What Are The Best Digital Products To Sell Online In 2023?

Onder Hassan

Last Updated: May 4, 2023

In this article, we discuss the best digital products you can create today, that will almost guarantee you will have customers rushing to purchase.

In todays digital world It’s never been easier to create an online business and launch your very own digital product.

If you’ve read our previous article on the most popular product formats business owners use to create their products, then you will see just how easy this can be.

Although the process has become far easier, it’s still important you follow an effective process for both creating and marketing your digital products. The first step (and most important) in this process is deciding what type of digital product you’re going to sell.

In this article, we discuss the best digital products you can create today, that will almost guarantee you will have customers rushing to purchase.

We will outline each product, and recommend top tools to help build them along with examples of them in action to help you come up with digital product ideas of your own.

So what is a digital product?

A digital product is a product that isn’t physically tangible but can be sold electronically or over the Internet.

Just a mere 20 years ago, the idea of creating and selling something you couldn’t touch or feel would have been considered a joke and technically impossible. 

Internet advances have made this a reality and have opened the doors for anyone with an idea, to quickly create and distribute to thousands or millions of people over the web, with nothing but an Internet connection.

mobile learning

It has become so popular in fact, that the digital product market is now worth an estimated $360 Billion as of 2022.

This article aims to give you a kickstart (or some further inspiration) for starting or growing your online business with a breakdown of the best digital products to sell in 2022.

You will be pleased to know that it isn’t as difficult as you think and will break this down for you throughout this post.

Here's a few of the benefits of creating digital products as part of an online business strategy:

It Saves Time: Creating a digital product can be very quick to make. With just a few simple tools, you will be able to put together a valuable product that your customers will love and be eager to consume. 

In contrast to a traditional physical product, you will often have to source materials, manufacturers and distribution centres, which can take a lot of time to manage.

It Saves Money: You will not require thousands of upfront costs in order to create your products. Most of the tools you will need can be put together with just a few free services.

It’s Scalable: You can easily create a suite of products and services in just a few short weeks and don’t need any outsourcers or third-party services.

You Can Automate and Generate Passive Income: Perhaps the most lucrative benefit of all, is that you can easily automate your products due to zero creation and distribution processes and can be promoted and sold to millions of customers around the world while you sleep.

There’s quite simply, never been another time in history where you can take a simple idea, turn it into a digital product and instantly spread your goodwill to millions of people around the world.

We truly are living in the most exciting times as business owners.

The best digital products to Sell...

So you’re probably wondering what are the best products you can build in order to sell to your own customers, or to start selling to grow a new business.

We will now list all of the most popular digital products to help you on your journey to creating digital products of your own that you’re proud of and ready to share in your marketplace.


Digital publications and ebooks are quite simply one of the quickest and easiest digital products to get started with.

In fact, it is so popular, that many third-party book creation services have emerged that allow you to self-publish your own ebooks into physical copies without the need for an official publisher.

With over 300 Million ebooks sold in the US alone, there is simply no better time to create your own ebook due to its popularity and ease of consumption in the marketplace.

amazon ebook marketplace

Ever since Amazon released the Kindle, the ebook marketplace has grown massively, with a wide collection of kindle editions of popular books to choose from.

Amazon also allows the ability to publish your own Kindle books to their service, giving you the opportunity to grow your brand and establish yourself in the marketplace.

You can of course self-publish your own ebooks using your own digital channels, which is generally the preferred way of selling as it allows you to set your own price and keep all of the revenue generated.

michael hyatt ebook

Here’s a nice example of a digital ebook by Michael Hyatt. As you can see. It has a basic cover and offers a book that directly ties to what his customers are looking for.

digital marketer ebook

This is another nice example from the guys over at DigitalMarketer. Offering a simple lead magnet (ebook) giving away 73 headline formulas. 

Again, offering tremendous value to their customers who are looking for solutions to writing the best headlines.

