Every day we receive new feature requests for OptimizePress, some we already have in the pipeline, some have already been suggested by our team, some are far too complex and would consume all or our resources and others are better being left in the inbox…

It’s great to read feature requests from people who clearly explain how their ideas would improve the overall platform. They can see how an existing module could be adapted and how that feature could instantly produce better results for everyone.

When we added the OverlayOptimizer into OptimizePress we knew it would produce better results for everyone.

In OptimizePress 2.3 we included Stripe because we knew it would help everyone. In 2.3 we also added the Delay and Exit Intent to the Overlay Pop. …do you know why?

….Of course, you do, we knew it would produce better results for everyone.

The Overlay Pop Delay and Overlay Pop Exit Intent are features that enhance the existing module and will help you generate more leads. They provide a way to get in front of your customers just as they leave your site and they help you filter out unqualified leads.

Let’s take a look at these features and see how you can use them on your OptimizePress sites.

Overlay Pop Exit Intent

This is one of the new features in OptimizePress where you can trigger the OverlayOptimizer to popup as the user is leaving your site. These exit popups are a great way to distract people enough and force them to take action.

In the offline world, this is like someone asking for your name and email as you are walking out of their shop.

Learn How To Use This Feature

Here’s some example uses:

  • Offer your primary lead magnet
  • Show links to your best content
  • Offer a PDF version of the article they are reading
  • Survey your customers
  • Pre-order for your next event
  • Ask a burning question (see example below)

The exit intent doesn’t always have to be used to collect emails. Some are very well crafted that you simply can’t stop yourself from taking action.

In the example below Quicksprout asks a simple (no brainer) question.

Look at how the exit popup is cleverly designed and worded. Two simple buttons, one clearly more prominent than the other. Which draws your attention?

  • The bright button colour on YES button
  • The positive subtext explaining what you get
  • The dull grey on the NO button
  • The ignorant subtext

When I visit sites on the web I’m always looking at how other people present offers or how they attempt to break my attention span. I look to reverse engineer how offers are presented, I follow how I landed on a page, what call to action text is being used, what colour the call to action buttons are, what catches my eye, where on the page is my eye drawn to…. and so on.

You should do the same in your own market, look at what your competitors are doing and try something different.

Ask yourself this:

“How can I present my offer differently to theirs?”

When you find the answer to that question you will know what to present in your OptimizePress Exit Intent Popup. Now go and create an irresistible offer.

Overlay Pop Delay

Similar to the Exit Intent the Delay feature is designed to get in front of the user while they are active on your site.

In the offline world it would be like a shop assistant offering you a discount code while you are browsing the shop and in return, you give your name and email.

To put it politely delay popups are not so popular and can be considered a little risky. Simply put… they are annoying!

They can have a negative impact on your brand, they are pushy, in your face and you will lose visitors. However, with that in mind, they are the easiest way to increase your email list…

I need a popup, you’re thinking?

No, you don’t – remember the quality of your leads will have a longer-term value in your business so you need to capture quality leads and not just lots of random people who wanted your free report.

Learn How To Use This Feature

Hers are some ways you can use popups creatively:

  • Use longer time delays, over 60 seconds or more. Obviously, you will miss optins but the idea is to capture more targeted leads.
  • Set the popup to show again after 3 or more days
  • Have a great offer in your popup. Remember it’s interruption marketing so it will annoy people unless you have something excellent they want.
  • Turn off on mobile devices
  • Keep it simple and ask for only the email (forget the name)
  • Test different headlines and offers
  • Measure your results

Now let the discussions begin.

Overlay Delay or Exit Intent Popup? - Comment Below!

We would love to hear what you think of popups and exit popups. Please leave a comment below and share your results or thoughts on using these features.

    72 replies to "Capture More Targeted Leads With New OverlayOptimizer Features"

    • Gary Kind

      good work, would love to see multi-step forms added at some time, kind of like a mini-survey type – is this possible?

