Biggest Development of 2014 [Announcement] (Contest Now Closed)

Behind the scenes here at OptimizePress, our team have been working on one of the biggest developments to the OptimizePress ecosystem since we released our original platform back in 2010.

As we announce this NEW development, you have an opportunity to be part of it, and to win in a HOT new contest we are running…

...More about this in a moment.

As you will see in the video above I am in London’s historic Leadenhall market, one of London’s oldest marketplaces.

And gives a huge clue as to this new development to the OptimizePress community.

The soon to be released OptimizePress MarketPlace.

So what is the OptimizePress MarketPlace?

If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, this is your exclusive home for anything to do with building websites and marketing your business online.

It's the Web's First Marketplace Exclusively for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

A place where you can boost your marketing with:

  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Icons
  • Graphics packs
  • Custom Code Snippets
  • Bespoke Design & Consultation Services
  • And much much more…

Here is how you can be part of the New OptimizePress
MarketPlace & WIN in our Launch Contest...

The beauty of our new marketplace is that it doesn’t matter if you are a designer or marketer, you can benefit from the ideas and contributions of the community, or sell your own templates and items to other members.

And that's why we want to hear from YOU...

To celebrate the launch of our new Marketplace, we're running a very special contest.  We're looking for submissions for templates to be featured and sold in the marketplace when we launch in a few weeks time.

Every template submitted to us will be reviewed by our team, and if approved it will be included when we launch in the very near future.

[Contest Now Ended - Thank you for your submissions! We will be contacting authors who submitted successful designs in the next 1-2 weeks]

Here's How the Contest Works

Step 1: Create and export your template.  The first step is creating and exporting your template design from your OptimizePress site.  This can be done via the Content Templates > Export function. Remember if you have created ANY page inside the LiveEditor this can be exported and offered as a template.  Find out more about this on the submission page.

Step 2: Submit your template to us.  Follow the submission process via the link below.  You will upload your template (or templates) to us for approval by our team.

Step 3: Once your template is approved it will be prepared by our team ready for inclusion in the marketplace.  You will now be entered into the relevant contest for a chance to win (more on that below...).  We will be manually reviewing all templates and will only accept quality submissions so please ensure it's your best work.

If any of your submissions are accepted (you can make more than one submission) - you will be eligible for entry into the relevant category of our contest below:

  • We're offering a total of $10,000 in prizes for the Launch Contest
  • $1000 for each of our favourite designs (voted by the OP team) from these categories:
  • $1000 for Best Landing Page Design,
  • $1000 for Best Sales Page Design
  • $1000 for Best Membership Page Design
  • $1000 for Best "Other" Page Type - e.g. thank you page, affiliate signup page, etc
  • $1000 for Best Bundle Pack (3 pages or more).  A bundle pack is any set of pages which share a common style throughout e.g. a landing page, thank you page and content download page
  • 10 prizes of $500 each for any template submitted before the deadline that are accepted into the marketplace (The 10 Winners for this category will be chosen at random) (Total fund $5000 for this category)

Don't forget... You'll also receive 70% of each sale when someone buys one of your templates or items after it is listed in our marketplace..this means you'll be creating an additional revenue stream for your business that could earn you thousands per month!

Important - Please note these contest terms:

  • Each entrant can only win one (1) of the prizes offered.
  • You can submit multiple items!
  • We Want To See Your Best Work! We will be manually reviewing all items and will only accept quality templates into our marketplace - so send us your best work!
  • OptimizePress Staff will vote on winners (for the favourite pages category) - and all decisions by the OptimizePress team are final.
  • You must consent to any submitted templates being
  • Prizes will be paid via Paypal only
  • The deadline for entries is 21st May 14:00 PST

If you have other items that you'd like to offer in the marketplace, you'll also find an option at the link below to submit this information to us and we'll get back to you when we're ready to start rolling out these other item categories in the near future.

[Contest Now Ended - Thank you for your submissions! We will be contacting authors who submitted successful designs in the next 1-2 weeks]

What Happens Next?

We are working hard adding the final touches to the OptimizePress MarketPlace, so keep your eyes on your inbox over the coming days…

If you would like to make a submission to the MarketPlace and be in with a chance of winning in our contest then please remember that you can do that via the link below:

[Contest Now Ended - Thank you for your submissions! We will be contacting authors who submitted successful designs in the next 1-2 weeks]


Tell Us What You Think - Comment Below!

We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let us know why you're looking forward to the marketplace and whether you're going to be joining us as one of our exclusive authors.

  • This is a great opportunity to not only pick up some added income, but to see the work of other OptimizePress users which can only help anyone that uses the theme on a stie they own. It's a great idea. I'm just now beginning to use OptimizePess, so I doubt I'll submit anything for now, but I do absolutely look forward to seeing the work of others in the OptimizePress Marketplace.

    • Ian Bass

      Hey Roy, thanks for your feedback - great to have you as part of the community.

  • Very cool guys! Looking forward to participating in the marketplace. 🙂

    • Ian Bass

      Hello Vic... Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  • wow, i will be submitting now. I have a few that might be get at least included in the marketplace. This is a nice idea, kudos to OP2 team 😉

    • Ian Bass

      Hi Clifford... I'm excited to see what you submit for approval. Templates that are created with design and optimization in mind will do very well with the OptimizePress community.