Recommended Tools

Google Docs: If you have a free Google account, then you will have a range of tools that will allow you to do a range of things, that are all free to use. Using Google sheets, you can quickly write up an ebook in the space of a weekend and export it as a PDF file that you can begin selling to your customers.

Canva: Using this service, you will be able to select from a range of ebook templates that you can begin customizing to fit your product.

Grammarly: If you want a way to quickly correct your grammar and spelling in real-time while you’re working on your writing, Grammarly is a great way to do this and is free to install on your preferred browser.  Once installed, it will work in the background and notify you when a word or grammar mistake needs correcting.

Recommended Pricing

The typical pricing for ebooks depends on a range of factors - your authority in the marketplace, pricing standards for your niche and the value you’re providing.

Generally, most ebooks tend to start at 99 cents for an Amazon Kindle book all the way to $147.

A great sweet spot to start with is $7 - $27 and is generally reasonable for any customer who is looking to make their first transaction with you.

Digital workbooks & printables

Similar to ebooks, you can also sell premium workbooks and other printables to your marketplace depending on the niche you’re in.

These types of products can be great if you’re in a market that requires a lot of analytical processes and can use these types of products as a way of breaking down difficult concepts that customers will find very valuable and worth purchasing.

digital workbook 1

Here’s a nice example of a workbook being sold on the Etsy store in the self-development niche. Amassing a whopping 1400 sales and 160 reviews, it is a great example of how effective workbooks can be.

digital workbook 2

Here’s another nice example of a product being sold in the marketing space. As you can see, while workbooks might not seem valuable on the surface, putting it all together into a workbook of some kind that allows anyone to follow along can be very valuable and something to consider when thinking about putting one together in your business.

Recommended Tools

Google Docs: As with ebooks, worksheets and printables can easily be created using free tools like Google Docs, which you’re given access to as part of your free Google account.

Canva: Of course, Canva is the tool of choice for quickly selecting from its range of pre-built templates and editing them to match your brand.

Recommended Pricing

When researching for examples, we found that the optimal price point for worksheets and printables was between $5 - $17. We recommend testing different price points to see which one generates the most sales.


Templates can be a great way of selling your creations in your market. 

It is generally very easy to put together and doesn’t require too much prep to get started.

If you’re using a landing page tool that allows for exporting template designs, this can be a great opportunity to sell your own templates to your market, and allow you to make some sales in addition to affiliate commissions from promoting the landing page tool you used to create the templates.

It will also allow you to ride on the success of the platforms and provide you with an easy traffic source without the need for having to build or actively promote it.

As a bonus, you could also sell course access training on the main platform. If you are making templates on a platform then you probably know enough to train others on how to use it.

optimizepress templates

Here’s our very own marketplace as a relevant example to help showcase the effectiveness of premium templates. 

Offering a suite of different landing page templates that you can purchase individually and as complete packs.

template road templates

Here’s a great resource from ‘Template Road’ offering you templates that you can use for a range of popular services.

pika graphics templaes

Here’s an example offer that sells premium icon packs, which you can edit in your favourite design applications. This is a great example to help show that your designs do not always have to be too complex in order to sell to your customers.

mobile phone icon templates

Here’s an iPhone icon template set that customers can upload to their phones. It’s a great idea for a product to allow customers to customize their iPhone experience and highlights the creativity of the type of designs you can sell in the marketplace.

Recommended Tools

Gimp: Gimp is a free open-source alternative to Adobe’s creative suite of tools and can download the software on most of the major platforms. It’s a great place to start designing if you’re on a budget with a simple-to-use interface.

Figma: Figma is a powerful design tool that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Offering vector based editing and many plugins to add functionality, their free plan is a great place to start with designing your own icons and elements.

Recommended Price

We recommend a starting price of $7 for basic templates and up to $97 for complete design packs. 

Swipe files

Swipe files can be a great resource for customers who would like an easily accessible compilation of content to refer to for coming up with ideas.

Most web users will have the problem of not knowing where to go for information and if they do, not being able to confirm its credibility.

