Introducing The OverlayOptimizer [New Feature]

When a visitor lands on one of your web pages we have limited time to engage their interest, in most cases only a few seconds.

It is therefore imperative that your pages draw attention and action from every visitor.

There really are two parts to this process, and our NEW FEATURE RELEASE, combines them perfectly.

Part 1 is engagement - capturing your visitors curiosity enough so that they are intrigued by your content.

Part 2 is commitment - getting them to take action, whether that is to click, to watch, to opt- in, or to buy.

One of the best things we can do to improve on our website conversion, is ensure that the action required from the visitor is clear and requires minimum commitment.

Engaging the visitor to click a link or button before watching a video or submitting a web form, is more likely to produce the completion of the process..

By getting minimal commitment in the initial instance, we can get a visitor to take more involved actions (we are looking for ways to implement these "micro-committments" throughout the conversion funnel).

"The trick isn't adding stuff, it's taking away"

- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

The OptimizePress development team have been working hard on a NEW FEATURE that is going to increase the engagement and commitment of your visitors. Boosting your conversion goals, whether those goals are web form submissions, online sales, greater interaction with content  or customer referrals...

What Is The New Feature?

 Well we call it the OverlayOptimizer…

Its purpose is to help you create pages that are simple in design, but effective at capturing engagement and encouraging commitment.

This NEW OverlayOptimizer feature has been a long time in the making, it has great flexibility and numerous uses, which I will explain further in a moment.

OverlayOptimizer will allow you to combine elements of your pages...

Thus... engaging the attention of visitors, defusing doubt and skepticism, and drawing commitment from clicks.

Here Is How OverlayOptimizer works…

Using the OverlayOptimizer is very simple, there’s just a few steps to adding the OverlayOptimizer to your pages.

Step 1: Inside the LiveEditor, select the OverlayOptimizer from the element browser and choose the trigger button or image for your overlay from the style options.

Step 2: Next, simply add any elements you want to include on your overlay in the OverlayOptimizer content section on the page

Step 3: Publish your page and your OverlayOptimizer will be ready to go!

 The video above shows in more detail how this works, and we have a video series showcasing some clever ways to use the OverlayOptimizer, coming next week.

Just Some of the Many Uses of OverlayOptimizer

  • Create 2-Step Opt-in Processes
  • Create custom overlays that contain video (training or in-depth content videos)
  • Create overlays to show more detailed information(text) on your product or service
  • Create an overlay order box with an order button and purchasing details
  • Load your training videos in overlay boxes for a clean uncluttered look
  • Create clickable elements that produce overlays
  • Create overlays that contain images/video/text
  • Drop in custom HTML to the overlay
  • The OverlayOptimizer is really only limited by your imagination.

The good news is that this NEW FEATURE is available now to all users that have upgraded to the latest version of the OptimizePress platform 2.1.9 (this is available inside the members hub now or via your WordPress Dashboard if your hosting supports automatic updates).

In a few days time we will announce the winner of the "1 Year FREE ClubHouse Subscription".

Talk soon,


Tell Us What You Think - Comment Below!

We would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this brand new OptimizePress feature.  How will you use it in your business?


  • Jason Dodd

    Sweet! Great job James and the Optimize Press team! Can't wait to replace the existing pop up opt-in forms on my site! Also awesome to see that these pop ups aren't restricted to just opt-in forms. It'll be exciting to experiment and see how many ways to leverage this new feature. Thank you for all of the hard work and for continuing to update the platform.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jason. We really wanted to make the OverlayOptimizer as flexible as possible - and not just limit our users to opt-in boxes. We can't wait to see how you utilise this feature

  • John Detlefs

    Great feature!! I've been hoping for something like this for a while. Great job guys. 🙂

    • Thanks John - we have many more exciting features coming soon

      • John Detlefs

        No drag and drop for the internal overlay elements.. that's in the works I assume? Taking ages to redo every form manually rather than being able to duplicate then drag and drop. Fantastic feature though.. looking forward to seeing it develop.

        • John on my demo site here elements within the overlay can be moved around using the usual interface drag and drop. Is the drag and drop working on your normal LiveEditor page? Perhaps drop our support team a ticket and they will look into this

          • John Detlefs

            Not sure how to put it.. when I click the overlay pencil, it opens up the overlay section, and drag and drop works in there.