      • just uploaded 1 template called "The Perfect Squeeze Page". I will upload more landing page template, thanks Ian.

  • Amazing Idea Guys. A Marketplace is a great way to engage your clients. We will promote this to our clients!!!

  • Luca

    Good Idea! Tanks

  • Very interesting idea! This could be a great time for me to build my first template.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Great idea! I will be submitting my templates for the marketplace!

    • Ian Bass

      Hey Suraj - Hope you are well brother. How are things in London? Will be great to see the templates you submit.

  • Fantastic idea!
    I'm play of course 🙂

  • I really long to see it live 🙂

    Best regards,


  • Mark Walker Business Builder

    Another fantastic customer offering from you guys! Well done. I am mailing my students and clients about this right now.

    • Thanks Mark - that's very kind of you. We're exicited to see what you and your students come up with

  • Fabulicious! Just what I've been looking for to sell my ideas to my own members!! Yay

    • Ian Bass

      Hi Mimika - Fabulicious is the word of the day!!! 🙂

      • Yes I've used it for years and finally it's catching on! It's fabulicious darling:)))

  • Adam W. Warner

    Looks like a great idea James, both for us customers and for your OP business reach. Well done!

    I will be submitting a non-template item to be included in the marketplace, stay tuned to the contact entries....:)

    • Ian Bass

      Adam - staying tuned this end 🙂 Cant wait to see what you create!

      • Adam W. Warner

        Thanks Ian, I've submitted our plugin item through that form, but it has a few caveats and some questions included, especially regarding our existing licensing system.

  • Thomas Laggner

    Sounds very interesting!

  • Great idea

    • MikeHillsBlog

      Looking forward to seeing your submission brother 🙂

      • Ian Bass

        If anyone could create a converting site template it would be the Ninja that is Mr Mike Hill....

      • The team are on it!

    • Ian Bass

      Schramko in the house... I 2nd Mike Hills request. 🙂

  • Another great win win, good luck!

  • Ian Bass, yes, I Know, Like and Trust you since years ago on your endeavors with Chriss - California. Working on this contest!

    • Ian Bass

      Hey buddy - great to catch up with you again. Excited to see what you create. 🙂

  • Looking forward to know more about the Marketplace. Great idea for the contenst!

  • John Price

    Smart. Very smart. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this in the next few months.

  • Jeremy Kennedy

    Just a couple days ago I was looking for more OP2 templates. This is perfect.

  • Looking forward to marketing services on the marketplace!

  • Very cool, and good timing in that I'm hoping to offer my services in building custom membership websites. 🙂

    • Ian Bass

      Hey Duff... The membership site space is huge and has a solid demand for services - good work.

      • Yea, buddy! I'm excited. 🙂 I've helped launch 3 successful membership sites in the past few months already using OptimizePress, can't wait to launch more. 🙂

  • James M

    Awesome... Looking forward to the opening day of the Marketplace!

  • looking forward to seeing this get some traction!

  • Mark Teirney

    Looking forward to seeing the "Sales Page" submissions

    • Ian Bass

      Hey Mark - I'm super excited to see what other members of the community will create as well.
      Our OP design team have been working and testing a new range of sales templates for the MarketPlace as well.

  • So exciting! The marketplace is a great way for OP2 members to share our best work and help increase the available solutions and creative options for everyone. Just submitted a sales page and a 3-page bundle featuring the overlay optimizer!

  • Guest

    wow wow wow my most favourite company in the world is OP 🙂 i cant wait !

  • mildmanneredmillions

    Love it guys! excited to contribute 🙂

  • Great idea. Think it can create a thriving echo system. Looking forward to how we can share plugins created to enhance OP2.

  • Wow, this is huge! Way to go you guys 🙂 I don't think I have anything to contribute to the contest right now....I do have a few pages, and a new membership site (my first)...but probably pretty basic 🙂 I'll look forward to seeing all that's offered in the new Marketplace!

    • Thanks Teena - great to see you here again and we look forward to your participation in the contest and Marketplace

  • Jared

    Do you guys work in the same office as LeadPages? Seems like what one does the other is close behind. Good ideas though, competition is a good thing!

    • Jared our marketplace has been in the pipeline since the launch of OptimizePress 2.0 - I guess the timing is just coincidence. It's important to note that our marketplace is going to be about much more than just templates, it's about providing all the resources you need to develop and launch a powerful high converting website.

      Our unique template export functionality also means that anyone who can create a great design inside OptimizePress can be contributor to the Marketplace, you don't need to be a coder.

  • Andy Medlam

    Awesome idea... I'll be becoming an author!!

    Loving what you guys are doing right now 🙂

  • Angela Wright

    Great work, James and team. Looking forward to seeing this life. How soon can we access the Light Blue template mentioned in today's email?

    • Hi Angela - do you mean the Ultra Light template series we just released in the Clubhouse? That should be available now in the Clubhouse area if you're an OptimizePress Club Monthly or Annual subscriber. If you meant a different template please let me know

  • Ian Bass


  • Ian Bass

    test comment

  • Jul

    hello, is the submission period over...? Or will you add a few days for the late ones? 😉

  • HUH? I wonder, why in this world I've just received another email about this, with a link to this exact same page here. Some AR or VA glitch I believe 😉