Often referred to as one of the best business models in the world, membership sites are a great way to a build recurring and reliable stream of revenue for your business.

Don’t be under any illusion though, it requires hard work, consistent content and active community before it starts to pay big dividends over and over.

Back in 2008 I logged into a large membership site and literally fell off my chair when I saw the figures. A single website with a small team making six figures per month. Membership price was $350+ a month and on top of that the site was selling software products as a back-end product.

I then saw another site making the same kind of monthly revenue charging $9.99 a month!

It was fascinating to see sites in small unheard of niches producing larger amounts of money by providing valuable information to subscribers.

Memberships were starting to take off and these two pricing structures became apparent:

  1. High monthly price – Small numbers of members.
  2. Low monthly cost – Lots of members.

Before you even research the perfect membership site platform or plugin here are some important features the software should include:

  • Works with multiple payment gateways
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Allows unlimited members
  • Creates user login after payment
  • Integrates with multiple email list provides
  • Allows you to sell recurring and one-off membership
  • Allows drip feeding of content
  • File protection for downloads

Most membership platforms will offer a way to:

Should I run a membership site or sell an online course?

Both are technically the same thing in terms of the platform you use.

Membership Site – Charge recurring revenue to access the site and produce new content for the community.

Online Course – Charge a one-time fee to access the content no hassle of producing weekly or monthly content (offer relaunches each year with updated content).

I’ve seen membership sites become online course and online course become membership sites. If you pick the right membership site platform this switch is painless.

Before You Start

Before you build a membership site you must ask yourself the same question a customer would ask:

“what’s in it for me?”

Answering that questions will help you answer the next two questions:

  1. Is there enough content to justify a membership site?
  2. Can you produce enough regular content (weekly or monthly) to keep members happy and grow this site?

Membership sites are not always planned and become part of an additional offering from the website owner. It’s well worth your time to do some planning and estimate the churn rate, membership lifetime value (MLV), Cost per lead and much more.

This blog post is not going cover the ins and out of running a membership site, instead, we want to highlight the features your membership site solution should include helping you manage it, grow it and make it a success.

Membership Site Features

OptimizeMember is our plugin we provide OptimizePress customers that can be downloaded inside the member’s hub. It has an abundance of features for building a powerful membership site or selling an online course.

OptimizeMember provides informative explanations on how each feature works. When you expand each setting you can read the descriptions in the top area.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Set Login Welcome Page Description

1. Unlimited Membership Levels

Your membership site should offer unlimited membership levels. OptimizeMember offers 10 levels with unlimited packages.

The levels create an easy way for the site manager to quickly create membership levels while packages allow for complex membership access with unlimited use.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Define Membership Levels

Packages – Custom Capability Packages CCAP

These custom packages also referred to as CCAP in the shortcode means you can build custom packages within a membership level.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Add New Package

For example, a member on your Gold Level plan can access Gold Level content. While another member with Gold Level access AND a custom package called “ebook” could access other pages that require those custom packages.

Each page inside your site has a “Page Level Restriction” and “Require Product Packages”

Don’t be mistaken here. If you tick the package level box then only those members who have that package can access that page.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Page Level Restriction

Another use for custom packages is restricting which members see what content on the same page.

For example, you could show a “Start Training” button to members who have paid for content (Eg made a purchase and were added the custom capability) and for members that don’t have the CCAP they would see a “Join” button where they can upgrade their membership.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Add Custom Capability

The join page could go through to a sales page with an order button that adds the package (CCAP) to the user account, see the image below:

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Membership Order Button

2. Autoresponder Integration

Building your email list should always be a top priority so check your membership software integrates with your email list provider. ActiveCampaign is one of my favourites and we recently integrated with ConvertKit, both work with OptimizeMember.

An added bonus is the option to add different members to multiple email providers.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Option > Define Mailing List/Autoresponder Configurations.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Define Mailing List and Autoresponder Configurations

3. Hide Protected Content

Some membership sites can become cluttered with too many links. Having the option to hide membership content to nonmembers can clear up navigation’s and remove all members links. You may use this feature to hide content in a drip sequence however if you choose not to hide links it can be a clever way of teasing membership content on public pages.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Define Membership Levels and Packages.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Hide Links

4. Members Welcome Page

To keep your site personal and engaging your membership solution should be able to offer a custom Welcome Page or a Members Home Page

This could be the page the user see immediately after login or the main members home page. Some sites even call this the dashboard.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options >  Members Home Page / Login Welcome Page.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Set Members Home Page

5. Protect Content Redirect Page

When you protect content on your membership site usually the first page that gets setup is the page people see when they try accessing protected content.