            But if I have multiple overlays and I want the same form to go into each of those overlays then I need to recreate the form, yes? I can't access the overlay elements from the live editor page, which would be ideal for me. Not a biggie, but if possible.

            Still a brilliant feature.. I love it. 🙂

          • John - I think I understand. So you mean dragging or copying content between overlays on the SAME page? At the moment that wouldnt be possible, but what you CAN do is clone the overlayOptimizer element once you have the first one setup and this should then copy the overlay content also to the new cloned element

            The only downside is that each time you change something you would need to either clone the element again or make the change in each OverlayOptimizer element

            hope that helps!

  • Fedor

    Awesome! Going to run a split test right now.

    • That's great to hear Fedor - we'd love to hear your feedback and findings after your testing!

  • Derrick Horvath

    Awesome, can't wait to use it. Using custom HTML we can do pop-ups for access to our free membership to optimizemember as well correct?

    • Hi Derrick. You should be able to add any of the membership elements from OptimizeMember.

  • Janek

    Thanks! Is OptimizePress 2 fix for Woocommerce plugin is still needed with this version?

  • Dave Swift

    Am I doing this right? You can't use the OverlayOptimizer inside of Feature Boxes?

    • KM Lee

      same here. I don't see the element appeared in the "Feature Box".

    • At the moment the OverlayOptimizer can only be inserted into main layout columns on a LiveEditor page. We will be looking into additional functionality in future updates.

  • Ayda

    Yay! I guessed it! I This is so awesome! we are migrating our entire site to OP... I can't wait to implement it and link it with Infusionsoft!! Thanks !!!

    • Thanks Ayda - and well done on guessing right! We'll be announcing the winner of the competition in the next few days.

  • KM Lee

    what else to say? OP is getting better and better... and better every single day.

    • Thanks KM - we're working on lots more things behind the scenes so stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon.

  • Very sweeettt guys... this is just exactly what I needed!

    • Great to hear Andry - thanks for your feedback

  • Jordi Puente

    You are GREAT guys!

    • Thanks Jordi - your kind words mean a lot to all the team here 🙂

  • Johnny B

    Awesome! is this compatible with external plugin shortcodes? If so, it seems that it'd be possible to insert an order form into an overlay... right!? So cool!

    • Hi Johnny. The OverlayOptimizer will support HTML using the Custom HTML /Shortcode element - I haven't tested extensively with external shortcodes yet so I'm not sure on that - but I would think it should work.

  • Victoria Judge

    Nice, catching up with Lead Pages

    • Thanks Victoria - there are lots more updates in the pipeline too.

    • and hundreds of dollars a year cheaper too 🙂

    • Misha Wilson

      Optimize Press has SOOOO much more flexibility than Leadpages though... They have 99.9% of everything that Leadpages has... but then 1000% more flexibility. Thats why I love OP2. You have room for creativity.

      I like LeadPages too... but I think OP2 is a more complete tool...

      • Victoria Judge

        I agree. I'm not actually using LeadPages at all now.

  • Jason Brown

    I'm with Ayda, I was using Optimize Press as a plug in but i'm in the process of migrating my site as well... the features keep getting better and better... love it.

    • Thanks Ayda - hope everything goes well with the migration of your sites

  • This is great! It is similar to LeadPages. I am so glad you guys implemented this. I have several clients that request this feature and always want to buy LeadPages because of this. Now that OP has it, I can keep all my clients on the OP Platform. 😉

    • Hi Jason - we appreciate you as a user of our platform. We're continually looking for ways to make our customers lives easier with features and tools like this.

  • This is a welcome addition. Thanks.

  • loving this new feature james! I'm excited to do this on my site!

  • AlexNavas

    Love it. Glad you added it. Would be awesome to use this function on other pages as well, not just in the builder. Great job with the updates.

    • I was thinking the same thing

    • Thanks for the suggestion Alex. At the moment this is available only in the LiveEditor but I'll certainly pass this suggestion onto the product and development team to see what we can do in a future update

      • Yup please don't miss out the functionality of the blog. It is very much under-utilised but the clean design makes it very flexible. The new site I'm working on really puts every feature of the op2 theme to the test and I have to say I'm loving it!

