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Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay

Faster checkouts, easier checkouts and better conversions by offering Apple Pay and Google Pay on your order forms inside OptimizeCheckouts

By David Frosdick

July 27, 2021

You're about to buy something online, and you don't have your wallet or purse to hand.

You think to yourself, "I can't remember my card details, if only they offered an easier checkout process".

Or, you think… "actually, I'll come back later," and you bookmark the site.

But the thing is... doing it later never happens. And, it's not just you that has this experience; your customers most likely do the same when purchasing products from you.

If only websites made it easier and faster for people to checkout. 

Well, we've just put an end to that frustration. 

We've added the ability to accept Apple Pay & Google Pay to OptimizeCheckouts

Yes! Simple and fast checkouts.

We always ensure our OptimizeCheckouts templates are conversion optimized. 

Now, these additional payment options offer you an instant way to increase sales and give your customers a speedier way to checkout.

So now, when a customer lands on your site, they can simply choose to pay with their saved card details in Chrome (Google Pay + Android) or Safari (Apple Pay + IOS).

All the customer has to do is double click the side of their phone to confirm payment on a mobile device connected to these two payment services. It takes about 5 seconds from deciding to buy to committing and buying.

And these payment methods are so widely used, they are trusted by millions and millions of people. When a customer sees a trusted payment method, they're not concerned about security.

More successful rebills!

If you are selling a subscription product via Google Pay or Apple Pay there could be a higher chance of successful rebills as these purchases have been verified by fingerprint and face recognition

Apple Pay and Google Pay work slightly differently to the traditional payment methods:

No need for customers to enter card details
No need for customer to leave their computer or phone to get payment details

All of the customer's credentials are already stored inside Apple Pay or GPay and get used instantly when the customer buys something using these payment methods.

what works with Apple & Google Pay?

You can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for a range of payment or pricing types including all those supported inside OptimizeCheckouts:

One-time payment products
Recurring payment products
Payment plans
Order Bumps
Upsells & Downsells

what do you need?

OptimizePress Suite Plan
A Live Stripe Account for accepting Payments
OptimizeCheckouts connected to Stripe
FTP access to your host (If our one-click install method fails due to your hosting permissions)

Google Pay Example Checkout

Here’s how Google pay looks with a test product on one of our checkout pages.

Google Pay Example in OptimizeCheckouts

Apple Pay Example Checkout

Here’s how Google pay looks with a test product on one of our checkout pages.

Apple Pay Example in OptimizeCheckouts

How do we enable this feature

To get started with Apple Pay and google Pay please follow this help video to walk you through the steps need to authorised your domain name with Apple Pay in Stripe.

See our knowledgebase setup video here > >

OptimizePress Suite

OptmizeCheckouts is included with our suite plan. It also includes OptimizeFunnels our visual funnel builder. Get your OptimizePress Suite plan today or upgrade to get access.

So there you have it, another new awesome feature added to your OptimizePress!

We'd love to hear your comments and questions below...

    12 replies to "Accept Apple & Google Pay In OptimizeCheckouts"

    • Radovan

      Does this work for OptimizePress Version: 2.5.25 and OptimizeMember Version 1.2.12?

      • James Dyson

        Radovan this is for OptimizePress 3 and our OptimizeSuite. We do not have this facility in OptimizeMember. We recommend switching to use OptimizeCheckouts and the OptimizeSuite for our latest features

    • Roger

      Can someone pay with Apple Pay when using Chrome? Or the type of the browser dictates the payment method (Apple/Google)?

      • James Dyson

        Roger the browser type dictates the payment methods. So apple pay is only supported in Safari (Apple) browser (on desktop and mobile). Chrome supports Gpay as it’s built into the browser (on desktop).

    • Jorge

      Great James. I am awaiting for Paypal too. I love your work guys 👏

    • tom Wakechild

      got it. thanks used knowledge base video reference link.

    • David

      How does this work with OptimizeMember and recurring membership payments? What options do we have?

      • James Dyson

        David we have an integration between OptimizeCheckouts and OptimizeMember so you can add buyers to an OptimizeMember site (and tag them with an access package). In terms of recurring memberships, you would probably just need to monitor those members if their payments fail to ensure they are removed.

    • James Dyson

      Francesco – we are *almost* there with Paypal. We are hoping for release in August/September if everything goes to plan.

    • David Frosdick

      Hey Tom, you can watch this setup video here. We are updating that KB article soon with more written steps.

    • tom Wakechild

      What version is needed
      I have installed Version 1.1.9 OP checkout
      Version 1.1.12 op builder
      Version 2.1.3 funnels
      Version 1.0.55 dashboard|
      When go to checkout pricing for stripe do not see add apple goggle pay option.

      After activating apple/goggle in op checkout setting When go to add domain with apple get following error.

    • Francesco

      Great new features guys 🙌

      What about Paypal? Is there an ETA?

      I’m waiting it for a new project.

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