    • Coach Maria Marsala

      I wish that you guys would put a date on the top of each of your posts. It makes it so much more difficult to find something (or know if something was old or new)

    • ShawnyWayne

      I’ll throw my vote in there for being able to use on posts, too.

      I’d like to be able to do “content upgrades” on my blog posts.

      So the user experience would like this:

      1) User visits post
      2) User sees Johnson box within the post offering content upgrade, clicks link
      3) Popup appears with upgraded content offer and form
      4) User fills out the form and triggers email series (bypassing landing page. altogether)

      Thanks for considering 🙂

      • David Frosdick

        Yep, we are working on the perfect solution for this exact purpose.

    • kahriqsalil

      Would it be possible to make a feature where we can set different overlays to our site depending on the traffic source? Like, if someone comes from Facebook then they will see a different overlay than someone who found it on Google.

      • David Frosdick

        This is a little more complex. Some of the email pop up form services have this feature. It’s not something we have looked into yet.

    • J Hunter

      Hey OP Team. I have to echo the others here – a LOT of our clients (and us too) are really disappointed that the overlay optimizer is not available on blog / or wordpress created pages – having it limited to OptimizePress Live Editor is really a downfall for them. The theme is great, but most of our clients already have a theme and they want the plugin to add functionality – I made the mistake of telling them this is possible and putting my foot in ye’ ol’ mouth now. – Thanks! – J (Loyal OP lover)

      • David Frosdick

        Hi J, We are working on a solution for this. We’ll tell you more about it soon.

        • J Hunter

          Looking forward to it!

    • Jake

      Are these compatible for Facebook Advertising?

    • stressebookllc

      Absolutely need to be able to add this as a widget on the blog or insert into blog posts….please!

    • Martin Longden

      Fail. Contrary to David’s reply below, the ‘Add Element’ button does not show the Overlay feature for a non-OP2 built page. (e.g a blog post, or standard WP page as the ‘Home’ page). This would be a stellar addition if it worked. Did we rush this one gents?

    • Sofia

      Hi James, I’ve got a question: Do I need to download the overlayOptimizer onto our site. I can’t see it on the Live Editor. Am I missing something? Also nice tips about telling people on how to use “creatively” and “wisely” the overlay popup.

      • Martin Longden

        Funny how the obviousness of this has been discovered, and is also the highest demand for the feature by users (like myself) of the plugin and not the theme – its essentially useless as a feature if we can’t access via the ‘Add Element’ function. David?

        • stressebookllc

          It is an element, insert element and type in overlay..it will show up.

        • David Frosdick

          Hi Martin, the OverlayOptimizer is in the plugin version but you can yet add it to blog posts. It has alwaus been part of the plugin since is was launched.

          I’m not sure why you are not seeing, if you open a support ticket we can investigate.

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Sofia, Thanks for you comments.

        The OverlayOptimizer is included with the theme and plugin version.

        On your LiveEditor pages, click add element and search for ‘OverlayOptimizer’

    • Spencer Cuckney

      Can these work as one and the same? I.e. If someone stays on the page it pops up after 60 secs? Or they choose to exit straight away it pops up?

      • stressebookllc

        You can set it to pop up after any number of seconds. I’d suggest maximum 7 seconds, not more. Exit intent is a check mark, check it.

    • Andrey Adison

      Can you work on making the OverlayOptimizer element available to use inside a “feature box”. Was hoping the new updates would include that.

    • Ryan Mendenhall

      Brilliant! LOVE THIS!

      I would echo some of the requests here…tracking. I know that I could track the page that they go to after this, as well as know whether someone signs up through a form, but I’d LOVE to know how many times it appeared, how many it was closed, how many the action was taken, etc.

      And split testing. GOTTA have that!

    • Matthew Mintun

      This is awesome! I’ve been using the exit intent for some time now. My question is, QuickSprout looks like it has two columns in the overlay optimizer… Is there a clever way to do this? I see only a way to do a one-column design. For example, I’d love to have it be 1/3 and 2/3. In the 1/3, I show an image of my lead magnet (video screenshot, ebook, whatever) or even arrows pointing at the optin form. And in the 2/3 I’d put my optin form. Being able to have this level of customization would be SWEET!