        • This is certainly something that should be possible in the future - I'll ensure that we give this some serious attention as soon as possible

      • Jason Dodd

        Just realized that I'll have to continue to use a third party for pop-ups on blog pages. 🙁

      • This was the first thing I tested and unfortunately it didn't work. Many of the OP2 elements from the plugin work in normal pages, but this one is not working unfortunately. Would be great so people can use this functionality on non OP2 pages.

  • Dee Wakefield

    Awesome feature! Thanks, Guys...

    • Thanks Dee - good to hear you like it 🙂

  • Nice feature, what's next? Webinar funnel with google hangouts integration and a chat function? That would be nice 🙂 = money saver too, I guess that is a good reason to, to buy OP 🙂

    • Eduardo Cardenas

      YES, I like this one too

    • I doubt this would happen, they would need to incorporate many new features like automated email delivery etc unless they told users to tie it in with a autoresponder service with scheduled emails.
      Their are still feature improvements to be made with the creations of page styles and funnels as a whole. But who knows 🙂

      • I understand what you say. I don't need an automated email delivery system, I use mail chimp for that. But it would be nice to have a chat functionality as an element, and provide the building block to make an webinar funnel. Also nice to force people to sign in to your webinar when it starts and automatically display their name in the attendee list. Maybe it's possible to log the these sorts of activity .. I don't know .. I am just a user with special needs I guess 🙂

        • I totally understand what you mean! Having a way to run webinars with hangouts is essential. I didnt mean to say its not needed. Just that if they concentrate on a system like that they are replicating something like webinarjam or webinar ignition (these programs are awesome by the way, i use webinar ignition). Their is a way you can intergrate lifefyre chat system in the "custom" element so you have a working chat system. In theory a registration system could also be possible to setup. You could actually use a launch funnel and modify it as a registration system for your webinar then use mailchip to automate the reminders etc. But yeah i think i ave over complicated the process. They could make tweaks to that so its possible tho.

          • I am going to check that out, thank you for your tip ..

    • I don't understand why people are asking for this. OP2 is not a webinar platform. There are plenty of solutions for this already. I rather have OP2 be the best at what it is supposed to do and that is landing pages, launch funnels, and membership sites. Webinars seem so left field for to me.

      • I don't need a full platform, but could use some building blocks to combine other good services .. I can do great follow ups with mailchimp, I can capture potential leads with it. Most webinar solutions are expensive and offer a lot of functionality I don't really need. What I need is the possibility to cast endless webinars, to as many people that are interested (not max 25. people or when you need 100 that the costs rises enormous). I find google hangouts an interesting concept, but it's hard to integrate and use it without chat functionality. It's also nice as people login to your webinar, that automatically their id is used in the chat functionality. Leadpages do offer such a solution in combination .. So it doesn't have to be a full service platform, but simple elements that work together (login + chat + mailchimp + google hangouts + funnel) ..

  • Oussama

    I see that responding to customer's requests have a priority of sending us
    a newsletter

    It's been 2 days and I still did not get any answer from you for one of my requests !

    • Hi Oussama - I'll certainly have the support team check into your emails as soon as possible.

  • Rod Davison

    Awesome exactly what ive been looking for

  • Iain MacGillivray

    looks good, is it responsive..?

    • Sure is Iain - we've tested down to mobile size and the content and popup will scale down with the screen size.

      • Iain MacGillivray

        Great stuff James, just what I'm needing.

  • Stephen Pearce

    Directors Dashboard and Virtual Leaders Love this New Feature , Well Done Guys

    • Thank you Stephen - great to hear you like the new feature

  • Keli Carpenter


    • We think it's pretty sweet too 🙂 thanks Keli

  • lisaAbogle

    Awesome! This was on my wishlist when i saw it in Lead Pages. The time i saw it in use the form field in the opt in box (in the pop up) was filled in! - i didn't even need to type in my email address i just clicked the join button, a total of 2 clicks and i was done. Any ideas if that would be possible here in OP? Oh and does it work on a smart phone?

  • Mark Channon

    Nice! Can you use it to overlay a sign in or registration form?

  • I love that this product keeps getting better and better. Most marketers sell you something and then give up on that product and then try to sell you something else. This approach will keep me a loyal customer for years to come 🙂

  • Norbert Hofer

    Great work! I love optimizepress more an more 🙂

  • Darren O'Connor

    This makes me very very happy indeed. Good job OP. Fan for life!!

  • Nice update! Really helps clean up the clutter inside the members area..

