Turn Visitors Into Customers With These Funnel Templates... [Clubhouse Update]

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In this ClubHouse update we have some real gems for you...

The OptimizePress design team have been hard at work, creating, testing and tweaking a set of exclusive funnel templates.

These funnel templates are designed to convert visitors into confirmed subscribers and confirmed subscribers into buyers.

Why are confirmed subscribers important?

Confirmed subscribers also known as 'double opt-in subscribers' are those that have confirmed their email address.

The process of them confirming their email address is an extra stage between them completing your web form and getting access to a downloadable gift, such as a PDF guide, free report or video series.

This additional confirmation stage usually means that you will get a lower opt-in rate because some subscribers will not complete the confirmation process.

On the plus side, confirmed email address subscribers generally lead to better email delivery, higher open rates, increased click through rates, and more engagement.

What are the benefits of sales funnels?

Testing and statistics show that a web visitor is more likely to become a customer and buy from you when they have been educated as to the benefits and need for your product.

This includes building rapport and defusing any doubt or skepticism...

...and can even include some form of free training and education.

Sales funnels allow us to handle all the required aspects and challenges of making sales to build an informal relationship with potential customers.

Included in this update...

  • Ultra Light Funnel Templates - inc landing page, 2 video funnel pages and a sales page.
  • Blue Bar Landing Page Funnel - inc landing pages, confirmation page, download page.
  • Deep Blue Funnel Templates - inc landing page and sales page.


Email Confirmation Landing Template

In this video we cover the main features of the email confirmation template series (blue bar series) which are great for boosting conversions to your list with a combination of our 2-step opti-in process with the OverlayOptimizer, and our follow up templates to boost the number of confirmed subscribers.

Sales Launch Funnel Template

Our Ultra Light template series includes a high impact landing page with special features, a launch page for delivering your video content, and a full length - highly detailed - sales pages for your when you're ready to sell your product and open your cart.

Compact Landing & Sales Funnel

Our final video today shows our "Deep Blue" template series which includes a landing page and sales page, perfect if you want to deliver subscribers directly to a sales page after they opt-in or during your followup.  These templates have a high-impact, modern look and will suit many different niches and applications

Tell Us What You Think - Comment Below!

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell us if your excited about these funnel templates - let us know what type of templates you would like to see in the future...

  • KM Lee

    love the ultra light landing page! very creative design esp. that blue circle.

    frankly, the templates are getting more and more good looking each day. it's hard to decide which one to pick. I'm sure OP fans will think the same 🙂

    • Thank you - this is great to hear. Our design team and myself are hard at work coming up with new, more innovative and high converting ideas for each of our Clubhouse releases and we have lots more exciting stuff planned

  • Victoria Judge

    Can't currently access any of the clubhouse links but I'm sure these are great.

    • Hi. The Clubhouse links will be accessible once you have logged into your OptimizePress members area at optimizehub.com. If you have not yet subscribed to our monthly club you should see options on that page to join. If you're still having issues please let our friendly support team know at http://help.optimizepress.com

  • Victoria Judge

    Love these, thank you!

    • Thanks Victoria - I look forward to seeing how you implement these

  • Great job Optimize Team!

    • Thanks Jason - the team are busy working on more templates for the Club (and some for all our customers) so stay tuned for more updates soon

  • Love it! Ready to start using them.. Just setting up a funnel for a new product i'll give them a go 🙂

    • Thanks Jorge - we look forward to seeing what you create

      • Thank you James, I've been using OP2.0 since the launch and with all these new tools is only getting better and better

  • Absolutely amazing stuff! Keep up the good work, kudos to the OP team!

    • Thanks Andre - the whole team read the comments here so your feedback means a lot

  • Thomas

    yeahh buddy!!!

  • Sergei

    Awesome job guys! Not good, awesome!)) I love seeing that you strive to keep OP top-notch solution for marketers, adding new feautures & coming up with great ideas like overlay, new templates, and now marketplace!
    Only one thing is bad - I am done with a new funnel, and I love new template, so I'll have to re-do all pages now 🙂

    • Sergei - thanks for your appreciation! I'm sorry you are tempted to re-do your pages with the new template - I would always say if you have something done and ready for launch - then launch it and then come back and tweak it later - better to get things out there and launched sometimes! 🙂

  • Rajeev Kistoo

    This is how OP Owns The Racecourse, keep up the good work you lot...

  • Fantastic stuff, thank you!!

  • Imran Ali

    Do you guys provide support to make changes to the sales funnel