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Matthew, thanks for your comments. To avoid any confusing Quicksprout is not using our Overlay, they are using another exit pop.

        To use this layout with OptimizePress Overlay you could add the “2 column text” element into the overlay, then add the button like you add images into the text editor. Another option would be to add buttons one above the other.

        • Matthew Mintun

          Sweet, thanks! I’ll give that a try

    • Michael McGovern

      How do you design the pop-up boxes? He didn’t cover that in the videos…

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Michael, the advance options allows you to change padding width, border size and colour. I’ll cover this in future videos

    • Jorge Garcia

      Is this exit popup overlay feature accepted by Google Adwords?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Jorge, that’s a question for Google Adwords support. Usually they don’t approve the ads if there’s an issue on the landing page.

    • Michiel Andreae

      Great feature! I want to use this on my blogposts. The site runs on optimizepress but I couldn’t find the feature for blogposts. Where can I find it?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Michiel, We know you all want this feature so hang tight.

    • Rod

      Another question: is it possible to add a button on the popup, and have the popup close when the button is clicked? In other words, close the popup upon clicking on the button. This is useful for cases where you want to convince them to stay on the page without redirecting.

      Thanks – and congrats for the wonderful updates!

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Rod, thanks for the suggestion. Please add it via our feature request form. I understand what you are saying, if we get enough people wanting the same feature we can look more into it.

    • Rod

      How can I add 2 columns on a popup? For example let’s say I want to copy the example you provided where you have a YES button on the left, and a NO button on the right. Can this be done?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Rod, you could add the “2 column text” element into the overlay, then add the button like you add images into the text editor. That would give the same effect.

        Another option would be to add buttons one above the other.

        • Rod

          Thanks! It would be cool if you could add “Rows” support to the overlay optimizer.

    • Brett Simpson

      Looks good – just a few points, as others have mentioned.

      1.) I use name/email all the time for signups, would like the ability-to use name if I want to, or not.
      2.) Analytics would be a very useful feature.
      3.) Marcellos suggestions below also all seem good, need to be able to add [x] close to the popup, or leave it off, the controlled use of [button] also handled differently. 4.) how about an option if on Mobile or Tablet, to just pop the box after delay of xx seconds (in other words), two ways to handle Mobile/Tablet, method 1, as you are now, then additionally method 2, display after delay – a separate delay control then from the Overall Overlay Delay, separate one for Mobile, separate delay for tablets also, that would give the fine level of control needed.
      5.) provide a way to split-test one OverlayOptimizer against another, one/two, design/settings A, shows 50% of the time, design/settings B, shows 50% of time, combined with analytics show which one performed better, and better yet, after XX days, drop one of the designs (the loser), and just show the winner.

      All of those features added in and it would be an incredible feature standing head/shoulders above any other type of popup….

      Any chance these (all) will make it in, in the future?

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for the suggestions and support Brett. When it comes to mobile and/or tablet the design of the Overlay is responsive so it can adjust accordingly to the device.

        You can already disable the name on any optin form using the checkbox option ‘Disable Name’ if needed.

    • Tim Douglass

      AWESOME!!! I was almost going to buy a plugin for exit intent and I’m already using a strip integrator. These two adders just added infinite value to OP2.

    • Kirk Du Plessis

      The biggest thing you are missing and why I won’t use it is analytics. You can’t track conversions hence it’s worthless.

      • Hossam Hossny

        My hat is off for your comment. Though I was pulling my hair on how OP2 doesn’t have this feature already (and so I had to use SumoMe for that) but it was about time, and yet it still needs big improvements based on what I see from the comments. Good job though!

        • stressebookllc

          Since you’d be linking to your email service, you have some kind of tracking I suppose..

      • Nebojsa Damjanovich

        Kirk, did you try with Google Analytics event tracking?

      • David Frosdick

        We hear you! All great points that we’ve noted, thanks! Love your site BTW Kirk!