  • Robert Oliński

    Superb... Thank you 🙂

  • Eric

    Excellent, très bonne idée les gars 😉
    Can we use OverlayOptimizer as a simple optin pop up ?

    • You sure can Eric. You'll see an example of this in the video above

      • Eric

        Thanks for your quick answer. Your example is very clear. On the other side, my question wasn't clear. I meant : can the popup be displayed with a delay, without a pushing a submit button ?

  • Amazing Feature... Our Clients are going to love it.. Awaiting to get more control over Infusionsoft optin...

  • Eduardo Cardenas

    Awesome! Great Job!

  • Parfait j'étais justement en train de refaire ma page d’accueil, je vais le tester !

  • Beatriz

    Awesome, how I can get it?

  • Andy Medlam

    BAM..... Love it!! I know what I'm going to be playing with this afternoon 🙂

  • Eli

    Awesome update! Thanks guys.
    Just couple of q's
    1. Is it possible to add an iframe in the overlay?

    2. Can we also add a redirection url on close of popup?

  • Love it....

  • Trevor White

    love it!

  • Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

    Looks good and catching up with LeadPages (you need a social connect option to pre-fill or connect with a specified social network like Facebook, G+, etc).

    And thinking about social opt-ins, been trying to create the simplicity of OP1 style pages in OP2 as opt-in pages for people coming directly from Facebook, but it's hard to do. Wondering if this new feature will simplify this by allowing me to direct them to the overlay with my own social connect button on it. Currently using a blank background page with just one big feature box on it that contains the button that fires off my social connect (such as a ConnectReaveal to get a viral loop going). Your current opt-in element would be much better...if you made the email opt-in optional!

  • Bill Allen

    Awesome! Love this a lot. Very nice...keep updates like these coming:)

  • James Jordan

    excellent...Its now getting easier to make pages you actually have 'in mind' without having to pay expensive developers to code.....

    So can I use this to 'overlay' say a bunch of user testimonials without taking a prospect form a sales page? Does it always work ' lightbox' style or can you have so you can have a faded background? thnx starting to get comfortable withthe way OP2 works and am excited about what we are creating!

  • It's the right thing to do 😉

  • Looks great! Cant wait to start using this new feature! 🙂

    • Thank you - we look forward to hearing about how you're using it

  • Lead pages and optimize press are different beasts. Optimize press is far more flexible in terms of getting your pages exactly how you want them. Lead pages is awesome for getting exactly what you see but the flexibility is greatly reduced. You could never create a whole site with lead pages as that is not its purpose. This is a step in the right direction as optimize press now has a more flexible version of lead boxes to a extent. But seriously both platforms are awesome. But if you care about your branding and the style that you represent to your customers then optimize press has a added layer of flexibility at the moment. I would hate to produce pages that look like everyone else's and at the moment i see that trend growing with lead pages and that will undoubtedly effect conversions for that page style in the long run.. Keep up the great work guys..

    • Thanks Alexander - I appreciate your comments. We certainly aim to provide a good degree of flexibility and our users are creating some very varied and diverse sites with OptimizePress.

  • Michael Krisa

    Great new feature - ever considered hosting a LIVE event. People would come together with their laptops and by the end of the weekend have completely created and launched their OP site?

    • Thanks Michael. We have actually discussed holding a live event - this is certainly something we will be looking to do in the future. Our customers will be the first to know more details if/when we decide to do this.

      • Michael Krisa

        James I am one of your customers and will the first one in line when you make the announcement 🙂

  • Rudolf Lechleitner

    Nice Feature!
    Is it possible to extend it to Support an Exit-Lightbox as well?

    • Hi Rudolf. At the moment this isn't possible, but we can certainly note this as a feature request as we will be continually looking to expand and improve this feature

  • It's about time, taking OptimizePress over the top now, about to use this feature A LOT. Great job guys

    • Thanks Isaiah - great to hear this feature will be useful to you

  • I would like to see multi variable split tests appear as a element. So you select the element then it opens up a "a", "b" box that you can continue to add elements into either. (The same way you add elements inside a feature box) then half visitors see one and half the other. After a set threshold it reverts to the style that converted the best.

    • Unoriginal

      I want a unicorn generator on mine.

