blue (Trustworthy) colour that blends with the background image and is ready for you to download now:

Sundown Landing Page

Sundown Download

Sundown Video Download

Template Features

Here are the main OptimizePress elements used in the templates:

  • Full-screen background image
  • Featured Box with custom CSS rounded corners
  • Image element turned OFF on mobile devices.
  • OptimizePress OverlayOptimizer


Here are some features you could add to test conversion rates:

  • OverlayOptimizer Exit Intent on the main landing page
  • Include the video inside the OverlayOptimzer on the video download page, reducing the length of the page.

Template Uses

These templates could be used as they are to generate leads in the following niches:

  • Festival or event (remove secret formula image)
  • Holiday Resort (remove secret formula image)
  • Beach Club (remove secret formula image)
  • Wealth creation event
  • Mind retreat/Mindset event

Next time you need a quick template designed, be sure to check the ClubHouse updates and see whats included in the ClubHouse membership.

What Niches Will You Use These Templates In? - Please Comment Below

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell us how you would change the templates.

    11 replies to "[OptimizePress Club] SUNDOWN – Landing Page Funnel…"

    • Oskar Andermo

      Guys, is google and fb ok with paid traffic to such a site? Was under the impression they do not allow to pay for traffic to a landing page with not much content?

    • Andy Medlam

      Brilliant guys… I’d totally agree with coachroland. I’ve personally split tested the most simplest of landing page with no background over the video background and to my surprise the simple plan landing page had the highest convertion…

      I wasn’t surprised actually because I can imagine the video background actually distracted people from optin in

      • David Frosdick

        Split testing is the only way! What niche were you testing in Andy?

    • Jim Rembach

      Coachroland. We all know new things never have enough data to support their effectiveness. We also know that new things may often have conflicting results. As we all know certain targets like certain things. I’ll wait for the video backgrounds…they are coming…proof is coming.

      • David Frosdick

        Video backgrounds with audio are the same as having a video on the page but bigger 🙂

        Next you can add the delay OverlayOptimizer at the point when you say “enter your name and email to get ____ “

    • Ammon

      These are great can we have some fitness, health and wellness templates please. I also like the idea of the video background as listed by Jim below. Keep it coming guys good work.

      • David Frosdick

        Noted! We’ll ask the designers to work on fitness/health templates …when they get back form the gym!

    • Jim Rembach

      When you will be offering the ability to have video backgrounds?

      • coachroland

        Hi Jim, why would you want this? Because of all the hype around other LP creator tools? We are not Paypal or another big brand.

        There is no proof in the market that a video-background-LP will convert better than others. Even the opposite is true. Jason Fladlien, Ryan Deiss, Andy & Mike and others have data that in general the simpler the LP the better the conversion rate.

        Unless there is proof from these “heavily-testing-guys” I’ll do what works now.

        • David Frosdick

          Hey Roland, you have to remember some people use OP for building professional business sites.

          They don’t always want high converting landing pages… They want beautiful looking modern content rich sites with video backgrounds 🙂

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Jim, we are working on a few other exciting things at the moment but it looks great!

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