OptimizeMember requires this page to function. It works as the page people are redirected to if they try accessing any of your members content.

This page could be your pricing page, a sales page or a page explaining they can’t access the content until they join.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Membership Options / Redirect Page.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Protect Content Redirect Page

6. Custom Membership Levels Home Page

Another sexy membership feature is to have a different page for each membership level! Users on a ‘Bronze’ plan see a page the welcomes them with a member level specific message while ‘Gold’ plan home page might see a video from you.

OptimizeMember allows 10 different homepages.

If you use a custom membership page this will override the Member Home Page above.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Members Home Page selection.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Set Login Welcome Page

To use this feature copy the code below changing the domain with your own.

Code: http://yourdomain.com/%%current_user_level%%-members-area/

Next, design your custom membership home page but change the URL so it includes the correct membership level number, as shown below:

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Bronze Members Area

And the URL would look like this:

Do the same for the second custom home page and others if you want more.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Silver Members Area

And the URL would look like this:

You can create up to 10 different pages like this. You can use different naming structures in your URL. The above is just an example of making it easy to understand.

Note: The “Level 1” is always the FREE membership plan in OptimizeMember.

7. Custom Email Settings

Membership signup confirmation is important to the end user as much as it for you. Being able to configure how your email looks will ensure it gets opened and reduce your customer support.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Email Configuration.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Email Configuration

8. New User Email

The contents of the email are also important. You want your emails to show clear instruction and links to login pages, custom service and more.

The New User email in OptimizeMember is pre-configured but you can edit this by clicking the link “click to customize“.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > New User Email Message.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Email Message Template

There is also a bunch of email shortcode giving you more flexibility.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Email Replacement Codes

9. Admin Notifications

When a new member signs up you will want instant notification. This email is very rewarding when you first get started as it will motivate you more. You can configure this email to give you some extra data about the user.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Email Configuration.Membership software features for growing a successful website | Email New User Notification

10. Free Signup Forms

If you want to have members join a free plan on your site this option takes care of the signup process. It could be used to get new members into the site and navigate some free content you’ve created.

Having them join for free captures their email and grows your email list.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Open Registration.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Disable Open Registration

11. Login Page Design

Want to add a little sparkle to your login pages? OptimizeMember lets you configure the login page design on your WordPress site. Like other membership platforms you should be able to configure 99.9% of the design.

You can style:

  • Font size
  • Background
  • Logo design

Simply choose to upload your own images from free stock image sites or select existing images in your WordPress library.

Check our MarketPlace if you need a custom OptimizePress login page.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Login Page & Registration Form Design.

12. Custom Registration Form Fields

This setting really expands the use of your default registration forms allowing you to create as many custom fields as you like. The example below shows a country list being added as per this support article.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields & Options.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Custom Registration

13. Force Personal Emails

If you run a B2B membership site this option may help you control what emails are used during registration. You can exclude emails like info, help, admin, webmaster, hostmaster, sales, support, spam forcing users to user their personal or named account.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields > Force Personal Emails During Registration.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Force Personal Emails During Registration

14. WordPress Default Member Profile Protection

Have you ever logged into a membership site and got lost inside the WordPress default profile area? Messy hey? You can forget that with OptimizeMember. This setting allows you to block that page and all other /wp-admin pages.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Member Profile Modification

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Redirect Members From Personal Profile

15. Custom My Account Page

Build your own My Account Page using the Custom Profile Shortcode. Its gives you control over creating your own inline profile modification form or a popup form that you can link to.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Member Profile Modification.

Simply add the shortcode [optimizeMember-Profile /] to your “My Account” page.Membership software features for growing a successful website | Custom Account Page

To produce the inline form like this

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Custom Inline Form

16. Custom Offer/Home Page

It just keeps getting better! With OptimizeMember you can create a custom welcome page based on each user and how active they are on your site.

Here’s an example of how you could use it to reward users.

Let’s say you have members who are very active and login to your site daily to participate in discussions and learn from you. You could build a new custom bonus page that includes a short video training session.

Then inside the One-Time-Offer, you could set this page to only show after they login X number of times.