      • We love unicorns too...but I'm afraid a unicorn generator doesn't quite fit with our overall vision for the OptimizePress platform 😉 I hope the OverlayOptimizer is a worthy substitute.

    • Alexander this is a fantastic idea. We have a pretty jam packed roadmap at the moment and split testing isn't on our plans for the next few months - but we'll certainly see what we can do about this in the future - or improve the ability to do what you're looking for with other services available

      • Yeah to be honest its not that important as its so easy to clone pages and split test between variations with google experiments. I will retract my request and look forward to what you got coming.

      • Do you publish that roadmap for customers to see?

  • Art Rothafel

    Yes, I like that I can get rid of my LeadPages subscription...! Great job!

  • Oh, yes--giving that other product a serious run for their $. Go OP 2.0! #fabupgrade

    • Thank you Raven - we appreciate your feedback

  • Bret

    Bam!!! Stepping up the game! Love it!!!

  • Allan Martin

    Sweet James, the update is just what the doctor ordered. Can the Overlay Optimizer be used on the blog pages?

    • Allan at the moment this is only for use on LiveEditor pages, but we are certainly going to look into what we can do to add this functionality outside of the LiveEditor in the near future

  • If someone opts in on an overlay box, can that their name/email be automatically placed into the paypal form on the next page?

  • Aimee

    I would love to know conversion rate of people who click on the button and who complete the optin form (like leadpages provides) - anyway to add tracking to it? PS. This was what I was hoping the release was and in addition to the two step opt-in I requested recently to provide text info about a picture using a whitebox, so this is two-in-one for me.

  • OP is always better and better... always the reason you are the top!!!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 We're doing our best to continually improve and expand OptimizePress.

  • Gerhard Hagspiel

    great step, thank you. would be great if the popup comes, if the customer want to close the page. also popup opening with delay....

  • Harry Maurer

    Definitely would like to see this as an exit pop up!

    • Harry - it seems this is a popular suggestion. We'll certainly see what we can do to utilize this functionality as an exit pop in the future or create something that would provide this functionality

      • Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

        Exit pop based on this would be neat.

  • Leelo Bush Phd

    This looks like the lead pages application plus so much more because you can do many things over and above a two-step opt in. So actually it's better.

    • Thanks Leelo - this is the start of many innovative updates and add-ons coming soon for OptimizePress

  • Nice job team!

    • Thanks Ed - the team here thanks you for your comment and for using OptimizePress

  • AlexanderHeyne

    This is awesome.

  • AlexanderHeyne

    Does OP2 integrate with thesis yet? Would love to use this on my main site and not just subdomains.

  • Tom Banks

    outstanding! thanks very much for adding this feature.

  • Daniel Brown

    Got it wrong but I think this feature is actually better! Split testing next?...

    • Steve Goldberg

      It's easier to simply Clone your page, then make the changes you want in the new page, then rotate them using Visual Website Optimizer or when Piwik releases their A/B Testing feature, you can use that.

  • Quick Question, My "available updates" has not come through on my dashboard to update the optimize press theme yet. will this happen today or is it just my site being slow to pick it up. Should i do it manually?

  • jennifer

    That's great...but I really wish you guys would work on your many compatibility issues. I really do.

  • Since updating to 2.1.9 my Page Builder never proceeds to step 2 - just hangs. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Hi Nicholas - that is very strange, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not aware of any changes we made to the PageBuilder in the latest update, but it's always possible that some of the new code we added is conflicting with a theme or plugin on your site

      If you can contact our support team and include your site url and admin logins we'd be happy to have a look at this issue for you. If you can deactivate your plugins to test whether they are the cause and let us know this also - it's possible that a conflict has occured with a plugin so if we can isolate this we can see what we can do to fix.

  • Isabella


    • Thanks for being an OptimizePress user Isabella

  • Michael Glover

    I'm trying to use this feature, but after copying how to do it as done in the video my page displays the working button but also has the opt-in form displayed below the button too. Can anyone offer any help with this? Thanks.

    • Hi Michael - sorry to hear of your issues. I haven't experienced that issue myself, but our support team would be happy to look into this for you. You can submit a ticket from the link at the bottom of this page:

      • Michael Glover

        Hi James, Thanks for your reply. Seems to have been a temporary issue and for some reason has all sorted itself out now. Not sure what happened there. Great feature! Mike.

