3 Power Strategies To Maximise The OverlayOptimizer [New Videos]

If your part time job is fighting crime as Batman or you've been busy researching glacial melt rates on the north pole, you may have missed our recent feature release - Overlay Optimizer.

Good News - I have some exciting new advanced training videos to share with you that are going to show you exactly how to maximise the potential of this powerful feature...

...Before I explain those let me quickly recap the details of the OverlayOptimizer.

What Is Overlay Optimizer?

Its purpose is to help you create pages that are simple in design, but effective at capturing engagement and encouraging commitment.

This NEW OverlayOptimizer feature has been a long time in the making, it has great flexibility and numerous uses, which I will explain further in a moment.

OverlayOptimizer will allow you to combine elements of your pages...

Thus... engaging the attention of visitors, defusing doubt and skepticism, and drawing commitment from clicks.

We have put together a short series of video power strategies that you can easily implement to engage your audience and boost your conversions.

You can view them direct below on this page, plus they are also available to view in the members area.

Power Strategy One - Create Opt-in Overlays (2-Step Opt-in)

In this video you will discover how to create the popular 2-Step opt-in process using an Opt-in form in the overlay window - a technique which can help you boost opt-in rates of your pages.

Power Strategy Two - Create Video Overlays

This video will show you how to use the OverlayOptimizer to load videos in an overlay window. The video will also show you how to customize the overlay window to change the styling to suit your page

Power Strategy Three - Create Text Information Overlays

This video will show you how to utilize the OverlayOptimizer element to create overlays which show informational content. This will help you reduce the need for long-indepth landing pages as you can create overlays to display more detailed information

Tell Us What You Think - Comment Below!

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell us how you're using the new OverlayOptimizer feature...

  • Looking good!

    • Thanks Alexander - we have more training coming soon

  • This is awesome! Thanks

    • Thanks Juliano we hope you enjoy using this new feature and get some ideas from this post

  • Beatriz

    Its great but... with this update mi theme start to act weird... some help please!

    • Beatriz I'm sorry to hear that. If you could send a ticket to our helpdesk we'll certainly take a look at that for you asap. Our team has found a few minor issues with the 2.1.9 version and an update will be released tomorrow.

      As you can imagine with our user base applying the OptimizePress software in so many different ways and with so many different configurations, little issues do sometimes occur, we but we always do what we can to get these resolved asap.

      • KM Lee

        Yea, I did encounter some 'minor' issues with the latest OP. Glad to know it'll be fixed soon.

      • Beatriz

        Hi James!
        Thank you I've sent the ticket 🙂
        I hope see my theme again very soon.
        You know time is money

      • Beatriz

        I'm happy again 🙂
        All its solved.
        There was a plugin that broke the page builder.
        But all its ok now.

    • Leah Mullis

      hey Beatriz! I had the same thing happen - but all I do is De-activate my theme and just active Twenty Eleven or something when I'm working on an OP2.0 page and then set it back again when I'm done...I love my theme and don't want to give it up 🙂

      • Beatriz

        hey Leah!
        thanks for the tip 🙂
        I done that too but... it doesn't work 🙁
        I love my theme really so, i'm still working in the issue.

  • Marco

    Great feature, In the last video, is that a template theme?

    By the way, this comment box is this also a feature of OP?
    Where do I get this?

    • Marco the template there is a Content template included in our "Clubhouse" membership. You can find out more about this in the members area.

      We are using Disqus comments on this site - this is a free plugin. I made a video about how to add these to your OptimizePress websites here: https://optimizepress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201970043-Using-the-Disqus-comments-system-on-Optimizepress

      • Gene

        Hi James,

        I have the clubhouse membership. What is the name of the theme...I didn't see it in there. Obviously I missed it.

        Thanks for the videos and new update, btw!

        • Hey Gene! It's the one called "Classy Funnel - Course Sales Page", towards the middle of the Clubhouse templates page.

          • Gene

            Thanks Chris! I appreciate the answer and in a very short time frame as well.

      • Marco

        Thanks James, this was very useful.
        An other question: is it possible in the tabs element to change the color of the tabs?

  • This new feature is great and can't wait to try it out. Just to say James, that I'm super impressed with everything you guys do at OP. It's just simply amazing!

    • Thank you - your feedback really means a lot and all our team read this blog so thank you from everyone here.