Having a swipe file of proven material can be extremely valuable due to its accessibility and convenience. It is generally not too difficult to put together besides the time it takes to gather the sources.

swipe library

Here’s our very own SwipeLibrary, offering free and premium access to ads, landing pages and funnels in the marketing space. 

Allowing the ability to quickly scroll and navigate the best performing ads, and is organised by brand and topic. All in a simple-to-use platform.

landing page swipe file

Here’s another great resource offering landing page templates to the highest converting sales pages

In addition to the two examples shown, swipe files can also be a folder or document with swipes like a downloadable folder of email swipes or a document with a range of swiped website headlines.

With a monthly visit of 300k, it’s clear that the demand for resources offering verified material that is continuously updated is very high and can be a great digital product to consider creating for your own business.

Recommended Tools

Notion: This is a great tool that is flexible enough to allow you to create your own databases and full-blown websites. It is free to sign up for and also has a paid option, which unlocks more advanced features.

Airtable: If you would like a flexible way to store your swipe files that you can package and use in various ways, Airtable provides the ability to do that and is free to sign up and use.

Google Sheets: Another great option that's totally free if you want to share your swipe files with your audience. Considering creating a share link that only paid members get access to (via an automated email)

Stacker: Working directly with data from Airtable or Google sheets, Stacker is a popular no-code tool that will allow you to develop a web interface to display your swipes (or develop a different kind of app if you choose).

Recommended Pricing

Depending on the detail and depth of your content, swipe file resources can range from free (teaser content) through to complete apps that offer navigation and regular updates for a monthly fee.  Start with pricing around $37 for a basic swipe file and scale from thereMonthly plans are also popular for swipe file tools.

Online courses

Digital courses are without a doubt one of the most popular forms of products that are currently sold on the internet.

With so many digital learning services currently available, the online course market has grown considerably throughout the years with no signs of it slowing down.

masterclass online courses

‘Masterclass’ is a brand new online learning platform that offers courses from the worlds leading authority figures. It has grown considerably since its launch and is a perfect example of just how valuable courses can be.

Of course, you do not need to be as famous as Richard Branson or Tony Robbins in order to create a course that sells.

Many starting entrepreneurs use courses as a way to build their authority and quite often use them to successfully establish themselves as industry experts.

paid launch formula online course

Here’s a nice example of a digital course in the marketing niche, complete with extra bonuses using a 2-step checkout.

Dr Jordan Peterson discovering personality course

Here’s another nice example of a digital course offered by the famous Dr Jordan Peterson in the Psychology field.

As you can see from the above examples, setting up a digital course isn’t that hard to set up and simply requires an idea and a delivery mechanism that your customers will be able to easily consume and gain value from.

Recommended Tools

OptimizeMentor: At OptimizePress, we made it our priority to create a course creation platform that allows for quick and easy setup, so you can focus on making sales and growing your business. 

An upfront investment to the Suite plan will be required but will save you hundreds on third-party tools that aren’t as simple to use with no guarantees to work with your current setup.

You can check out our full release post here.

Recommended Pricing

When it comes to pricing your courses, the sky is the limit here and depends on your initial customers and how long they have supported your business. 

An existing customer is much more likely to spend more with you than a new customer. 

A great initial price of $47 - $197 is a great sweet spot if you’re just launching your first product.


Memberships offer a great way to build a residual income that comes in, month to month. It’s generally the goal for most businesses as it makes revenue more predictable and secure.

Rather than chase after new customers and create more launches, memberships offer sustainability and growth, with their value increasing as more content is produced.

We recommend reading our extensive guide on Subscriptions to get a clearer picture of its benefits.

pluralsight membership

Pluralsight (Formerly known as DigitalTutors) Is a subscription-based service offering courses for creative professionals and IT Technicians.

It has become the prime platform for many businesses for providing training for their staff and has proven to be an indispensable training tool.

daily stoic membership

Memberships can also be built from the most interesting niches. Here’s a monthly membership offered by the ‘Daily Stoic’ in the self-development niche with the option to gift a friend, which is excellent for promoting your content to others who have yet to hear about your brand.