So Mr. Brown logged in 5 times you could have a customer message for him saying “Hey Mr Brown, hope you are liking the site so far, any feedback give me a shout”

Mr. White has logged in to 20 times you could congratulate him and provide a free bonus video.

And Mr. Pink has logged in 50 times you could present them with a video message offering them a free 1-2-1 session with you.

I think you get the idea.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Optional One-Time-Offers ( Upon Login ).

Membership software features for growing a successful website | One-Time-Offer Configuration File

Here’s how the URL’s would look for all members after their 4th and 25th login:
4:http://www.yourdomain.com/your-fourth-login-offer/ (All Members)
25:http://www.yourdomain.com/your-25th-login-reward/ (All Members)

Here’s the URL’s for individual member plans:
3:1:http://www.yourdomain.com/your-25th-login-reward/ (3rd login for Level #1 Members)
5:0:http://www.yourdomain.com/your-5th-login-upgrade/ (5th login for Free Members)

Upselling Example

This One-Time-Offer feature would work well for offering free members a trial to a paid plan. Here’s how you could set it up.

Build the upsell page and make the URL ‘free-member-trial’ like:

Next, we want free members to see our upsell page after 14 logins. Paste your URL into the configuration field.

Add 14 – For the number of days

Add 0 for the free plan.

After 14 logins the user will be presented the upsell page.

The config file would look like this:

Membership software features for growing a successful website | One-Time-Offer Configuration File

17. Brute Force Protection

Most membership systems will monitor how many failed logins happen on your site. A dictionary type bot attack can attempt a combination of username and password until a correct guess is made.

These strategic attacks can be blocked with OptimizeMember Brute Force IP Restriction. It will detect how many failed logins attempts are made from any one IP and block the login page.

Location: OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > Brute Force IP/Login Restrictions.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Brute Force IP and Login Restrictions

You can set how many failed logins trigger the IP ban.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Set Failed Login Attempts

You can reset users blocked IP under their profile, look for Reset IP Restrictions > tick the box > and update the user account.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Reset IP Restrictions

18. Dual Login/Unique IP Protection

A concern of all membership site owners is password sharing. You build a site, someone joins and shares the login with their friends or even worse posts the credentials in a forum.

This is where a dual login detection feature would prevent more than two people signing in under one account.

OptimizeMember does this by monitoring how many different IP addresses login to your site under the same user account.

NOTE: Some users may use multiple devices to access your site. A conservative limit like 5 will reduce your need to unblock multiple user accounts.

Location: OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > Unique IP Access Restrictions.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Maximum IP Addresses Allowed

You can increase or reduce the number of IP’s per customer.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Set IP Address Limit

Next, you set what happens when the account is blocked.

19. Quick Page Protection Restrictions

Sometimes there’s a need to quickly bulk protect pages on your site. This function is easy to use once you know your pages numbers. You can protect Posts, Pages, Category Tags by number or ALL for each individual membership level.

Location: OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > Specific Post/Page Access Restrictions.

This image below shows protecting pages under the Free, Bronze and Silver plan.

Want To Protect Pages By URL?

You can do that as well! Simply enter the URL into the field and that’s it!

Location: OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > URI Level Access Restrictions.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | URL Member Protection

20. Alternative View Protection

OptimizeMember protects Categories, Tags, Posts, Pages, Files, URL’s & more. BUT, even with all of those security restrictions, it’s still possible for protected content excerpts to be seen through XML feeds, in search results generated by WordPress.

Rest assured your membership site is secured. This setting will prevent protected content in those areas.

Location: OptimizeMember > Restrictions Options > Alternative View Protection.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Protect Alternate Views

21. Sell Access To Pages Or Posts

This feature is very powerful, which allows you to sell access to specific Posts/Pages that you’ve created in WordPress. Specific Post/Page Access works independently from Member Level Access.

That is, you can sell an unlimited number of Posts/Pages using “Buy Now” Buttons, and your Customers will NOT be required to have a Membership Account with your site in order to receive access. If they are already a Member, that’s fine, but they won’t need to be.

Authentication is handled automatically through self-expiring links, good for 72 hours by default.

First set the post to be protected by Buy Now Option (Note it can not already be protected under OPM, if it is, go and unprotect it!)

Enter the post or page ID’s

Location: OptimizeMember > Paypal Buttons > Paypal Specific Post/Page (Buy Now).