  • Lucy_Bieri

    I can only say great stuff

  • Jeff Guynn

    This new feature is absolutely awesome. Can the overlay be widgetized? I'd like the over lay to be able to display a php exec widget in which I place a 3rd party affiliate form. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Jeff - at the moment there isn't a widgetized option - but this seems like a popular suggestion so we'll certainly be adding this to the roadmap in the future

  • Jim Francis

    This is a great concept. Getting all the bugs worked out 30 days from now will be even better. It will be interesting to see what this single feature evolves into a year from now.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim, we have some exciting plans for the evolution of this feature and other features we're adding. I'm sorry to hear you have experienced some issues with your OP site - if you let our support team know about these we can certainly pass the issues onto our developers.

      I'm not aware of any major bugs with the main OptimizePress platform currently - we do find that some of our users experience issues with a few third party plugins. Often we find this is because the OP LiveEditor uses a lot more javascript than most themes/plugins (to provide the "live editing" functionality). Because of this, some plugins which use similar javascript can conflict - also some plugins have Javascript coded in a non-compliant format - this wont affect most themes because they don't use Javascript to the same degree we do.

      We have coded OptimizePress to the compliant WordPress standards - but we will always do our best to help with issues with third party plugins if we can - but I'm sure you can appreciate that as we didn't write the third party script it's often a lot harder for our developers to fix someone elses code

  • Awesome stuff!! My guess was right too....only it's even better and more than I thought 😀

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for guessing Teena - glad to see we exceeded your expectations 🙂

  • Just like I guessed! Great, Thanks! 🙂

  • Beautiful feature! Well done guys 🙂

    • Thanks Chris - we have some other features you might be interested in coming soon

  • Jennifer

    Just saved me $67 ... was going to purchase something to do this! Thank you!

  • Just started playing with the overlayoptimiser, It is awesome. Have a few suggestions for your consideration.
    When you make it post compatible can you make it so we can use it as a widget in the sidebar? I know this is a big ask... either with shortcodes or with a widget. I see you already have the optin widget, but the overlay optimiser would be epic instead of having a optin form so i can utilize adspace more effectively.

  • Towhid Zaman

    Unbelievable! You guys doing some awesome stuff this year. Keep providing ninja features 🙂

  • Absolutely awesome stuff.

    Cannot wait to test this feature out, the OP team are just knocking the ball right outta the park right now - this is the way to LEAD the competition 😉

    And I am guessing I will have another review video to add to the enormous review I have done right here:

    Which is unheard of in these circles. Because I already paid for the software, yet you guys are STILL adding stuff to it!!

  • Felippe Senne

    When this feature will be available with the OptimizePress theme?

  • Steve Goldberg

    This is an awesome feature! I've already integrated it into my site for a few videos.

    My question is, do you have any plans to make this feature show a hidden layer instead of opening in a lightbox? For example, if I placed an Add To Cart button on my site, and someone clicks it, an order form displays below the add to cart button.

  • Ryan Gromfin

    Great feature....but I have a question. I like to place an optin under each blog post, but I hate having the name, email and submit buttons. Like your overlay feature, my web designer uses a system called easy modal to do this for me, but I would like to be able to do this myself. Is there a way to incorporate the overlay feature into my blog posts, if I am NOT using OP2 as my theme?

    • Marijn

      Any solution for this? I'm not using OP as theme either and would like to use the overlay feature on some pages...

      • Ryan Gromfin

        I have NOT heard back from OP and I have not spend any time on it. I am using a plugin called easy modal. I insert a button in my post, that triggers an HTML smart form to pop up from ONTRAPORT. I did not program this myself, so I can't help you with it, but it works perfect!

  • Paul Easton

    Can you define the action after the sign up is completed? what I am looking to do is the "after signup" page load replacing the first action page- where you clicked the button so an give a gift/bonus right there -possible?

  • J. J. Gregor

    Can we use the overlay button in the pricing table? Then use the short code editor to have them pay for a membership?

  • Julio Cibrian

    Well, this update BROKE my landing pages... now once the info is opted in... it stays in the same page... it does not redirect to the new page... GREAT! How can I downgrade?

  • Jose Sotomayor

    Hey! Sine I updated to the last version, the "Add element" buttons has stopped working on pages that are not directly created with optimize press.

  • The new Overlay feature will add so much power to OP web pages, and makes life simpler - less plugins needed, hurray!

