Would you like to increase your website sales numbers and subscriber rates?

I guess that is a question that always has the answer… YES!

Well, the good news is we have some amazing OptimizePress features that will easily and effectively improve your website optimization.

I’m going to share three of these features with you today and we will take a look at the marketing science behind these elements to show how you can use them for winning results!

Does that sound like a good idea?


Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair and let’s jump straight in with the first of the three features, our OptimizePress Video Backgrounds!

Feature One: Video Backgrounds

Like the stylish dude with the new Nike Air trainers, video backgrounds can make your website look cooler than a polar bear’s nose.

Video backgrounds give your website that special modern look. They engage visitors on your page and can help you to set a certain atmosphere or evoke a range of feelings.

Many industry-leading companies utilise video backgrounds on their websites, Apple, Spotify, Zendesk just to name a few.

You can have full page background videos
You can have full page background videos

Video backgrounds work most effectively when you can link an emotional connection to your sales message or call to action. This works perfectly with niches such as travel, food or fitness, but it can work just as well for more sterile website niches like pension plans for example, where you could show people enjoying family time.

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.

Jim Rohn

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows when it comes to video backgrounds, what works for one instance doesn’t apply to all instances. You should use a video background if it adds to the message of the page. Do not use it just because someone else is, or you think it looks cool!

Our analytics data has helped us identify the key factors you should consider if you want to use video backgrounds effectively, to optimize your site and avoid the slippery slope into a conversion black hole.

1 – Visual Impact

A video background is a subtle enhancement to your website not the star of the show. If your call to action is Batman, then the video background is your Robin. The video background should provide an atmosphere that supplements the core elements that are usually layered on top of it, such as headlines, copy, opt-in forms or call to action buttons.

Even the best professionally edited video clips will be ineffective if the contrast with the other elements around it does not work. Applying a colour filter to your video can darken it slightly, this allows for better clarity for the copy in that section of the page.

Top Tip: You can apply video colour filters in the settings of the OptimizePress video backgrounds options.

2 – Seen but not heard! (audio must be muted)

Even if it’s Marvin Gaye in the middle of a rendition of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”, mute it! Audio in a video background is going to have a negative effect on your conversion rate.

Just as with all of your marketing, you need to consider the viewing environment of your visitors. A large proportion of internet browsing and usage is done while people might be on public transport, watching tv or at work. Rather than mute their browser, most visitors will click away from your page.

Top Tip: You can mute your video audio in the settings of the OptimizePress video backgrounds options.

3 – File Size

We all know how important page load times are for page optimization and a video background that is slow to load is going to compromise conversion.

Even though Tom Hanks in the movie BIG got to play on the FAO Schwarz lifesize piano, bigger isn’t always better!

It is essential that your video clips are formatted and compressed for use on the web. If you are producing the video clips yourself, Handbrake is a great free tool for optimizing video files and reducing file size. You can find some good tutorials on the basics of using it on Youtube.

You can use video backgrounds for specific rows
You can use video backgrounds for specific rows

4 – Video Content

The video background must compliment the call to action on your site. Great clips of food and beaches work perfectly to establish an emotional connection for food blogs and travel products for example. Your video clip should be the right length as to engage the visitor, but not fully distract them from the action you want them to take. A short clip of around 10 seconds in length has proven to be effective. To maintain the desired video background effect, your clip should be on a continuous loop.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy video resource to get started with, then there are some good stock video footage sites out there.

Videoblocks and Pond5 are two paid resources and Coverr is a great FREE resource… :-)

Our video backgrounds feature works perfectly for full page video backgrounds or specific row video backgrounds. It includes a wide range of customisations for audio and colour settings.

You can find a full step-by-step tutorial on how to use the video backgrounds feature here in our helpdesk.

Feature Two: Evergreen Countdown Timers

A powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal is the ability to influence visitor behaviour. Fear of missing out, (scarcity – a product is in short supply), and fear of loss (urgency – time is running out) are huge psychological factors that control human decisions.

This is especially true when it comes to marketing related actions such as buying and subscribing. 

The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value.

Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

If you haven’t read Robert Cialdini’s book  Influence, I highly recommend it.

It’s important that you understand the forces of scarcity and urgency:

Scarcity is when a visitor to your website feels that a product or offer is in short supply, thus placing the visitor into the mode of action. Awareness is heightened to the fact that if they do not act now, then there is a realistic chance that they will miss out on a product’s availability or a sales offer that is soon to expire.

Urgency is when a visitor to your website feels that product access or an offer is expiring. This creates a feeling that the visitor must take immediate action.

Urgency and scarcity work extremely well when combined with a burning need or desire. If you can create either emotion in visitors, it’s like Superman, Disneyland and puppies all combined at the same time…AWESOME.

An example of urgency combined with a burning need might be that your visitor wants to learn photography before a friend’s wedding and you have an offer for a DSLR camera course that expires in 24hrs.

So you should be thinking – “How can I create feelings of urgency and scarcity on my pages?”

Sit tight my friends… because our PlusPack plugin includes the OptimizePress Evergreen Countdown Timer element. This element allows you to set a countdown timer that counts for each specific individual visitor to a page. This creates a personalised environment for you to promote sales offers for example.

URGENCY - this offer shows that it is expiring soon
URGENCY – this offer shows that it is expiring soon

Evergreen countdown timers create real-time scarcity and urgency. Let’s take the example of David who has come to your page from a promotion you’re running on a Facebook ad. You have a 48hr sale to your DSLR photography course and as David lands on your page the 48 hours countdown starts.

Let’s say David leaves the page without taking action but comes back to it 24hrs later. The countdown timer will remember how long he has been away from the page and resumes the countdown with 24hrs of your sale left. Scarcity kicks in and David needs to take action now to avoid missing out!

If a second visitor (Emma) visits your page from an email promotion you are running, her countdown timer would start at 48hrs when she hits the page. Let’s say she leaves the page and returns 72 hours later after the offer has expired. The countdown timer will recall Emma’s last visit and then present Emma with an updated timer showing the offer has expired.

Depending on your chosen timer expiry setting, Emma could be shown an expired timer or even redirected to an offer expired page, there are many options.

We have a wide range of countdown timer designs inside OptimizePress
We have a wide range of countdown timer designs inside OptimizePress

When used to build scarcity and urgency, Evergreen countdown timers rock. They can really help you to increase sales revenues and visitor subscriber numbers.

Here are a few guidelines when using Evergreen countdown timers…

1 – Keep It Simple

Keep Evergreen Timer sections on your pages simple and clean in design to avoid confusion. It might sound simple but don’t add too many countdowns and make sure they all have the same settings. Conflicting information will affect your conversion rates.

2 – Key Location

Place Evergreen Timers near action points such as buy buttons and opt-in forms. You want your visitors moments of scarcity or urgency to happen in the sections of your pages where they can take immediate actions.

3Customize Expiry Settings

You have custom settings for expiry options with the Evergreen Countdown Timer. Utilize these settings to capture visitors that might have missed an offer, there is still a chance of converting them into a customer or subscriber

Top Tip: Some keywords you can use around your countdown timers to boost conversions.


Feature Three: Pricing Comparison Tables

Adding pricing comparison tables to your web pages has many advantages. With the correct implementation, you can see a significant boost in sales revenues.

Like Luke Skywalker wielding the force, you can influence potential customers actions using some Jedi pricing comparison table strategies.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points you should consider and how to effectively action them.

Anchoring & Contrast

Anchoring can act as a silent salesman for your business when it comes to pricing comparison tables. By anchoring your product packages against one another, you provide visitors with a frame of reference. Rather than compare your product to other alternatives, they instead compare your packages against one another to establish where the value lies and which purchase decision represents the best option for them.

For example, a coaching program that has a standard package valued at $39.99 will seem like a bargain when compared to the companies other premium coaching packages priced at $99.99 and $199.

Nothing is value for money, cheap or expensive without a comparison.