    • Michael McGovern

      just one question…how do i design the actual popup box that appears? he didn’t cover that in either of the videos…

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Michael, you can change the open and close effect, open and close speed, padding border colour and border size.

        • Michael McGovern

          Yeah but how do you change the wording, the buttons, button color, etc?

        • Michael McGovern

          yeah but how do i design the actual wording, button colors, etc.

    • Michael McGovern

      love the delay feature to get a more engaged email list. have used the MailMunch free plugin version in the past but am looking forward to what appears to be a muuuuuuch sleeker-looking version from the crew at OP. well done, guys & gals!

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks Michael! Delay popups can be very rewarding to your subscriber growth rate when used wisely. Good luck with it!

    • Marcello

      Hey guys, great job. This is what I needed. I have some suggestions to make:
      – allow us to be able to choose if we want to disable the popup closing (no close button, ESC key and click on the “background” doesn’t close the popup)
      Here’s one case: a page with the preview of a full video. The full video is played but after a certain number of seconds the popup appears and covers the video. The only action the user should do is either exit or follow the call to action in the popup

      – Don’t use the tag if the “button” that triggers the overlay is an image because IE displays everything as a huge button breaking the design.



      • David Frosdick

        Hey Marcello, thanks for the feedback. I’ll include this with other Overlay Optimizer requests.

        • happykidsnl

          Hi David,
          I saw that the comments over the optimize overlay on non OP BLOG pages were 2 months old.
          Please tell me this feature is ready.
          If not can you tell me when.
          I have the most traffic on my blogs so I need it there.

          • David Frosdick

            Hi, the option to use it on the blog and non OP pages is not available yet. We know it’s a feature everyone wants along with a number of other feature like new VAT laws in OPM.

            • happykidsnl

              Hi David,
              Do you have a time frame?

    • Jaimee

      Hey guys,

      Can you use these features on the blog? That’s where most of the content rich articles sit so want to know if we can add these features to your blog platform?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Jaimee, at this time of writing you can’t include them on the blog. We know a lot of you are asking for this feature and we are listening.

        • Olly Richards

          Yes. I only use OP2 as a plugin, so this amazing feature doesn’t work for me unless i can use it site-wide.

        • Arman Assadi

          Another request to use these features on the blog please 🙂

      • KM Lee

        I second that as well! 🙂

      • liahuber

        I third it!

      • Vic Dorfman

        +1 for this feature on non-Live Editor pages!

      • Martin Longden

        Thanks for listening DF – is it in the pipeline for development? My stocking is out for Christmas for this one.

    • Sirena Alise

      Could you guys make this a separate plugin that we can use on the pages on our site that haven’t been created with OP?

      • ronstoryjr

        Inside of your wordpress page/post editor, there should be a button in the dialog that allows you to add OP features to webpages that arent created with OP. I’m not sure if this particular feature is available, but I’ve used other features in pages that I havent created with OP.

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Sirena, we have already done that 🙂

        We have a full plugin version of OptimizePress 2 included when you purchase.

        • Casey Hicks

          Hey David, like Sirena, I’d love to use this feature on my blog and individual blog posts.

    • NewRiseDigital

      I’d disagree with switching off the name field on your opt in forms, you need to personalize your follow up emails and not using a name in the follow ups will lose subscribers faster than you get them.

      If you’re only collecting qualified leads they won’t mind gving you their name and email if the offer is strong enough. Take a look at HubSpot’s email opt in, they ask for an amazing amount of information, but there offer is always so compelling that your willing to offer it. Match value like for like!

      Thanks for the new features though, they’re great to have and I might even replace my Pippity pop up plugin with the overlay, much more flexible for design.

      Keep up the great work guys!

      • David Frosdick

        Yes great points there, personalising emails is very important. HubSpot’s optin’s are a great example of how to easily filter leads. You only need to include a phone number and most time wasters move on.

        Thanks for your comments!

      • Nebojsa Damjanovich

        HubSpot uses progresive profiling in their forms. Whats OP bounce rate from 1st form with just email to 2nd form with name and other questions?

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