Recommended Tools

OptimizeCheckouts: AtOptimizePress, we’ve created an easy-to-use checkout process that allows you to set up products and pricing in just a few clicks. 

OptimizeMentor: With OptimizeCheckout’s seamless integration coupled with the rest of our OP Suite, you will no longer need to spend hours trying to get tools to work and will be able to have your membership running in minutes.

Recommended Price

A great price for a membership can start from just $7/month for a monthly newsletter, all the way to $97/month for premium software. Again, we recommend looking at the current pricing models in your business for each product type to determine the best price for your products.

Live workshops

Live Workshops are a great way to interact with your customers in real-time, which is great for strengthening your personal relationships and building trust.

It is also a great way to deliver your products without having anything pre-recorded or set up in a membership platform. 

The benefit of a live workshop is that you can break up the recorded material into modules and repackage them into a paid course, providing you with even more revenue opportunities.

adobe live workshop

Here’s an example of a live workshop that requires an upfront payment in order to attend. A nice example to show how simple it can be to promote using just a single page with a button to complete payment.

NLP live workshop

Here’s another great example of a paid live event in the area of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Recommended Tools

Calendly: Calendly is a free calendar booking service for scheduling clients and customers. 

With OptimizeBuilder, you will be able to add Calendly elements directly to your pages, allowing you to quickly set up calendar booking pages without any fuss.

Recommended Pricing

Depending on your business model, you can either offer your webinars for free, with an upsell to a higher-ticket product at the end or offer to charge upfront. Pricing can be anywhere between $97 - $497.

Virtual coaching programs

If your services depend on one-to-one interactions, then Virtual Coaching can be a great way of providing it without the need for an office. 

With just an internet connection, you will be able to conduct coaching sessions anywhere around the world and can provide you with the flexibility to run them whenever and wherever you desire.

virtual coaching program

Here’s an example of a nice landing page, with a video showing an example coaching session with a client. It’s a great way to show customers what an actual coaching session looks like to help aid them in their decision to book a session.

live coaching program 2

If you have a team of coaches and would like a way to promote their services, then this is a great example of a landing page layout. 

As you can see, offering your coaching services doesn’t have to be complicated and can set up a simple landing page to begin promoting it to your customers and potential clients.

Recommended Tools

Calendly: As with Webinars, Calendly is a great free booking tool that allows you to schedule clients for your coaching sessions.

Zoom: Again, Zoom is a great service for offering your coaching services. The tool does limit you to 45 minutes and will need to upgrade to a Pro account for a small fee for longer durations.

OptimizeMentor: Using our plugin, you will be able to quickly create a secure member’s area for all of your coaching call recordings and other useful resources.

Recommended Pricing

Coaching sessions can range from $200 all the way up o $10,000, depending on your market, expertise and the value of your services.

Pre-Made Content Bundles

If you have a range of products that you sell individually, selling them as a bundle can provide a great way of making further sales and give you the opportunity to put your other offers in front of your customers.

A benefit of product bundles is you can easily sell them during special public events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Thanksgiving. 

Take a look at your current products and think about how you can package them up as bundles.

london marketing content bundles

As you can see, a content bundle of a range of tools and services can be very lucrative when packaged together. And when offered at a competitive price, it can be very enticing for the customer who will more likely make a purchase.

content marketing mastery bundle

Here’s another great example of a content bundle but organised differently on the page than with the one shown previously.

Recommended Tools

Any tool already listed in previous Digital Product types can be used.

Recommended Pricing

Content bundles can either be charged as a premium or as a special sale during public holidays. Depending on the medium used, anything from $17 - $97 is a reasonable price range.

Music & audio

If you’re a DJ, Composer, Music Producer, a great product to sell can be audio samples for new albums or singles. You may also decide to sell your own royalty-free tracks in return for exposure.