Mixpanel uses anchoring to emphasize the value in the popular package
Mixpanel uses anchoring to emphasise the value in the popular package

Tiered Pricing

When you have a single price point, your visitors purchase decision is based upon a “yes/no alternative” – “Do I want this product or not?” If you compare that to a price comparison table with a range of packages on offer, the visitor’s purchase decision is now based upon a “which package alternative?” or “which package do I want?”

Top Tip: If you don’t have tiered pricing or more than one package on offer, you could still utilize anchoring by comparing your product or service against competitors to showcase the value in your package.

Diffusing Doubt & Scepticism

The last thing you want when someone is hovering over your buy-buttons is for them to have doubt and scepticism. This leads to poor conversion rates and missed opportunities.

Put yourself in the seat of your potential customers and consider what decisions might influence their buying habits. Are they confused as to what’s included in your product, or are they unsure as to how many visitors are allowed in a certain pricing plan?

Any confusion or moment of questioning in the sales process has a negative impact on revenues.

We have the perfect solution for you that will allow you to showcase all the features of your product or service so that visitors are informed and have trust.

The Formstack comparison table has a clean look and showcases the popular package.
The Formstack comparison table has a clean look and showcases the popular package.

Nobody likes to have to figure things out. Pricing comparison tables provide an easy to understand visual solution.


When adding a comparison table to your site, take note of these action points:

1 – Design

Keep tables clean and minimal, don’t use crazy colour schemes that cloud judgement and jazzy fonts that are hard to read.

2 – Layout

Use limited text and copy. Busy pricing comparison tables packed with information will have the opposite of the intended effect and further confuse buyers. People don’t read, they skim!

3 – Package Differences

Make sure there is a clear differentiation between your packages. Feature stacking your preferred package will assist visitors to make a clear and easy decision. The more you focus visitor attention on the differences and benefits of the packages the less their attention is focused on the differences in pricing.

The PlusPack expands the selection of pricing tables available
The PlusPack expands the selection of pricing tables available

Top Tip: Highlighting a preferred and popular package will greatly influence buyers. It’s a human instinct of trust to copy and follow others.

4 – Within The Fold

Try and keep the “pricing” and “buy buttons” so that they are within the visible browser window. You want to limit people having to scroll on a pricing table to see the price or buy buttons.

5 – Simple Pricing

The pricing format you use can have a big impact on sales revenue. To make your pricing appear lower, drop the cents from the price point. So for example, $29.99 would feature as $29 and $59.99 as $59. As people scan over your pricing comparison table, more digits make the amount look like more money that the potential customer would have to spend.

6 – Decoy Pricing

Adding a higher priced tier as a decoy can make your main packages seem like even better value. If the decoy package is twice the price but only has one extra feature, it has the physiological effect of making your other packages seem more cost-effective and represent better value for money. Most visitors often choose a middle package that’s not to0 expensive or too cheap.

An example of Decoy Pricing
An example of Decoy Pricing

7 – Charm Pricing

Rounding down the pricing on your pricing comparison tables so that they are slightly below a round number can have a positive effect on conversions.  For example, having price points such as $9.99 rather than $10.00 or $99 rather than $100. There have been lots of tests and experiments conducted as to why this might be. A simple fact is our basic buying instinct shows us that $9.99 represents more value than $10.00, with $9.99 being aligned with $8.99 or lower and $10.00 being aligned with $11.00 or higher.

Top Tip: We are seeing descending pricing table features more and more often online. A descending pricing table starts with your highest price package first rather than the traditional free or low cost package.  The idea behind this is that as the visitor scrolls from left to right they are exposed to your highest price first which they might usually ignore #worth testing.

We recommend you test video backgrounds, evergreen countdown timers and pricing comparison tables on your web pages.

Each audience, niche and page type responds differently, so it’s always best practice to test and analyse the effect of any changes you make to your pages.

– Ian


    32 replies to "Boost Your Conversions With Video Backgrounds, Evergreen Countdown Timers and Pricing Comparison Tables"

    • Kevin McClellan

      These are my favorite features of the Plus Pack! Thank you for the extra information about the best ways to price products. That is valuable information.The video backgrounds resources are awesome :-)

      • Ian Bass

        Hey Kev, there is some awesome high quality free stuff out there, just gotta hunt around a bit. :-)

        Some good marketing research to be done as well, a lot of these free images/video sites are using their free libraries for lead generation, usually linked to a software product or service on the back end!