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Specific Post and Page Access

Select the post you are selling access to. Set the price and click Generate Button Code. Paste that code onto you sales page.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Bronze Paypal Button

In some cases, you might need to extend the link or give customer service access to the page.

Location: OptimizeMember > Paypal Buttons > Paypal Specific Post/Page (Buy Now) > Link Generator.

This is where we extend the link for an additional period of time.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Post and Page Link Generator

Select the number of hours, days, months or years to extend access.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Specific Post and Page Buy Now Button

Click Generate Access Link and the link is provided below the button.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Post and Page Link Generator

NOTE: The extended link above shows a tiny url.com link. This is because tiny url had been set as the link shortening service to use.

Details further down this post under URL shortening.

22. Secure File Protection

A number of times I’ve seen unprotected PDF’s appears in search results or download links posted in discussion groups, I gave up notifying the site owners.

If your membership site software can’t protect a directory or even file type in a specific location, look for another solution.

OptimizeMember cleverly takes care of protected downloads by providing a folder for secure membership site files.

Let’s say you have an ebook called Membership Profits that you zip into a folder called membership-profits.zip

To protect this zip folder you would upload it to the following location on your OptimizeMember membership site.

NOTE: OptimizeMember must be installed.

Upload to: /wp-content/plugins/optimizeMember-files

You can now use a protected link that masks the full path to the file.

Here’s how the masked link would look:

Although it masks the file path it still protects the full file URL, forcing a login by redirecting to your Membership Options pages (see feature 4).

23. File Download Limits

A powerful membership site solution will allow you to manage how downloads are accessed. If you spend hours creating new downloads for your community, why should someone who just joined be able to download everything in one go?

Location: OptimizeMember > Download Options > Basic Download Restriction.

OptimizeMember also allows you to protect how many times members can download files each day.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | File Download Limit

24. Download Limit Exceeded

If you use the download limits features it makes sense to use the Limit Exceeded page. This will create a much smoother user experiencing and save you answering emails explaining their limit has been reached.

Location: OptimizeMember > Download Options > Download Limit Exceeded Page.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | File Download Limit Exceeded Page

25. Amazon S3/Cloudfront File Storage/Delivery

If you want to get more advanced and use third party’s storage solutions like S3 and Cloudfront, it can be done. It does require knowing your access keys and can require a little more technical skill to set up.

Location: OptimizeMember > Download Options > Amazon S3/CDN Storage & Delivery or Amazon S3/CloudFront CDN Storage & Delivery.

S3 Storage

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Amazon S3 Integration Setup

CloudFront Storage (even more technical)

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Amazon Cloudfront Integration Setup

26. Multiple Payment Gateways

It’s imperative your membership site solution offers multiple payment gateways. Stripe is the most popular gateway due to its ease of setup as well as Clickbank, Paypal and more.

Location: OptimizeMember > Other Gateways.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Multiple Payment Gateways

27. Drip Feeding Or Timed Release

Similar to the way we automatically deliver a series of emails over an extended period of time, drip feeding content is a popular feature.

This allows a site owner to automatically release content at set time periods. This structured learning process forces consumers to digest content slower by waiting until the next piece of content is released.

Location: OptimizeMember > Open a LiveEditor Page > Membership Settings > Membership Page Restrictions > Content Dripping.


It can also be managed at the WordPress edit page level.


28. Protected Content Redirect

I love that headline! Sounds technical, doesn’t it? How about membership site software that controls Protected Level Content Redirect For Individual Pages? Now we are talking!

OptimizeMember allows you to redirect every individual protected page in a drip sequence to a different page. This is ideal for letting users know the content will be released soon.

Someone is trying to access Level 2 Module A – could be redirected to a Level 2 upgrade page but if they wanted to access Level 2 Module B you could redirect them to a module upgrade page with a different style of sale message or even tease them with a module preview!

How great is that?

Location: OptimizeMember > Open a LiveEditor Page > Membership Settings > Membership Page Restrictions > Then select a page under Redirect to if content not available.


29. Inline File Extensions

There are two ways to serve files. Inline, or as an Attachment. By default, optimizeMember will serve all of your protected files, as downloadable attachments. Meaning, visitors will be given a file download prompt.

OptimizeMember allows you to choose which files type you will serve in the browser and not give the download prompt.

Location: OptimizeMember > Download Options > Inline File Extension.