  • Bryan
  • GregAgustinJr


    One question: Are you going to allow extra fields for the optin box overlay? I noticed only name and email are available at the moment with no option to add additional fields...

    • Hello Greg,

      You can indeed add additional fields (like phone number, etc.), but it depends on which optin form style you use. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • GregAgustinJr

        For the overlay? I know you can do it for the regular optin form... I swear I tried all the different ones with the overlay optimizer with no luck.

        • Yes sir. Positive. 🙂
          I just tried it again to double-check for ya, and I was able to click on Extra Fields > ADD NEW at the bottom of the optin editor and I added a new field (I ended up with First Name, Last Name, and Email Address in this case).

  • Martin Fox

    Brilliant overlay training videos. You answered all my questions and then some. Every time I think OptimizePress can't get any better, you up the game again. 🙂

    • Ian Bass

      Thanks Martin, the new overlay feature is very powerful I hope you find it useful...

  • Willie Prevolt Jr.

    I will be testing out this new feature inside one of my Facebook Marketing campaign, it gives a new approach to building squeeze pages that's don't look like squeeze pages.

    I really love the fact that I can control and tweak the page based on how the market responses to my control page.

    Will done team will done!

    ~ Willie


    • Ian Bass

      Thanks buddy - thanks for sharing the OptimizePress love...

  • emorais_leadip

    Suggestion: A trigger for launch the overlay when the cookie for access the lauch pages are not found. Instead of send the visitor to the entrance page, why not just show the overlay opt in?

  • Love this. If i'm using the plugin, is there any possibility in the future to create a link to an overlay on a page that's using my default theme?

    • Gedaly, at the moment this isn't possible but it is something we're investigating as a future feature or add-on

  • Franc Karpo

    About using the text information overlay... is the 'hidden' content not picked up by Google? If so, this overlay would be a great way to use similar content on different pages, (or sites) without having to worry about any duplicate content issues.

    • Franc - I can't give a 100% answer on that currently as Google regularly changes it's algorithms and what it includes in their indexes (they never publicly release this info)

      What I can tell you is that the information in the overlay IS added to the code of your page - so it is there if a search engine spider scans the code - so I wouldn't guarantee that the content would be completely hidden from Google

      • Franc Karpo

        Thanks James, that was very helpful. I will treat overlays as I normally would with dup content.

  • timdini

    When using the Overlay with video, I find the video does not play on iPhone or Android mobile phones?

    • Hi Tim. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you test the video separately on iphones/android phones? The video player shouldn't behave any differently, but often we find our users have issues as their video wasn't prepared properly for mobile playback. We recommend using Wistia or Vimeo to prepare your videos properly and host them

  • Christopher Walker

    Hi! Is there a simple way to use Overlay in the sidebar widgets (ie. connected/triggered by an img/button) in the OP2 blog theme?

    • Hi Christopher. There isn't a way to do this at the moment. The OverlayOptimizer does some quite complex stuff behind the scenes so it's not compatible with the blog part of the system yet - but we are looking at ways this could be done in a future update. Stay tuned to this blog for more on this as it develops!

      • Christopher Walker

        Great thanks for letting me know James. Looking forward to that addition, and loving all the updates you guys are adding right now.


      • Derrick Horvath

        It would be awesome to have a "staging" area where we can build optimizepress elements like the overlayoptimizer and feature boxes that we can put at the end of blog posts and use as sidebar widgets. Basically you go to the staging area to build your element such as a feature box with an overlay pop-up button inside with some text maybe image of an ebook or something, then OptimizePress spits out the HTML code we need to put at the bottom of our blog posts or in our sidebar widgets. That would be uhmazing and probably would make me cancel leadpages. I still find leadboxes much easier to use than this just because of the bottom of blog post and sidebar issue. However, this is an awesome feature for regular pages right now, oh and can you guys fix the getresponse API, it still doesn't work for me when I create opt-in boxes.

    • I was just about to ask this same question, its a good thing I actually read the comments. Yes, this will be a great feature to have inside of OptimizePress

  • Leah Mullis

    Really like it James - I've had to use the Tippy plugin in the past to have features like this on my page but this will look so much better 🙂

  • You guys are knocking out these videos left and right making kind of hard to keep up... okay I'm kidding I will find a way to keep up.

    Loving what you guys are doing with OptimizePress also.

    Question: Why make the switch to disqus comment system?

    Anyways, I've already started using the OverlayOptimizer on some of my pages.

    Thanks for keeping Optimize Press amazing.