        Nice strategy!

    • Andrew Lock

      Brilliant post Ian!

    • KM Lee

      First blog post from @ianbass:disqus! Glad to see that finally OP has launched some amazing new features to include in the PlusPack package. More to come I believe :)

      • David Frosdick

        Lots more to come KM. Thanks for helping us test the features out.

        • Ian Bass

          Hey KM, as David said thank you for being part of the beta testing group.

          • Kevin McClellan

            We should let KM have the title of “Lead Beta Testing Bug Squasher” haha :-)

    • Gary

      The countdown timer is great but I’ve yet to see anyone develop a Quantity Countdown Feature.

      E.g., 20 spots are offered for a 2 week membership to a gym or such, as each spot is claimed, the quantity remaining would reflect such with a message akin to ‘Hurry, Spots are going fast, only (x amount) remain’.

      • Timothy Conroy

        Gravity Forms will allow you to do a Quantity countdown.

    • Vitalio Strelokko

      Countdown is a super tool which really useful to push visitors make some activity on your blog, but it has one serious bug in OP2.

      It’s perfect working for pages, but fail to work for blog post.

      F.e. if you write a common blog post and insert a countdown on it with redirect to page option turned ON then you get a trouble of WHOLE blog redirected to the page which mentioned in the countdown settings.
      You may see that only if your blog displays the latest posts on the main page.

    • Matthijs de Haas

      You guys just rock…. This fits perfectly for new projects in 2017!

      • David Frosdick

        Glad to hear tha Matthijs, let us see how you use the features.

    • Workout Anywhere

      Amazing work! Liking the new features already! Since I’m using them now, does this mean I will have some of the newest updates when they roll out?

      • Ian Bass

        The PlusPack is the start of a range of new features and products we have planned for release so exciting times ahead :-)

    • Muntasir Mahmud Aumio

      Thanks for those Cool, trendy features.
      Been waiting for so long for these. :)

    • Cris 'ingay'

      thanks @ianbass:disqus Evergreen timers and video backgrounds are just way too COOL. Congrats everyone!

    • Lourdes Malooy Naldoza

      Really great features :) ! Just one question, When is the blog theme templates coming out?

      • Ian Bass

        Hey Lourdes… The new blog theme template is just about to go through final beta testing and then it will be ready! :-)

    • Workout Anywhere

      Having issues with the new Form Privacy Checkbox plugin. Does this not work on old forms? I brought this up with support, but haven’t heard anything in 48 hours.

      • David Frosdick

        If you haven’t heard anything yet, they are probably troubleshooting or trying to replicate the issue. Hang tight!

        • Workout Anywhere

          Okay. I’ll wait.

          • Workout Anywhere

            all fixed. Any news on potential updates to the membership pages and functions? I was going to upgrade my courses, but wanted to wait in case there’s some new stuff coming for this.

            • David Frosdick

              We’ve not worked much on OPM. Some small updates but nothing big to the features yet.

    • Gary

      Totally will submit for consideration. Thanks for the link @Kevin McClellan.

    • Workout Anywhere

      With the new features coming out, will there be any updates to the membership side of OP2? Maybe pages, or functionality of the member’s plugin?

    • Damien Garber

      This is great stuff! I could definitely use sone of these elements on my current project. How soon can I get my hands on them?!?

      • David Frosdick

        Hi Damien, Pro and Publisher customers are using these features now. We are soon rolling it out officially after we iron out a few small changes.

    • Vitrine Perfeita

      Video background is one of the most fantastic invention of all time!

    • VA Staffer Virtual Assistants

      So, we bought this – and we love it…. I am really saddened though that it’s been YEARS and STILL no blog themes. My clients just HATE OP2 blog (and so do I) SO UGLY :( help us out here, this is a huge no-brainer and preventing people from buying I’m sure of it 100%

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