30. Erase Settings

The option should be used carefully. It gives the membership site owner the ability to completely erase OptimizeMember data from the database when you deactivate the plugin.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Deactivation Safeguards.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Deactivation Safeguards

31. Encryption

Like most WordPress plugins the source code can easily crawl through to find potential security holes.

This powerful feature lets the membership site owner completely encrypt the installation of OptimizeMember using a unique key.

Click the auto-generated link to create your key. Read the help text to fully understand what you MUST NOT do after you enable it.

Location: OptimizeMember > General Options > Security Encryption Key.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Security Encryption Key

32. URL Shortening

When building your membership site you may create some complex or masked urls for downloads or pages. This shortening feature lets you shorten a long URL to something more simple.

Remember the feature above where we sell post of page access. That’s the perfect example where this feature is used. The complex download links are created and shortened using your chosen service.

Location: OptimizeMember > General > Other Membership Options > URL Shortening Service Preference.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | URL Shortening Service API

33. Captcha Options for Registration Forms

Captcha and Antispam on your signup form.

OptimizeMember does include a default set of keys so all you have to do is add a piece of shortcode to your proforms. Notice the last piece of shortcode below captcha=”clean”.

Location: OptimizeMember > General > Other Membership Options > CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Security.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Captcha and Anti-Spam Security

Example of captcha

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Captcha and Anti-Spam Security Code

34. Prevent GZIP Compressions

If you are using any caching plugins to speed up your WordPress site this feature will automatically help prevent compressions plugins messing with your download files.

Location: OptimizeMember > OptimizeMember > Download Options > Preventing GZIP Conflicts On Server.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | htaccess File

35. Powerful Conditional Codes

This is one of the most overlooked features in OptimizeMember. Successful site owners like Kirk and Ian use the conditional shortcodes to protect content for different user levels.

Location: OptimizeMember > API Scripting > Simple Conditionals.

This code example protects content for logged in users.

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Conditional Codes

The above could work in the same way we protect content for different capabilities using ccap (see Packages in feature 1).

Membership software features for growing a successful website | Add Custom Capability

Hope That Helps!

You now have a list of features to help run a successful membership site.

I hope this blog post has given you some food for thought if you don’t already run a membership site. OptimizeMember is a powerful tool with more than enough features to manage how you show and hide content.

We would love to hear how you use OptimizeMember in your business.

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Tell Us What You Think – Please Comment Below!

Do you use any of these features on your own membership site? Have you learned new possible ways you can use OptimizeMember to protect content? Please post any questions below or tell us your experiences from running your own membership site.


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      Can I use “all_packages” as a Custom Capability for my highest member to receive all of our packages? I’m trying to keep my membership simple. Ala carte trainings plus one membership level that gets you access to everything. Thanks in advance!

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      Hello. Does your plug-in support upgrade and downgrade subscriptions using CCBill?

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        Hey Elena, please reach out to our support regarding all the payment gateways.

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        Hi UBI, I would do this using Packages. Each member can be set their own package. You could then create a different content pages for each member in your site and only those with a set packages could access the page.

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            Hey Carl you would just need to use the “packages” feature of OptimizeMember. You can sell as many products you need on a single OP Member site.

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    • Duncan Wierman

      Does this mean we do not have to use DAP anymore with Optimize Press?

      • David Frosdick

        Hey Duncan! DAP is an awesome plugin and you can still use it. OptimizeMember is also a membership plugin that OptimizePress customer have always had access to. Both are great! The choice is yours 🙂

        • Karl Eberhardt

          I have DAP i think good product however never could get to integrate correctly with infusionsoft so just living with semi automatic set up , I will be installying OP member for my membership site since I have never had any problems with OP and Infusionsoft API integrating for all of my other needs..its just works…(I sell physical products and need the robustness of infusionsoft for API ect ) never could get DAP it to integrate smooth with infusionsoft for the membership it just didnt play nice with infusion.
          The folks over at DAP could not figure out why either even though I paid for support assistance so I gave up trying to get it to work. Dont know if it was updates in Infusion at the time and DAP was not up to speed… bc DAP does have instructions for integration with infusionsoft…. also DAP frequently updates the code and you have to keep paying every year to get the most current version and access to free support. The problem- infusion also updates so perhaps they were not consistently on the same page.

    • Stuart Feldman

      This is an excellent post.

    • Genevieve

      This is a great blog post!

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