  • Brian Fine

    Will this work the same way within a mobile browser?

    • Brian this absolutely works on mobile devices - the overlay window is responsive and will scale down to mobile size (we've tested this down to ipad and iphone size)

      • Brian Fine

        Awesome, I'll start using it immediately!

  • Geej Mauriva

    YES! Absolutely love this! Nice work James! I am going to implement this right away today. I'm also very excited about the creative potential that this offers.

    I have used OP1 in the past and did okay with it but ultimately was not really happy with the design limitations that it had. I had given up on OP1 and had not used it for a long time.

    I recently purchased OP2 because of a colleague's recommendation and WOW what a difference! I love the design flexibility OP2 offers particularly now that it comes as a plugin as well instead of a theme. Your company seems to be making huge strides in increasing the overall value of your product and so far I am super happy to be back with OP2. Now, with this Overlay addition it feels like you're committed to your customers. Yahoo!

  • Thomas

    sweet!! was waiting for the 2 step optin :]

  • Seree Woradechjamroen

    This is what I'm waiting for since the launch of OptimizePress 2.0. I really love it!

    However, may I ask how do I change the text on the button after I've created the OverlayOptimizer widget?

    When I click on Edit icon I just can change the content inside the popover.


    • Seree

      if you click on the icon that looks like a box (when you hover over) you should be able to modify the trigger button or element

  • Is there a way to add the OverlayOptimizer to an image in the sidebar widget?

    Just something I would like to experiment with.

    Thanks guys, loving the updates with the program.

  • troymiboy

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  • Al Lipper

    Fantastic feature. Thanks for doing this.

    One suggestion: Allow it to be activated by a timer (not just a button). For example, 15 secs. after someone loads a page, the overlay appears. This way it can be used as a delayed popover, greatly improving its flexibility. My hope is that this would be a pretty simple feature, with LOTS of added flexibility.

    • Marijn

      Would be perfect if they could implement this! Any news??

  • The Bum Gun

    why does the video stop half way?

  • HOW GOOD IS THIS FEATURE?!!!! I received an offer into another 'OptinDesign' program, espousing the massive benefits of this very principle James and the team have developed. Stats were indicating an average of 70% improvement ABOVE the standard 'gimme your email and I'll send this to you' approach. I've tested this on one of my opt in pages via a LinkedIn marketing channel, and the response has been brilliant. THANKYOU gentlemen, good to see you continue to carry the torch of innovation from where the internet the designed. Rock on England!

  • Is there a way to use the overlay optimizer on page exit so they see the lightbox as an exit pop?

  • David

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  • Raphenom Promotions

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  • Clint Entorum

    @jamesdyson:disqus, I created a post and wanted to insert the OverlayOptimizer element and seems it only show up on the pages created with page builder? Why it isn't available as an element for posts or pages(not created from page builder?)

  • Clint Entorum

    I bought Optimizepress because of its flexibility! It helped us focus on becoming more creative ;-). And this feature just adds up more to its awesomeness!

  • Ryan York

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  • Ryan York

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    I mean, I have a regular theme and I want to put this feature as an opt-in into the sidebar

  • Hello! What do I need to do if I have an image/picture and I want a text (their short bio) to appear when going over with the cursor or when clicking on it? Thanks

  • KarynwithaY

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  • John MacPhee

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  • rdutrarocha

    Very nice. But How do I insert the "50% bar" above the optin inside the overlay. Thanks

    • Click the add element button and search for progress bar.

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  • Junior

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    • This is not possible on any website unless you coded a cookie based script that checked existing users.

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    • Hi Khierstyn, please open a ticket with our support team. It sounds like something else is causing the issue.

  • Hi Matthaeus, please open a ticket with our support team and they will troubleshoot this.

  • Cole Atkinson

    Hi guys - just got OP and saw this awesome feature. Just chiming in along with other feedback that having the ability to add this element outside of the Live Editor in the future would be amazing. Thanks for all the awesome features!

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  • Is this feature available on "non-OP" pages? I'm trying to insert it on a standard page using "add element" but it's not on the list of available elements.

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    I've followed all the instructions but the optin box won't allow me to "INSERT" it just keeps telling me a need to put something in the boxes for "custom form" in all the boxes (form HTML, etc.). In the video he just leaves it an doesn't add any code and it inserts just fine. Help!

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