This product type has become very common as Youtube has grown in popularity with many Youtube Influencers sourcing royalty-free music.

royalty free music

Here’s an example of a premium royalty-free music service, allowing subscribers to choose from a range of music and sound fx from their database.

epidemic sound royalty free music

‘Epidemic Sound’ has become the most popular royalty-free music service for Youtube Influencers and would commonly find tracks in videos that were taken directly from this service.

Recommended Tools

Audacity: This is a free open-sourced app that can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. The software is fairly simple to use and has many free plugins you can install to help you get the types of sounds you want for your own custom tracks.

GarageBand (Mac Only): This software comes free and inbuilt with every Mac that is purchased. Like Audacity, it is very simple to use and will allow you to whet your teeth with music production without the need for expensive audio equipment.

Recommended Pricing

Pricing for your music can differ in range depending on what it’s used for and the complexity of the track and the time it took to produce. Pricing between $7 for a simple sound effect to $47 for a single professional quality track is usually the most popular pricing standard.

Stock photography

If you’re a photographer or involved in a market that involves a lot of visual imagery, then selling photographs of your own can be a great income opportunity.

Many bloggers and content creators use stock photography services to help them quickly source an image which can be a lucrative and creative way to build recognition and authority.

You may decide to upload your photos to popular stock photography services or decide to sell them independently on your own website.

shutterstock photography

‘Shutterstock’ is currently the most popular royalty-free stock photography service currently available. Offers both a subscription service as well as the option to purchase photos on demand.

pexels royalty free images

‘Pexels’ is a royalty-free service offering the ability to download as well as contribute by posting your own photos to the service for others to download and use.

Recommended Tools

iOS or Android Phone: Pretty much every smartphone today comes built with a high-quality digital camera. They have become so advanced that they’re almost indistinguishable from the mid-ranged class of cameras available today.

Lightroom: If you're editing professional photos, Adobe Lightroom has become an industry standard.  The mobile version is available from only £1.99 per month.

Gimp: This is a great piece of software that is free to download and packed with useful features to allow you to edit your photos.

Recommended Pricing

Pricing of stock photography depends on the type of photo being sold and the quality in which it's delivered. A price between $10 - $30 tends to be common for single images with a monthly subscription for monthly access using a credit system.


Selling software is one of the most popular ways to sell a digital product, but it does come with an expense, which is why we’ve left this until last.

While it can be costly to build and maintain, the long-term benefit of it is its flexible pricing structure. 

Unlike most other digital products, the price you can set for your software can be as expensive as you want it to be, depending on the market and the competition of what else is in the marketplace.

ahrefs software

‘Ahrefs’ is a premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keyword tool that offers professional SEOs and link-builders the ability to conduct keyword research and monitor their search rankings.

A great example of a piece of software that is extremely valuable to their marketplace.

monday software

‘Monday’ is a task management platform offering businesses the ability to monitor, track and set tasks across their business under one dashboard.

Taking away the stress and headache of juggling multiple services and the increased difficulty in getting the stats you need.

Have a think about what type of software you can build for your market that isn’t currently available. Of course, it is easier said than done, but can be very rewarding for your business.

Recommended Tools

Outsourcers: If you’re not a developer, then you may need to outsource developers, which may require some expense to get the ball rolling.

Fiverr: If you want a quick and simple outsourcing solution that is also affordable, Fiverr offers a great service that allows you to quickly search for jobs and check reviews before committing to a service.

Upwork: Similar to Fiverr, Upwork offers a more premium service, allowing you to send briefs to potential outsourcers for use in short or long-term projects.

Recommended Pricing

The sky is the limit here, but as usual, it’s always beneficial to look at your current market to see the typical prices being offered.

As you can see, building a winning digital product really isn’t that difficult. Having shown you just how easy it can be by using free and affordable tools, you will now be well on your way to quickly making one of your own.

Your first product is just a few steps away, and we can’t wait to see your creations.

OptimizePress Gives you the tools to launch your Digital Product

Today is the perfect time to secure your version of the OptimizePress Suite and get full access to all of these amazing tools that speed up your time to market:

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And much, much more.

What kind of digital product will you create?  Let us know what you're thinking of building in the comments below...

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