    Talk soon,

    Isaiah Jackson

  • fernando gonçalves bôrrega

    Thank you. Great Feature and Powerful training videos . So now i dont' need LeadPages any more :). OK , almost .

  • Nice job! Now lets add some video background and some IP base rending map from Google 🙂

  • Nice job! excellent, i will practice these three Power strategies.

  • Anthony Manganiello

    Can you use this element as an exit pop?

    • RWFG

      Apparently, the folks at OP have never heard of an Exit Pop.

  • Pedro Gomes de Moura

    Can we have an automatic overlay delay? Like after 30 seconds at the opt-in page, tbe optin box pops-up autmaticaly!! This will be awesome!
    And will be good if we can redirect automaticaly the viewers to another page after a amount of time. For instance, after my "X"minutes Sales Video, the viewer will be automaticaly redicted to my checkout page.

    You guys ROCK!!! Keep Rocking

  • Rajeev Kistoo

    AwesomeNess!! keep up the good work guys. I use Overlay for Get In Touch, Send Me a Quote Buttons with forms 😉

  • Nice addition. I already have a few uses for it

  • Awesomeness! I already have one in use 🙂 I'm assuming we can use this with media too? Like images? I'm off to try!

    • Yes indeed! You should be able to use images. You can also use the video player as well.

  • Beth Grant

    I love this but I'm having an awful time trying to figure out how to use this correctly with my InfusionSoft code. 🙁 Anyone know if there is a video tutorial about this? Thanks!

    • Dan

      You shouldn't need to mess with any Infusionsoft code. Once you've attached your IS account and named your form in the IS campaign builder the form name should show up in a drop down menu in the live editor form builder. You just select the form you want - no code.

  • John Kenney

    Great stuff James! Can't wait to implement all 3 of these!

  • Thomas Laggner


  • Manege Traffic

    why I can not see "overlay Optimizer" in my optimizepress

    I when updated the plugin again but nothing happen ..can your guys help me out ..


    • Hello there!

      First, make sure you have OptimizePress, then go into a Live Editor page, click on ADD ELEMENT, and then scroll down and look for the OverlayOptimizer. It should be an element there.

      If you still have trouble, I would suggest submitting a support ticket here: https://optimizepress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  • LaChrysTol

    This is great on pages, but they are not available on the blog side unfortunately 🙁
    Any idea of when this can be made available pls?

    Since we are using the OP theme, I presume all the features on pages should be made available on the blog side as well.
    I think most people will agree with me on this as I've being struggling to make my blog as neat and good as my pages.

  • Vince Caso

    Pretty brilliant feature, guys. Bravo!

  • sahomeloans

    I've tried to add a gravityforms form with shortcode in the overlay optimizer element.... I used an image to trigger the popup, but it's all greyed out when I click the image. The whole page with the form is greyed out, not just the background? Any suggestions

  • Jeremy BigChips Neal

    My submit button is GONE on ALL my pages using Optimizer Overlay. I noticed my leads dropped from 10+ daily to ZERO, and someone commented that there is no submit button. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Are you able to add an overlay INSIDE a blog post. E.g. I want to offer a download file that relates to my blog post (inside my text area) but I want an email pop-up optin box to pop-up when they click the button??

  • Do you have plans to add a an Optin Exit pop up i.e. it presents a visitor who looks like they intend to leave the page with an Optin Box?

  • Can this be used outside of an optimize press page? I want to use a button on my sidebar that pops the overlay optimizer. Is this possible?

  • Stuart Galloway

    Question.. Does the Overlay Optimizer yet support custom fields other than just text input? i.e drop down menus or radio buttons I create in my Autoresponder.. I know I can upload my own custom HTML form but then I lose all your lovely styling. This is essential for marketers who are running live events who need to capture leads but also need to capture date and time variations..

    • Hi Stuart, the optin forms support custom field. The Overlay supports optin forms and other elements. Have you tested this since posting your comment?

  • The overlay optimizer still does not have a way to time an offer button to open after the video is over. This is very common in marketing. You finish watching the free video and then the user gets an offer to buy more information or product.

    • Hi Mark, you can still use the delay option on the rows. Have you tried adding that under your videos?

  • Hi, how can we add an overlayoptimizer to a page where it has no live editor?


    • That's not possible at this time but we have an update o this feature being released soon.

  • helpnesss

    Allavsoft to download
    very good,you can have a try.